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Started by mit

Fear and worry

the origin of fear and the sub-conscious state of worry.

Fear is based in thought, it is a programmed response to an imaginary circumstance. “Worry” is the creation of a story based on that fear. When
someone is worried they are “living in a state of fear” a sub-conscious state that comes about as they are identified with the imaginary story. There are many levels to this because we have created many stories. Creating stories is the main function of the mind.

To discover piece of mind one must begin with the thought. If you observe your thoughts you will find that most are repetitious they serve no purpose at all. You will discover thoughts have no power, unless you give them power. If you consciously observe your thoughts and don’t identify with them they will pass as if they were never there at all.

Your mind will try to fill in the space. Don’t fight it, let it come and let it pass, don’t identify. After some practice you will see, the thoughts become further apart and eventually the dialog seems to be in another room. Memory is there but it seems unnecessary thinking becomes intuitive there is something fresh and new in each moment.

Observe each moment as it comes and passes, just observe and you will discover that each moment is just a thought. Don’t identify with the moment just observe. Without effort observe.

Ask yourself “who am I” just observe

All moments come and go in your presence, “In your awareness ”

“Who Am I” be still, “Now” observe the observer

This is our natural state, we are not a conscious being, We are
consciousness expressing ourselves as “Being”

“I AM” is the statement that I exist, Now ask

“Who Am I”


Started by SAND



If you have plans to come to SAND15 US and you are looking for a ride or a roommate, here is the place to find one!

mary riley:Hi folks, Yikes ----nothing li

Tomas Phillips:I have a room to share Friday

Eric Gauthier:Hello, looking for a ride from

Alex:Hi, Can offer a ride from SFO

Laura M:Ha! Just got your newsletter a

Cornelius Boots:Excellent and looking forward

Laura M:Great! I used to book a lot of

Cornelius Boots:Indeed! Saturday afternoon ple

Laura M:Are you performing this year b

Cornelius Boots:Curious If anyone is heading i


Started by Rod

Breath Meditation and the Restoration of the Wave Function

When we pay attention to breath as the focus of our meditation we noticed a gentle rising and falling. When charted in relation to time, awareness of the breath creates a beautiful sine wave, a powerful waveform.

The collapse of the wave function in quantum physics refers to how our observation causes the potential of the wave function of reality, which is spread out through space and time, to localize in a certain region, creating a particle. We see this in the experiments that explore the wave or particle nature of light. In quantum theories of mind, we are said to exist in a state of potential, which collapses in certain patterns, forming the particle nature of our consciousness, our sense of ego identity.

This larger field of consciousness will form into certain patterns or particles based on the neuroanatomy and physiology of our brains and our unconscious impressions and conditioning. For example, we have an attachment system hardwired into our brain causing the larger field to collapse into seeking proximity, relationship and soothing from attachment figures throughout the course of life. Based on the early impressions and interactional patterns our brains will be conditioned to cause this collapse to go into a secure, avoidant, anxious ambivalent, or chaotic, attachment styles.

When we are in a state of re activity in one of the non secure patterns, if we bring our awareness through breath meditation, there is the possibility over time of this constricted psychic pattern to unfreeze, to go into the larger field, and to reform in a more secure attachment style. In alchemy this is the pattern of dissolve and coagulate. A coagulated form dissolves and then re coagulates into a more functional form.

In deep states of meditation, the wave function of breath meditation allows our ego identities to relax, to soften and dissolve into the larger field of consciousness and awareness that permeates the cosmos. Breath meditation is a powerful tool to restore our wave nature out of the constricted patterns of our ego’s.

donsalmon:Wow, very impressive. A most

Talia:I love your wave to particle -

Mit Jones:Where did everyone go, no one

Nemir Adjina:Thankyou, Breath Meditation al

Christina Munns:Beautifully expressed - thank


Started by john

Our own Galilean Telescope (1)

In OBE (‘Out of Body Experience’) we have our ‘new Galilean telescope’ results of ‘planetary motion’, results obtained from modern equipment only recently available (1,2).

In the early 1950s, when there were very few large computers, anyone who wanted to work in ‘Theoretical Chemistry’ could have found it very difficult. Even the Huckel method would have involved the use of slow, laborious calculations. The idea of using such results to mathematically predict the results of chemical reactions certainly appeared far less obvious than simply reacting the substances. Marchant and Madas calculators would not have seemed as appropriate as bunsens, test tubes and the like. The bunsens and test tubes would give definite and immediate results, rather than rows of dubious figures.

What have we got today ? With Big Data, even Paul Verschure admits we still have a long way to go. That looks like the Marchant and Madas days of students plodding away for years. And there never was a break through for chemists with ‘theoretical chemistry’.

So what to do ? Phenomenal transparency denies that there are accessible intrinsic properties of the vehicles of experiences. A huge assumption. One could reasonably take the view that phenomenal transparency, a woolly philosopher’s concept reminiscent to many of the less clear opinions of Husserl is a less clear idea than Astral Projection, said to have been practised for centuries. A hope may be obtained from the work of Ramachandran, who says plainly that what he does is to map function onto structure, and points out that there are many ways of tackling matters where brain damage is relevant to illusions, florid denials of fact being typical. And, like the scientist manque Sigmund Freud, Ramachandran (3) points out that in some cases, psychoanalysis or other methods may well be appropriate, especially where there is no obvious brain damage.

And so, now we have the discovery of ‘out of body experience’, perhaps we are best doing measurements and experiments, rather than assuming we can deduce some new theory from detailed brain readings taken at the time it is noticed. That would be like trying to develop a Newtonian physics of a revolving wheel by carrying out Hartree-Fock calculations on the molecules of the wheel. We have something – OBE – that sounds as if it is real. Why not do measurements on the assumption that it may be real ? Neuroscience has not given us a better answer.

