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Started by Oscillate

Matter Matters

There is no material world as opposed to a non-material world. If it exists, it is of matter. As we all know, “matter” is energy of various forms. Photons are energy with speed of light aka “light”, my mac is energy bound up in solid materials and my body is energy in form of a living organism. Even thinking is energy as in neurons and electromagnetic fields. So the material/physical universe is very much alive and kicking.
There is however an evolution of physical processes/forms and we usually define aspects of that evolutionary sequence as being separate categories of existence. That is one of our two biggest mistakes, the evil twin being the separation of experience and the experiencing “self”. The first leads to the second and together they provide the necessary confusion we know as dualism.
Many will object that matter is “dead” while we are “alive”. That is in a way true of course, but it’s a slippery slope to start ruling over life and death. It is forgetting that no matter what we look like today, once we were in this together as free flowing wild energy. It is not that “dead things” and “living organisms” have separate origin. If someone truly believe that, I will certainly hear out their arguments. Until convinced otherwise, I’m a so called physicalist and nondualist.
The beauty of it is that we all are connected. That everything in this process is just various forms of the same source. And matter is indeed a verb that matters. Nothing in universe is ever still as far as I know. Some forms don’t reproduce like we can do, but damn me if the mountain is an eternal, unchanging and “dead” piece of “just matter”. The quantum particles that make up Mt Everest is rocking and rolling at breakneck speed. It’s just that “I” cannot experience that.
So, everything is of the same essence, everything moves, everything is therefore never the same from moment to moment and everything is a vital part of the physical evolution which started with – most likely – a photon and today ends with human consciousness.
If we overlook this or believe it is false, we’re soon in trouble. We will set our “selves” apart from “other things” and we will disconnect with our true self. It starts with ignoring the ground that holds us over to complaining about the sunshine and rain (if the weather is not to “my” liking”. Then we go from ignoring and complaining to actually destroying and polluting the “dead” matter, as if it didn’t matter enough to “me”. The disconnected Self goes from there to consuming badly treated animals, fighting with others and to even be self-destructive.
It it really a tragedy, and it starts with being a non-physical organism that is an organism with a separate Self.
What a gift it is to be alive. To rise from ashes, live and someday be brought back to provide “material” for new life. To me that is a wonderful reincarnation. Totally awesome and perfect.

What in that “physicalism” is so hard to accept?
Why do we separate us from nature?
Wherefrom do we come if not from here?

Can you see that it all starts and ends with light?
Can you sense the evolutionary dynamic involving everything from photon to enlightenment?
Can you believe enlightenment is happening right here right now if you just open your eyes?
Because it is, and you can live in the middle of this light if you let your self go and re-connect with the elements.
No need to do anything about it. On the contrary, “doing about it” is often the trap. It may prevent you from knowing it is already done and ready for the taking.
What Is is already here, and that is All There Is.

Honour thy Father and thy Mother is of course about this. It means “Don’t lose your ground and forget where you came from. Don’t push forward without looking back”.

I Oscillate
Do You?

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Started by Ted Biringer

The Duality of Nonduality

Nondual Is ‘Not-Two’ – Not ‘One’
‘Nondual’ means ‘not two,’ which is not the same as ‘one.’ While ‘one’ can be used to denote the self-same identification of two (or more) apparently distinct or separate entities, ‘nondual’ only and always denotes two (or more) actual distinctions (apparent or not) inherent (thus essential) to a particular entity. That head and that tail are ‘one’ insofar as they are both this coin. That head and that tail are ‘nondual’ insofar as that head and that tail are real, particular attributes of this coin. That a pair (or greater aggregate) is ‘nondual’ means that each aspect or element of the pair is dependent on the presence of the other. Where ‘one’ indicates an undifferentiated unity, ‘nondual’ indicates a differentiated unity. In sum, where ‘one’ or ‘oneness’ tends to eliminate or deny differentiation, variety, or uniqueness, ‘nonduality’ recognizes, embraces, and unifies diversity, individuality, and differentiation.

