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Started by RoyDopson

Many Worlds Interpretation (with a slight shift in perspective)

If the universe is holographic in nature, then there should be no need to extrapolate multi-verses. All necessary information should be contained within the observable universe.
If we apply the many worlds interpretation of QM to the physical realm that we experience, everything that happens IS what is possible to happen. What does not happen is not possible (makes sense to me). All possible outcomes are existing right now as this very universe.
The ‘many worlds’ part is still applicable, however we must shift our perspective slightly. Take the analogy of an audience watching a movie in a theater. It appears as though there are individual consciousnesses (people) witnessing a single reality unfold on the screen. But what is happening in the cosmic movie theater is that there is a single consciousness witnessing many different realities. So each and every perspective (person’s life) is itself a separate reality. Where these realities overlap is what is agreed upon as the physical world. ‘You’ and ‘I’ are in actuality, a singular consciousness and your life perspective is one of the many possible worlds. In this way, the possibility of you becoming president of the U.S. has become manifest. We simply call that ‘you’ Barack Obama. Every possible experience (your) consciousness is manifesting right now as every other person’s life!
If this perspective is adopted from/as square one, is there any reason to invent other physical realms in order to make the math work?
Ramana Maharshi said that “It is all pre-determined” when asked about free will. Based upon his Enlightened state, and my own experience/investigation, choices are dependant only upon the thought process. No thought, no apparent choices to make. If reality actually does split into one outcome or the other, but only (or most fundamentally) when consciousness ‘chooses’ to branch into one life rather than another, these choices are being made in the gap between death and birth. One choice made; one life lived. Once you take your seat, the movie plays out (this seat moves around within the movie). No choices made; no more births (one does finally tire of sequels).

Are there any really smart people out there that could possibly see how this idea could fit in a mathematical framework or is it too rudimentary to even apply?

Also, there seems to be an exponential component to how the experience of human consciousness is proliferating with time.

RoyDopson:"Very nice conceptual thinking

Andrew Brodis:If you are following my line o

Andrew Brodis:Very nice conceptual thinking,


Started by John Sharman

Consciousness and its objects

I’ve been watching some interviews with Rupert Spira lately, where he argues that consciousness exists of itself and by itself, without the need for any material forms through which to manifest. Apparently this way of seeing consciousness is somewhat at odds with other traditional (Buddhist?) views, where consciousness is seen as having no independent existence outside of the forms through which it manifests.

My purpose here is to suggest that neither of the above positions can be verified, and that neither has any relevance. As an argument for his position, Rupert points out that when we allow our thoughts to sink back into the silence of pure being, and when from this position someone asks us, “Are you aware?”, our answer would always be “Yes”. In other words, in this situation there is no “me” answering the question “Are you aware?” – the immediate answer “Yes” comes not from a manifest self, not from consciousness as form, but directly from consciousness itself.

My issue with that argument is that I don’t believe we can truly dissolve our manifest selves into pure consciousness, devoid of form, because we are all still, in a very real sense, in this body. No matter how much we might like to think that the sense of being a separate self is dissolved, I believe it will always be there, to some extent, just as the body is there, and therefore the answer “Yes”, is not simply consciousness being conscious of itself – the answer is being distorted, however slightly, by being asked and answered through the medium of bodies.

I’d suggest that we can’t possibly know whether consciousness can exist by and of itself, without the need for forms. Our seeing of consciousness is always filtered to some extent by form, so we can’t really know consciousness purely as consciousness. Perhaps consciousness doesn’t need forms through which to manifest, perhaps it does. It seems to me that this is a non-issue – it really doesn’t matter.

Any thoughts?