In a further presentation, I may present the ‘Yates equation’ and the use of S-matrix methods as a beginning in the process, and see my blog . Helpful comments very welcome.


(1) Yates, J. (2015), “Experimental Philosophy, Astral Projection and the Science of Spiritual Biology”, “Science and Scientist – 2015”, Buddha Hall, Sushil Kedia Vishwa Bharati,
Kathmandu, Nepal. The reviewers have accepted this paper for presentation in the Third
International conference Science and Scientist 2015 being organized at the Buddha Hall Sushil
Kedia Vishwa Bharati, Kathmandu, Nepal during 17-18 April, 2015. ,

(2) Yates, J. (2015), “Minds with or without Bodies”, PHILICA.COM Article number 465.

(3) Ramachandran VS., (2004), “Anosognosia “,The 5th Neuro-Psychoanalysis Congress, Rome 2004 on Splitting, Denial and Narcissism: Neuropsychoanalytic Perspectives on the Right


Started by Manoj Shiva

Beginning of a spiritual phase

I just watched “The Theory of Everything” movie. I would have cried had not Eddie Redmayne gotten the Academy award for best actor.
Jones was awesome as well. I loved how Jane Wilde (Mrs hawking) wrote her journey with Stephen. Extraordinary. Only a woman can do that- sacrifice time, sacrifice youth, sacrifice her career and everything for the man she loved against all odds. Professor Stephen hawking is still alive living his 73rd year and still working on his quantum gravity confuting his doctor’s judgement, a life expectancy of a mere two years when he was 21. It only astounds me what love is capable of. If Jane hadn’t had the courage and virtue towards true love, the world wouldn’t have had seen such greatness from Mr Hawking. Not just his works on expanding universe theory but more importantly surviving the mighty harshest physical disability. World needs scientists, but i would like to think that we would have survived even if there was no Einstein, no Newton or Edison. A bit different world it would have been. But without those missionaries like – Buddha, Gandhi, JFK, Vivekananda, Adi sankaracharya, Osho, and many peace makers who chose the heart and not the mind to ponder over their whole life the world wouldn’t have evolved such quickly from war and drought. I believe, one who sticks to virtue and philosophy can make a difference for the today’s world rather than physicists and scientists. Their time has passed. The modern world won over war and greed. It has evolved to the belief of sharing and prospering,something i learned when i was in class seventh : “vasudika kutumbakam”. It means the world is one place and we all are one family. There is still poverty hunger and disease, but we can survive only if we value love and peace. Science was only the fuel we needed to keep traveling and virtue was the steering brake control. We lost control to fuel in some aspects call it greed or this multi-corporate filth. However unpicturesque that sounds, it only implies the truth. The 21st century world needs wisdom. It needs philosophy and discipline which are other forms of God. Well, he had to find a way to reach us ugly, greedy living things for worship is all for laughs and pragmatic logical reasoning these days, if you know what i mean!

As i remember Einstein regretted making an atom bomb, wishing he would have rather tried to be a musician or an artist,.. makes me wanna think science is less saviour and more destroyer, Where creativity, arts and spirituality mean evolution and prosperity and health. Bye the way less pollution as well. :/

Like there was a stone-age, a metal-age, and a renaissance period there could well be a spiritual age coming. May be not soon, but coming….. In this decade.


Started by Rod

Bio Photons & the Numinous

Like a great starving beast
My body is quivering
On the sent of
Light (Hafiz)

In many spiritual additions light is associated with the numinous – that which has a strong religious or spiritual quality, indicating or suggesting the presence of divinity. The name “enlightenment” is often given to the spiritual journey. Saints and holy women and men are often painted with auras or halos of light. Moses sees the light of the burning bush.
John says of Jesus, “He was a burning and shining lamp, and you were willing to rejoice for a while in his light”. In Buddhist scriptures the Amitabha Buddha is the Buddha of infinite light. What correlation do we find from neuroscience and quantum theory that supports the interaction of our brains and light?

As early as the 1920s ultra weak photon emissions were discovered coming from biological objects. They have been called mitogenic radiation, dark luminescence, low level chemo luminescence and bio photon emissions. Bio photon emissions were considered to be the product of chemical oxidation and free radical production in cells. Since the late 1950s various research has demonstrated bio photons are fundamental in many types of cell communications.

An article in the fall issue of the journal of Neuro Quantology suggests bio photons are considered to play an important part in memory storage and information processing. “Entanglement between photons and microtubules can also be the mechanism in which hypothetical stored information in microtubules can be transmitted to the biological systems from parmecium to human brains.” (Microtubules are skeletal structures within all cells, especially in neurons and glial cells, which are thought to be essential in proposed quantum informational processing in human brains.)

Research has shown that bio photon emissions can be increased through visual imagination. There have also been reported correlations between fluctuations in bio photon emission and EEG Alpha rhythm patterns. A link seems to be arising to help us understand the basis and importance of light in numinous experience and meditations which are an important component in many spiritual paths.

Marsha Linehan the founder of DBT relates one of the most significant turning points in her recovery from borderline personality disorder was an experience of the numinous as golden shimmering light while engaging in deep prayer. “I was kneeling in there, looking up at the cross, and the whole place became gold — and suddenly I felt something coming toward me,” she said. “It was this shimmering experience, and I just ran back to my room and said, ‘I love myself.’ It was the first time I remember talking to myself in the first person. I felt transformed.” The high lasted about a year, before the feelings of devastation returned in the wake of a romance that ended. But something was different. She could now weather her emotional storms without cutting or harming herself.” New York Times June 23, 2011.

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