Foci Rather Than Opposites
In contemporary works nonduality is frequently treated in terms of ‘polarities’ or ‘opposites.’ This can tend to suggest distorted, antithetical notions of nonduality. The renowned Zen/Buddhist scholar, Professor Hee-Jin Kim has realized some success in mitigating this tendency by opting for the term ‘foci’ (plural of ‘focus’) over terms associated with opposition or polarity. ‘Foci’ is more precise and less prone to misunderstanding. I gratefully follow Kim’s lead and adopt this term wherever it seems appropriate and strongly encourage others to consider this approach.

Duality vs. Dualism
While all aspects of nondual doctrine and methodology need to be understood in harmony with the “reason” (Japanese; dori) of nonduality (i.e. the ontological and epistemological evidence presented through experiential verification), certain notions and terms warrant special attention due to their propensity for misunderstanding. Of all distortions concerning nonduality, the antithetical polarization of ‘duality’ and ‘nonduality’ is the most pernicious. As the root metaphor of all nondual phenomena the consequences resulting from an erroneous understanding of ‘nonduality’ is obvious. Contemporary works commonly mistreat the coessential foci of nonduality (i.e. nonduality/duality) as independent entities (or unrealities), and thus relegate them to extreme positions in the milieu of practice and enlightenment. Such distortions often appear to result from confusing ‘duality’ with ‘dualism.’ For example, on the “About” page here at Science and Nonduality we read, “Duality, or separation between the observer and the observed, is an illusion that the…” The term “duality” here is obviously being used as a synonym of “dualism” which is a common mistake, but nevertheless inaccurate and misleading. ‘Dualism’ is a view that presupposes the existence of independent realities; ‘duality’ is the nondual foci of the ‘nonduality/duality’ pair that accounts for the inherent diversity of reality.

Principles of Nonduality
In conclusion I will simply set down a number of fundamental principles of nonduality (i.e. the ontological and epistemological nature of reality from the nondual perspective). Independent of a comprehensive survey and understanding of the classic teachings and techniques concerning nonduality the following proposals are incomplete, therefore largely unintelligible. The aim of stating them here is primarily to underscore the crucial significance of providing oneself with a clear and comprehensive vision of the classic teachings on nonduality.

Four Fundamental Propositions
1. ‘Nonduality’ and ‘duality’ are nondual (the coessential foci of ‘nonduality/duality’); each presupposes the other.
2. ‘Duality’ is the coessential foci of ‘nonduality/duality’ that accounts for the experience/existence of the differentiated quality of reality.
3. ‘Nonduality’ is the coessential foci of ‘nonduality/duality’ that accounts for the experience/existence of the unified quality of reality.
4. Both foci of any nondual pair are equal in status, significance, and actuality.

Finally, I would like to note two corollary implications of these proposals that may be of particular interest to readers here:

1. Enlightenment and delusion are nondual; thus equal in actuality, significance, and value.
2. Enlightenment is only and always realized within and through delusion; delusion is only and always realized within and through enlightenment.

Please treasure yourself.

Ted Biringer

[Note: For a comprehensive elucidation on Hee-Jin Kim’s use of ‘foci,’ see his Dogen on Meditation and Thinking: A Reflection on His View of Zen, pp. 4, 19, 24-26, 27-28, and esp. 34-38]

[Note: Nondual pairs frequently confused or distorted in contemporary works/expressions include:

atman/anatman (self/no-self)
ordinary (unenlightened) beings/enlightened beings (Buddhas)
expressible/inexpressible (‘inside words and letters’/‘outside words and letters’)
acquired enlightenment/original enlightenment (gradual cultivation/sudden awakening)

Ted Biringer:Hello RoyDopson, Thank you

Ted Biringer:Hello Dyre42, Thank you for

RoyDopson:Conceptualization = Duality

Dyre42:Now figure out how to explain

Peter Jones:Thank you for this careful art

Oscillate:Well put. Thanks. Neti Neti bu


Started by clstryke

Looking for a roomie for the week:)

I am planning on attending the conference this year for the first time. I think I’m ready?? 🙂 Anyway…I’m looking for a roomie to share a room with to save some money. I’m coming from a ways away so planning on staying from October 21-28…the full week.

