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Started by Rod

Disconnected Machine or Web of Life

I just returned from our fantastic fall 2015 SAND conference. One of the biggest problems outline consistently by many different leading thinkers is how we are still locked into a materialistic view of the world based on principles outlined by Isaac Newton and Renée Descarte hundreds of years ago. This classical view sees the universe as one giant machine. Modern physics has completely upended this belief showing that how we observe reality helps to create what we measure and that the universe is made of one substance interconnected (or entangled in the words of modern physics). Consciousness is excluded from all of our world views, especially in modern physics and until recently psychology.

During a deep meditation while at the conference a vision arose of intricate beings, almost mechanical in nature, and the universe was comprised of intricate patterns of nano beings going through endless conduits and channels. A similar vision has been reported in Ayahuasca visions – beings sometimes appear called mechanical elves. In the Avengers comic book a recent storyline presented the universe as a giant machine which was breaking and running down. I felt in my meditative vision I was experiencing on a personal level what we’re up against in our collective consciousness, as a culture we view and experience life as a giant machine not as an intertwined, organic, dynamic energy field constantly flowing and unfolding.

I invite all to listen to the pulse of the blood in our veins, to feel the wave form of breath moving in and out of our lungs, to allow our body to become permeable to the soft caressing touch of sunlight and wind, to open to life inside and out. Let’s leave the machine behind and reconnect with the web of life!!

The Sufi poet Rumi helps us experience this view in his poem Say I Am You…

Dru Beavens:Ingo Swann has some wonderful

Dru Beavens:Ingo Swann https://www.youtu

Gerald Whitehawk:Wishing you much success Mindy

MindyBlock:Thank you for your thoughtful

Gerald Whitehawk:Hi Mindy, I will reply to you

MindyBlock:I am unlocking myself from tha


Started by PetriHuitti

What is heartfulness, science of the heart?

I just joined SAND community, this is very new for me. I searched the page with “heartfulness”, no results. About the science & findings around heart there is naturally more material.
Anyway, found that in SAND15 US there is presentation about mindfulness.
As Jon Kabatt-Zinn said, there is no mindfulness unless heartfulness(with spirituality) included, but this is often overlooked in Western societies, the deeper part of mindfulness, which could be called also mindlessness, as it has mostly nothing to do with the mind, small mind, ego, but with the heart, soul, spirit, when heart seen as as a gateway to our higher consciousness, our intuition, our soul, our spirit. This is also path to spiritual enlightenment, even in very short time, in hours or days even, then we reach and live in our divine consciousness, probably still irritated, disturbed by our ego, but less delusional than before, so to say. I haven’t reached that yet (enlightenment), but I can reach the wisdom of the heart, soul, spirit, any time with my heart, in any topic, issue, moment. This is the secret lying in all of us, in our hearts, like already Upanishads tell, thousands of years back in our history.
Well, anyway if you have comments, questions about the science of the heart, power and wisdom of the heart, even heartfulness, just comment here. We have open international heartfulness discussion group in Facebook, videos, blogs around by some, though heartfulness not even close to as popular as mindfulness at the moment.
But peace brothers and sisters around the world, it will come, yes, it will come to our hearts, first, and then into our world, if we let it,
Petri Huitti

p.s. heartful greetings from Kuopio, Finland!

Here short introduction of heartfulness (audio only):

Here the guidance for you to test-ride heartfulness and exploit the intuition, wisdom of your hear, soul, even spirit, which I guess is familiar for many here but this can be helpful for those who need support on that:

My vision, our vision, where we contribute from our part with the heartfulness, making it available for anyone willing to do it, to go into their heart, their emotions, feelings:
“Shadow” page of heartfulness and its history, e.g. with link to Upanishads, as Wikipedia page for it was removed:


Started by Jewmex56

E = M is Life and creation

Energy is Life and Mass is the Body. We have speech for Life and Numbers / Math for Creation. Life and Actions; Soul & Heart (Life) + Mind & Brain (Actions): Life; my Soul is the life of my Spiritual body, and my Heart is the life of my physical body. Actions; my Mind is in control of my Spiritual actions and my brain of my physical actions. My Spiritual Body has a Soul and Mind, and my physical body a heart and brain. My heart and Soul are my source of Life (Purity, Holiness, Wisdom, Emotions…), while my brain and Mind are in charge of my actions (Perfection, Righteousness, Knowledge, Motion…).