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Started by blade of grass

Bridging the Gap of Seperation Between Science and Spirituality

I just stumbled across this sight today only after learning about what nonduality was was last week. So to say I know almost nothing about anything might be close to an “understatement” to say the least. On top of that, I have never taken calculus and did poorly in algebra in high school. I did however get passing grades in geometry but just barely at the time. Out of the need to take advanced math in college, I re-took algebra from start to finish in a condensed course and found I understood easily the second time around thinking: my teachers in my childhood really did me a disservice to say the least. That was until later when I discovered having ADHD through what would be a telling of a long winded and boring story of my life until that time which I will spare anyone from that tedium here however, I will tie this into my story in a minute. That brings me up to the current state of my mathematical genius which would appear to be at a level that most kids in Jr High school could run circles around without much effort. My only saving grace came when I needed to learn CAD-CAM which I use to design and produce models in my career. To add insult to injury at the time when I first set out to learn CAD was the fact that I was almost completely computer illiterate by most standards and would have placed my self back then a kin to most 7 year olds entering first grade at the time.
So how does this have anything to do with God you ask? Here’s the part that makes me squeamish in telling thinking it may come across as the rantings of a person who should be seeing a drug counselor or better, a really good therapist. I did however read when I came to this sight that no question or ideas were invalid so….here’s my story and how this all fits together. At the very least it might be entertaining if you’ve made it this far. lol
Straight up, I had a religious experience where I met God. Maybe better to simple say, the presence of something beyond this physical world (or the infinite) was made aware to me in a way that I felt it or experienced in a undeniable way……the universe, it’s existence and my place in it ie: that I do have a place in it along with everything and everybody else. So for lack of a better singular word description, I’m calling this presence God. It just makes it easier to tell the story. That’s it. No voices telling me to do things. Jesus didn’t appear in front of me and tell me I’m going to heaven if I believe in him. Nope. Nothing more than what I just said except for the connection that I have that I could not deny even if I wanted to now. No more than putting my hand on a red hot stove burner and saying that I don’t feel my skin burning.
Here’s what happened that day. I was at work and had planned to go see an outdoor concert with a friend. I had to leave early and was running a little late. Just before running out the door I remembered a bottle that was given to me by a friend a while before saying it used to have liquid LSD in it and there might b some residue left for one more excursion with psychedelics left inside. Without giving this any more thought, I filled the eye dropper bottle with water and drank it down. At the time, my days with psychedelic drugs were pretty much a thing of the past and this was a rather impulsive act on my part thinking…hey why not, it’s been years and I’m in the mood. Little did I know that there was a lot more than just a little residue dried on the inside of this bottle. By the time I arrived at the venue I was already beginning to have a Uh Oh feeling coming on. I mean Uh Oh because of some tell tale signs that I had possibly taken more than I thought or planned to. When I originally remembered this bottle I thought it might not even work at all or if anything…a mild interlude for the day. By this time I had to admit to my long time friend what I had done and proceeded to make him promise to take care of me and not let me get lost. He shook his head and said “great, just what I wanted to do tonight…baby sit you while on Acid.” lol

