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Started by Karl the kohai


Hello All,

New to the SAND venue, but not to the concept and some of its implications. I write now because I’ve had a lot of experiences but without the benefit of context, guidance, or language. “Enlightenment” (whatever that may mean) and any attendant “awakenings” (again, whatever those may be) have been outside my understanding. But the more I listen to Rick Archer’s podcasts, “Buddha at the Gas Pump,” the more I find myself saying to myself, “ohhhhh, so THAT is what that experience was!”

But I have to say, the biggest benefit of being ignorant of accepted jargon is that my ego hasn’t locked on to what these experiences may mean. I mark these events as significant and have moved on with my path. I’ve often said to myself, “Oooo… let’s file THAT event.” So now at age 51, I’ve accumulated a bevy of experiences that I’ve given no name to. And I rather like it that way. I’ll continue to move on my path, continuing to acknowledge and learn from events, but not stop. Jargon’s overrated, man. Just sayin’

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Started by Jewmex56

Politics and Religion

Politics is related to the physicality, and religion to the Spirituality; just as the State (physical) and Church (Spiritual).

Many people are attracted to politics, but some to religion. Both of these attractions are there due to the physical and Spiritual needs / hunger, because that is what we as humans are made of; flesh plus Spirit. Some people unite thru a political party (Material), and some thru a religious group (Energy/Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and so on).
E = M; the Spirit or Spark in me is my Energy, and my flesh is my Mass. So there is also a physical hunger in me because of my flesh, as well as a Spiritual hunger in me because of my Spirit. Some people hunger for politics and some for religion; others hunger for Spirituality (Pure Energy), but most for material things (M).
The spiritual hunger in ancient men & women is what caused their idolatry, because they felt the need to try to satisfy that hunger, just as we all do.

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Started by Tomasz Kopec

True Freedom

Everything is separated and connected at the same time. The reality we live in is simultaneously divided, broken into small pieces and completely immersed.

It depends on you – how you see the World and live you life.

To be more precise it depends on your preferred attention style. When your attention is narrow the reality seems to be filled with separated objects. Everything has its borders in time and space. You focus on one object (problem, issue, idea, person, detail, etc…) after another trying to be precise and striving for perfection. When you let your attention diffuse, all objects – including you – merge with space around them and everything becomes one. It is the easiest way to relax – immerse with the world around you and discover that everything is already connected and gently vibrates in ideal harmony.

Now, a few examples.

The wave in the ocean seems to be separated from other waves if you narrow your attention and focus on it. However, if you diffuse (widen, broaden) your attention – you would see that all waves belong to the same bigger object — the ocean and they have not been separated from it even for a moment. If you diffuse your attention a bit more you would see that the ocean could not exist without the space above it. You can say that waves are separated from one another and the ocean is separated from the space above it. And it is clearly true but only if you are in the narrow attention style. When you became diffused it all becomes one.

Every tree in the forest is separated from other trees. However if you diffuse you attention you would see that all trees are connected and they all together form the forest. You can diffuse your attention a bit more and notice space between trees and around the forest. Trees could not exist without space between them. Trees and a space are part of the same thing. You can diffuse even more and become aware of space inside trees and feel oneness.

Everyone is different. We sense these differences the moment we meet a new person. However, if you diffuse your attention you would see that we all belong to the same group of living species built of a matter from the planet Earth. The matter flows through us and we are connected through this flow. If you diffuse even more you would see that space between us (and above us) is an integral part of reality we live in. The Earth (and we as a part of it) and the Universe around it is the same thing.

See this video which beautifully backs it up – (particularly what Frank White says from 7min 10sec).

You are free to choose how to attend your reality and it can never be taken away from you.


Started by gwhitehawk

Dualistic Consciousness is The Only Human Disease. Everything else Is a Symptom – part 2

(continued from part 1)

Human “knowledge” is negative knowledge: rather than affirming truth of what we know, we define what we know by that which we do not know. Our “knowledge” is given “shape’ by what we do not understand. Therefore, it backfires. When the action of the ignored interconnections catches up with us, we obtain the opposite result of what we have set out to accomplish.