Started by David Buckland

SHARE A RIDE to the Aisha Retreat

If you have booked the Aisha Retreat and are looking for a ride, here is the place to find one!


(If you are seeking a ride for the SAND15 conference prior, use this Conversation)




Andy Melton:Hi! I am attending Aisha's upc

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Started by jeff

Math’s Fatal Flaw

The number 1 is transcendental and therefore infinite (this is the true non-dual state of 1)

In mathematics, Euler’s identity[n 1] (also known as Euler’s equation) is the equality

e^{i \pi} + 1 = 0

e is Euler’s number, the base of natural logarithms,
i is the imaginary unit, which satisfies i2 = −1, and
π is pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.


given this

1 is infinite since it really equals the value -eiπ

the number “1” that we use in math is an observational symbol that is finite by its very definition of the language of math (1 unit)

the finite number “1 unit” make the infinite -eiπ become a duality

the unit 1 is finite yet the real one is infinite since it equals -eiπ

this is why Riemann zeta f(x) converges towards the number 1

unit 1 is the finite duality

the real number 1 is infinite and it equals -eiπ

it is transcendental

it is given by the mathematical equation

1= -eiπ

of course -eiπ (transcendantal non-dual 1) is nothing but an infinite wave (i.e. light) since e^{ix}=\cos x+i\sin x

therefore, once again the transcendental number one (non-dual state) is an infinite wave (as opposed to the man made unit 1 which is finite natural number placed on a number line by man between 0 and 2)

the speed of light (the constant c) is is nothing more than our limited ability to perceive electromagnetic radiation in the physical realm

any particle that cannot absorb or emit electromagnetic radiation is therefore non-physical (invisible) and potentially spiritual

the wave itself disappears when you “ride at the same speed as the light” and therefore enter the non-dual state since from a relative point of view, there is no more motion since you are traveling at the exact speed of light (you become -eiπ)

the more you observe the light the further behind you fall of the light and therefore you create the duality and the light “redshifts” and therefore the universe expands

in order to see into the non-dual, you must create a new non-dual state by smacking conscious (physical light emitting or absorbing) particles together to form observable electromagnetic radiation (a new dual state from a once non-dual state)

particles then “appear” into your consciousness the actual moment the measurement is made (this is the waveform collapse)

you cannot view the particles being formed any faster than the speed of light they emit and therefore you can never know the true nature of the non-dual state (since the receptor in your eyes or any other detector require an additional interaction with the produced electromagnetic radiation)

everything is potential until the interaction occurs with the detector device

at the moment of detection, the wave function collapses

jeff:look to your heart and you wil

danedormio:This sounds like pseudoscience


Started by Rod

Entanglement, Initiation and Lineage Streams

In many spiritual systems the seeker, the one who wishes to mature into a more loving, responsible human being, will often take initiation into a lineage stream. In a typical initiation ceremony the student is asked if consciously they wish to come into deeper relationship with the teacher, teachings and all those who come before. They are focusing their prefrontal cortex, the executive function of the brain, creating an intent that they can organize around, bringing a sense of focus and purpose to their lives, creating a mindful conscious connection.

In quantum physics in the process of entanglement objects become entangled as they interact. When two photons become entangled, if one changes spin the other will change also, instantaneously across space and time. The word instantaneous is stunning in physics because this connection is faster than the speed of light. An intriguing example of what Einstein called “spooky action at a distance” on a macroscopic level.

There are often special condition that create entanglement. A pulsed microwave burst allowed currents in two superconducting loops to become entangled in a microchip in an experiment at UC Santa Barbara in 2009.

When we view initiation through this lens we see the initiation ceremony as a way to bring conscious contact and connection. Then like the photons, on a quantum level the student is now inter related with the teacher, the teachings and all those who have joined in this connection across space and time.

I find this same phenomena with students who’ve worked with me overtime in depth psychotherapy and SoulWork. As the therapeutic alliance and relational field deepen, there’s often a deep shared knowing of inner states. Our deep contact over time has created an entanglement. I may have dreams for the student, or simply know things before or when they think them in the session. There’s a sense of entanglement not in an unhealthy and enmeshed style but in the form of a field of synchronicity and gnosis.

How have each of you in your personal or professional lives experienced entanglement with others, your lineage stream or the natural world? What supports this growing interrelatedness and what blocks this?

robert rowland:In my experience,the teacher g

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