I would say I’m pretty clean and quiet girl …don’t snore that I know of:)

If you are interested please contact me as soon as possible.

Thank you kindly,

David:Just to let you both know, SAN

Nishkala Leslie Jenney:Hi Lynnea - would you like to

Lynnea Oakes:Hello Candace, I am attending


Started by mit


I awoke within a dream, where time for me had stopped it seemed
My eyes were closed, but I could see the world outside, was inside me
I felt my senses fade away, yet I remain somehow as space
I asked if God had taken me, “ No” said “Spirit”, he set you free

I asked “Spirit” to tell me how, he replied, you awoke to NOW
When you awoke you merged with me, now I am you and you are me
I asked Spirit, how this is done, and his reply is,” WE ARE ONE ”

NOW is a non-existing point in space, without space or time. “NOW” can not be comprehended through sensory experience and it does not exist in a physical reality. “Now” is the point where each moment arrives and passes back into space but “Now” does not come or go. Who you truly are is not bound by this earthly experience, sensory perception makes up the components by which you have imagined a physical self, but you are not the physical body, you are the observer of the senses. You have invented a mind and you think you are the mind, you are the observer of thought. We experience life in a virtual reality because there is no other way. We are a reflection of source manifested in awareness through spirit into form. It was necessary to create time to fully experience this world. But If you examine yourself through the spectrum of time you will recognize the contradiction of your own existence. Only in memory do you exist in the past and only in imagination do you exist in the future, these are simply thoughts and ideas. If you are not in the past and you are not in the future, where can you be. From your perspective time appears to be the creator of all things, but when you step off the stage you begin to see that time is simply the curtain opening and closing. You can be the actor on the stage or the observer of the play, it is easy for the actor to get lost in the part, it is better to be the observer.

I am not sure why I am writing this but if anyone would care to comment I would welcome your words.

Mit Jones:I'll begin by stating I have c

John Bray:Is consciousness a non-persona


Started by broni

Non-duality based Poetry

Hello, my name is Broni. New to the community but with a concrete question. My companera de la vida passed away recently leaving a lot of non duality based poems in her notebook which I have been mining, editing and preparing for publication. In this editing process I need an expertise of an Indian poet (poetress) familiar and sympathetic to the philosophy, preferably with mathematical background.
Please respond if you might be interested.


Started by Dr. Flo

I Blog Because…

Mental energy frequency is measurable and to the extent that the individual is capable of consciously interacting with universal energy; to the extent that he is able to position himself favorably towards the laws governing existence, to that extent he can ride and surf the preferred energetic waves to create his dreams. Everything solid or on the physical plane is at core, energy that is in motion. Every manifestation is rooted in the equivalent energy dimension, and mind brought it forth, for it is the mind that interacts with the intelligence of universal energy to customize and mold that which, eventually solidifies into physical tangibility. Physical form is the product of the mind of man interacting with the mind of universal energy to produce solidified mind…matter the Universal Laws governing ethereal and physical existence; they live, unconsciously, trying to mess with the governing laws. They live without proper scientific knowledge concerning how life works. They thus live in constant wonder why things don’t seem to work right and why they constantly keep getting zapped by life on every turn.

The sad thing, and therefore that which calls for a greater wonder is that they remain complacent in their state of perplexity and make very little or no scientific attempt to find out the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ concerning the seeming pattern of the universe. In life, the individual either goes with the flow of the Divine Current that backs up the Universal Laws of life or else the force of the contrary stream, working against antagonistic self-positioning, bangs on him. He feels the pain in the form of negative or unfulfilled emotions. The adverse effects of an unfulfilling life become his constant experience. Feelings of despondency, stress, frustration and unpleasantness become the natural way of life, all responding to the unconscious or default living states within the individual.

I Blog because most individuals live in non-awareness regarding how to harness & manage the laws surrounding consciousness and energetic frequency.

Mit Jones:I have read your writing and h

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