For instance, our approaches to world problems, such as how we treat physical or mental health, are founded upon the concept that the mind, body, and spirit are separate entities. This concept handicaps our ability to produce desired outcomes and poses a systematic problem to human knowledge that is reflected in all the maladaptive syndromes within all dimensions of human life.

How Does That Affect Our Lives?

So-called ”human knowledge,” is made of cultural beliefs – passed on imaginings – that people adopt during their early upbringing. These are shaped by that which their cultures have agreed to ignore. This “knowledge” is then stored as concepts and used to make sense of reality and that in turn helps people form their sense of “self.”

To be able to interact with other humans people have to agree to acknowledge and ignore the same things to understand one another. Thus, people are socialized to ignore the same elements of reality that everyone else ignores which, in a majority of cultures, is MOST of reality.

To better explain this, think of awareness as a radio and cultural beliefs as radio stations. The beliefs of each culture are set to a certain frequency and while people are tuning into that frequency, it is impossible to listen to another. The consciousness radio will be able to receive only those transmissions in that frequency that will confirm the “reality” that frequency offers. This inability to receive other information closes people off to most of the reality of existence which is its nonduality.

Learn more about “debugging” your awareness with Esotherapy® by going to:!esotherapy/rvo87


Started by gwhitehawk

Dualistic Consciousness is The Only Human Disease. Everything else Is a Symptom

PREMISE: The difficulty with finding solutions is that we’ve learned from others what questions to ask. Since the answer cannot be better than the question we’ve asked, when we ask the same questions, we follow each other in circles. Thereby, we have to go out-of-the-box to understand human illnesses and suffering.

Few people would argue against the idea that humanity follows a matrix of destruction against individual health, as well as the health of our families, societies, and the planet. What is the mechanism of such worldwide destructive phenomena, remarkably similar even between cultures that have been quite isolated?

It is said that the devil hides in details, and in trying to solve humankind’s problems throughout history, we humans have never looked at the way we arrived at the knowledge we are so proud of. Looking at the WAY we learn things – rather than WHAT we know – can be a rather sobering process.

For instance, consider a bamboo plant. We can google the word bamboo and read all kinds of facts about it, which leads us to feel content –because we have a wealth of knowledge about bamboo. However, to really KNOW bamboo we must consider not WHAT we know about bamboo, but HOW our early ancestors came upon their knowledge of the existence of bamboo.

We arrive at the understanding of an individual object by “extricating” it from the multitude of INDISCRIMINATE connections it is embedded in. Our definition of any given “thing” rests upon defining what it is NOT; by differentiating that thing from the things around it. Therefore, “knowledge” of an existing “thing” is actually knowledge of “not that thing”… or lack of knowledge of how it is connected with everything around. Human “knowledge,” which some see as “rivaling God’s,” is the ignorance of everything around the “things” we consider we know.

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Started by Jewmex56

Physicality as one with Spirituality

Two as One = Y:
There is a Duality living as One in all Life and Creation; a Male and Female Energy Duality that is. This Duality is also ‘The Reflection of Its Creator Y-HWH,’ as we can see in the beginning or Genesis 1:27; “So God created humans in his image. In the image of God he created them. He created them male and female.” GWT.

Energy is Life or the Female part of the Mass, which is the Male part of the Creation/Body. Life (People, Animals, and Plants) and Creation to start with are a duality living as One, just as the Proton (Male) and Neutron (Female) live as One Body in the Atom. And so we continue to see this same pattern in all Life (Female) and (Male) Creation; like the X (Female) chromosome and Y (Male) Chromosome living as one in us males; the Land (Male) and Water (Female) living as One greater Body in our Planet Hearth. The Sun (Male) and the Moon (Female), including Mars (Male) and Venus (Female), living as One Greater Body in our Solar System. The Man and the Woman live also as One Greater Body in a Marriage, and then form a greater Body which is the Family.

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