I could write a novel listing all the revelations and connection I made that day from that point in my story leading up to the spiritual connection….so I’ll to keep this brief and relate only the pertinent parts for now. My pre-awareness experience came while I was still in the parking lot at the venue while looking around at the people and cars. Every car in the lot had a transparent but easily identifiable addition to their paint being; geometric patterns not unlike Persian rugs or snow flakes of intense complexity and uniformity. It was very interesting indeed. Only the cars and only the painted areas to be clear. Everything else was “sans” patterns if you get this visual picture. As I was marveling at this phenomenon thinking …”wow, that was way more than I bargained for” recalling, but then it dawned on me that these were patterns I had never seen before, never seen before and way more complex than I new was even possible for me to come up with on my own. In vivid color to add to it. I then had this revelation that “of course, this was all coming from inside my head (inside my brain somewhere?). ” But where? How? How did this get in there so I could see it in what I knew were hallucinations. But how can they be hallucinations if they are ( were) already there to begin with?”These repetitive patterns were all geometric in nature…very sharp, distinct and without question geometric….just like snow flakes as I said before but even more detailed and interlocking like a blanket (or rug). Laid over the top of all the cars in the lot and contoured each one just like some crazy insane custom paint job. It was really, really incredible.
It was this first revelation that has stuck with me to this day about these pattern existing or being generated by my brain like a projector so I could see them externally as I described. To this day I still ponder the same question. If my brain did this…..where did these patterns come from if they weren’t something that I had seen before?
The second part of my experience came later that evening and in the short space here will say that I have spent years doing research and discovery of my experience as it is the foundation for my spiritual awareness and beliefs saying also before this time…I had virtually no firm belief in anything spiritual and had dismissed my Christian upbringing years before due to lack of basis or evidence that could make me believe or connect to it in the same way I am describing here. My research in part is what brought me to this sight as I am always trying to find ways to explain this to myself or anyone else. I did find many documented experiences of people describing the same thing I did calling it..:” the all one” or “Satori” kind of awakening. Native Indian rites of passage rituals, near death or returning from being dead for short periods including experiences coming from extreme depression and suicide attempts have all described this in different or related ways. I’ve researched this to the point of taking a college course to study this and learn more simply because it has had such a profound affect on me from that day forward. Echart Tolle described his experience and awakening much in the same way I have experienced since without knowing of such a thing ( or Echart Tolle for that matter ) until I did this research.
So here’s where I tie my ADHD into this mix. I was diagnosed late in life and one of the peculiar but common things that (we) report in having ADHD for some us it s weird sixth sense or intuition thing for lack for lack of a better term. One thing I learned long ago is that people would comment on how I would see things that they wouldn’t. Unfortunately with ADHD…the opposite is also true having some negative results. Also commonly is how (we) tend to work backwards in processing compared to others. I even read magazines starting from the back and working to the beginning. I tend to do many things backwards but mostly in my reasoning and processing and many times…it does yield different results compared to other people sometimes both good and bad depending on. No free lunch I guess. lol
Which brings me to Newton and calculus. I learned not that long ago that he invented calculus a means to explain geometry. For me, this was relevant when I began working with CAD CAM and sending my files to a mill to cut the models. As I sat there and watched my handiwork on the computer take shape in the form of a real 3 D object….it dawned on me what was really happening was that the software I had used to create all those pretty pictures on the visual screen were actually writing algorithms and now I was watching algorithms in real time put to work in a machine that moved up, down, side to side and back and forth (x,y,z) to carve out my model. Each algorithm was merely a point in space…a dot. And the machine was connecting the dots to make a 3 D physical model. It suddenly occurred to me what Newton was trying to do. Then it occurred to me what calculus was compared to Algebra. X and Y compared to X,Y and Z. Two dimensions versus three. Then I thought about the geometric patterns and how they related to this and the awareness that I had back on that day of my experience. It was the awareness that I was a point in the universe including every atom or molecule contained in every living or inanimate object in the Universe simultaneously. I was a part of everything and connected to it in the way I just described. That was it! In a nut shell that’s what I experienced including the presence I referred to as God all at the same time. It then made me wonder if this was Newtons motivation. To prove this or find a way to describe it in a mathematical way? Maybe he had a similar revelation and was trying to explain it? I don’t know ?
What I do know is that my awakening was very real and has changed my spiritual life and how I view myself and the world to this day. I never tried to recreate that day or have taken LSD ever again as I feel no desire or need to. Like I said….even at that time it had been years earlier in my youth and only did it because of a wild hair and remembering the empty dropper bottle quite randomly. It was a beautiful experience and one I own and cherish and one I do not question in the least. I am still fascinated and curious by it and it has led me down the path of learning and discovery which brought me to this site today as one example. I’ve wondered about Jungian programming and my geometric patterns too ( how did they get in my head?) Also the relationship of that day to my geometric patterns and experiencing the infinite in the same revelation? I do not see myself as special or gifted in any way and cannot explain the things I’ve said any more than I just did outside of saying that the thinking and ideas I read on this site lend themselves directly to my experience and connections like the ones I just made to science and the universe and thought it might be fun to share them with you here. I can already tell from some the the things I’ve read so far on the science end of things here that I probably will get lost in a matter of minutes compared to most of the people here but I enjoy reading this kind of thing immensely anyway so please don’t ask me anything about calculus or advance math as I will be embarrassingly dysfunctional if I try to converse on that level.
If I had to sum up the feeling that I carry with me everyday from my awakening is one of Love and Connectedness. The experience I had in the moment was the overwhelming feeling of the joy one feels when you know without knowing that you are not alone. Of being a part of everything and no longer feel separate from the universe….as if the universe reached out and touched me for just a moment so that I could know that it existed and has put me on the journey to discover more. I have always believed that science is simply the way in which we explain the infinite….if you like, how God works. This thinking has not always been accepted or popular with those who cannot see this but it has always been my personal belief I love this site by the way and reading the mission statement is what brought this to mind.

