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Started by Dr. Flo

What is your Expansion?

“The more you expand in self-awareness, the greater your expansion as energy portal, for the anchoring and transfer of healing and restorative rays, for the divine, ascension codes within you, are activated and actualized for the release of higher vibrational frequencies. Ascension energies are requalifying, recalibrating, transmuting, divine energy flames, and they go to work, blazing their effect as you make your command and issue your intentions. Your personal energetic clearance as conduit and transmitter is vital to this process and its benefit is not restricted to your personal use or influence; it is also for the healing, reconfiguring, and ascension of the planet to a higher dimension of awareness and oneness. Effective transmission whereby miscommunication is eliminated occurs when you have become fully identified with the message you seek to communicate. Thoughts initiate chemicals in the brain that cause your body to experience the feeling that exactly represents and identifies with the thought you are in the process of emitting and expressing. It is in this manner your internal forcefield, and the resultant identical, external nanifestation are created . . . through effectual and interference-free communication. When more than a single individual get together, harmonizing with the same translucent intention, the collective consciousness forcefield intensifies, and widens. The exponential effect produces such a potent, magnetic transmission lumen, favorable for the wiring of transmuting light substances. This production greatly increases the potential for change, depending on the size of the group and the translucence of the unified intention. As you emit your energetic broadcast of conscious light intelligence, your mental currents exit your presence and they connect to and attract the attention of the receiver-object. As intended, the message communicated, causes the receiver to begin vibrating with the essence of your emitted frequency. In other words, as you intend to activate within the object of your focus, the very essence of your intention, this inductive process initiates an identical response within the object of your focus.
Simply stated, the recipient, or receiving object will connect and identify with the mental vibratory currents and codes emitted by the sender. The wireless nature of the human, facilitates connection between the sender or the source and point of origin, the message sent, and the receiver. The receiver-object will display the fulfilling intentions intended, radiating forth the frequencies of the goal for which the mental wave currents were sent.”

“Diamond Mind” by Dr. Nightingale L. Florence, Copyright 2012


Started by SAND


ride-to-SFIf you have plans to come to SAND14 US and you are looking for a ride or a roommate, here is the place to find one!

David:Anyone looking for a Share for

Hilary Johnson:Hi there, does anyone know how

Lissi Sanchez:Hi! Is anyone out there still

Shannon Giammichele:Hi everbody! I am searching fo

Ken Burak:Meg, I just sent you a message

Uma:Hello I am coming from Europe

karla:I might need a room share for

Meg O'Shaughnessy:Hi Ken a little hard to tell i

Meg O'Shaughnessy:Hi Rabbi Oliver If you're stil

Meg O'Shaughnessy:Hello Dear SAND Sangha ~ a lit


Started by SAND


Entanglement is one of the strangest parts of quantum mechanics — so strange, in fact, that Albert Einstein famously referred to it as “spooky action at a distance.” An entangled system shows a property that has been measured for the whole but not for parts. For instance, we may know that the sum of the spins of a pair of two particles is zero, but neither of them is in a definite state (a condition referred to as superposition), particle until one is measured, causing the other particle to assume the opposite state. The effect is instantaneous, even if the two particles reside on opposite ends of the universe.

Curiously, when science drills down into the core of even the most solid-looking object, separateness dissolves, and all that remain are relationships extending throughout, and possibly beyond, space and time, revealing a deeper reality which evokes what sages from all ages and traditions have been describing as one substance — call it consciousness, call it energy — comprising all the universe and giving rise to all appearances.

When we begin to explore the fabric of reality either through the lens of science or through the lens of spirituality, a deeper understanding and experience of what we call reality emerges as infinite, ever present, interconnected whole.

The Nine Minute Prayer Project:I call this simply the harmoni

Michael White-Ryan:These words below ring so true

Michael White-Ryan:call it consciousness, call i

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