Marta:We want to know, to understand

Andrew Brodis:Modern western religions have


Started by AB1OB

The Illusion of Duality



We are going to study existence. This will require positioning the entity (which is “existing”) in its proper frame of reference.

To do this we will use a coordinate system:

Next we plot the positions of a brain existing in our discontinuous quantum reality. These are the points where measurement by observation are possible (the plane of reality). (the “GPS coord’s” of the brain @ a specific point in time z-axis):

Now, from the perspective of the brain, it’s flow through reality is this:

BUT…this is the actuality of the continuum:

We can convert this all to mathematics but that is not the point here. We just want to understand the relativities. So rather than making this a mathematical expression, I will just interpret in regular language.

Continuous existence alternating-ly proceeds through the plane of reality and imagery. “Continuous” is important. (Lack of continuity is illogical.)

Now let’s look at imagery. Ideas, thoughts and similar things that are constructs of the Imaginary Plane. They do not have a continuous 3-dimensional existence in reality. They never pass through the Plane of Reality.

We can plot the positions, when our charted brain encounters these images, as below:

This is a discontinuous existence. Because of our perspective, we have a warped sense of imagery’s continuity. It looks to us like this following picture.

For all our intents and purposes, it functions as this imagined continuity and leads to and imagined duality of mind and body. What we incorrectly think is real:


Andrew Brodis:

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Started by RoyDopson

Science = Duality

I posed this question on G+ and it was suggested that I bring it here:

How does science actually fit with non-duality? Science is all about measuring. Every single equation is an expression of dualism – it is a measurement/comparison of two things. Science is exactly the creation of dualism, is it not? There is no way to fit science in with non-duality. Science must be the proverbial finger pointing to the moon. It indeed can be a path to Self-Realization (it was for me), but only if it is finally transcended. If not transcended then it is simply more maya.

I haven’t heard anyone say this yet. Has anyone talked about this at the conference?

The response was:

“YES, Science is another finger pointing to the moon, but, like every other finger AND the moon, they are made of the same substance… and, science is saying that at the subatomic level we are all made of one substance as well… We started this conference inspired by Nisargadatta Maharaj that used to say: “This is not spiritual knowledge, one day scientists will come and understand all this.” He also used to say: ” Fluids come together and the sense of I appeared” basically explaining, in one sentence, modern Neuroscience… Fluids in the brian start an electrochemical reaction and the sense of “I” appears…”

My response to that is:

First of all, I’m pretty sure N.M. was referring to the reproductive fluids when he said that. Just my take on it.

Now about the “same substance” idea:

Yes, THIS is all one, however, there is a difference between talking about/describing THIS and BEING it. While focus is on the describing, it is off of the Being (ala Heisenburg’s Uncertainty Principle). This difference sounds subtle but it is a huge (perhaps the final) obstacle to complete Self-Realization. At some point all energy must be placed upon Being. This is truly where science merges with – no, grows into – spirituality. Theory has no end in and of itself. It IS dualism. The metaphors that science is discovering is showing us this. It all ends up at a singularity – theory breaks down. At this point consciousness MUST abandon theory/thought and transcend into Being. If it doesn’t it will continue creating infinite realities (hello multiverse) – metaphor upon metaphor; maya upon maya – for duality has no end in and of itself. It is only when consciousness has come full-circle and absorbs back into/as Self/Reality that the spell of maya is broken and the cycle of samsara ended.

I would love some input.

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Andrew Brodis:I am at peace and happy when I

Marta:Duality is separation from God

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Started by Tomasz Kopec

I have learned about nonduality and SAND today.

I have learned about nonduality and SAND today and I can hardly express how I feel. Everything what I read about nonduality resonates with me completely. I have been researching the same ideas for years (and I mean years) without knowing there are people with the same mind set already gathered in community. I have not heard about SAND conference before. Do you plan to publish video/recordings from the conference in the future?

As I said, I have been researching nonduality and connection between science (based on recognizing separated objects) and spirituality (connecting everything in one) for years. On my path I found Dr Lester Fehmi, neuroscientist and psychologist. He runs neurofeedback clinic for attention disorders in Princeton, New Jersey.

Dr Fehmi works on brain waves pattern called – the whole brain synchrony in alpha frequency. He designed his own EEG neurofeedback machine which can detect it. He found that this pattern of brain waves can be generated when attention is directed to space (without ‘the’) which is between and inside objects as a common background of everything. It brings deep relaxation in a very short time.

On the base on a training on his own machine Dr Fehmi has formulated the four attention styles theory which I am very passionate about. The four attention theory says that we can attend the reality using four different attention styles. The two most distinct are the narrow/objective and diffuse/immersed attention styles.

When we are in the narrow/objective style the reality is filled with objects and one of them is self/ego. All objects are separated/distant from one another by space which is completely removed from our awareness as an unimportant and negligible element of the reality. There is a time needed to move objects from one place to another. Time itself is perceived as another object and it is separated to the past, the presence and the future. Objects have a specific location in an empty space and they can move (or can be moved) from one place to another (we can say, reality is based on doing). In this attention style brain waves are out of sync in alpha frequency.

When we attend in the diffuse/immersed style the reality is unified and all objects merge with their background – the objectless reality. We are in this style when we become aware of space which is between objects and permeates.It implies that there is no self/ego. There is no distance and time. Everything is here and now (reality based on being). This style can be detected by Dr Fehmi,s machine.

Sounds familiar now isn’t it?

I should remind you that Dr Fehmi is a scientist not having too much in common with the spirituality word. When I first read his book The Open Focus Brain I realized that Dr Fehmi describes a direct link between the way we perceive reality and the electric processing of the brain. Moreover he designed a neurofeedback machine which objectifies a subjective experience of attending in the diffuse/immersed attention style.

It was a huge discovery for me and I hope you may find it useful too. I am sorry if I overuse your patience by coping/pasting the text below but I think I may give you a better insight of significance of this. It is an introduction to my book about the four attentions theory. A part of the book can be downloaded from here

Please, do not see it as an advertisement. It is only the very strong and honest need to share. The most important in it is an idea of attention flexibility and its benefits. Somehow, I feel that you guys will realize in seconds what it is about and how important it is 🙂 Please, remember, I have written it without knowledge that nonduality movement exists.


This book is for those who look for answers – important answers about love, happiness, who we are, where we go after death, and whether life has any meaning. It will guide those who live in pain, who are anxious, depressed, feel stuck, and struggle with making decisions. It will help philosophers, scientists, physiologists, marketers, sales people, meditators and creators to gain a deep insight into reality and improve their skills. Finally, it will help you to shape your life in a healthier and happier way.

I know, it is a huge promise but I am sure you will soon be surprised how simple it is.

First you should realize that all stimuli like sounds, light, touch and smell once registered by receptors, (inside your ears, eyes, skin and nose) become electric currents traveling along nerves towards your brain. In the brain these currents are processed and your reality is shaped. It means that the whole world around you full of colours, shapes, sounds and smells with its beauty and diversity has to be translated to electric signals in order for you to perceive it. I will suggest you even more. All your knowledge, experience, beliefs, passions, and ideas become part of your reality as small electric charges. Imagine that even you, yourself are – in a way – a group of electric signals traveling across your brain.

It would be quite natural to suppose this electric processing in the brain has to fulfil certain rules as you would find in any other system of the body. For example, everyone knows that the heart pumps the blood and the rule is that when it stops we are in a trouble. Similar basic rules have to work in the brain. The only difference is that the brain shapes our reality. It means that all imaginable human activities including thinking, feeling, loving, fighting, craving and achieving, should be based on these rules. There should be a way to use them in science, mathematics, psychology, religion and spirituality. They should be universal for all people regardless of culture, tradition or language. They should also connect many seemingly unrelated aspects of reality because all reality we know is produced in our brains.

I hope it is clear to you now that once we define these rules we can get the key to understanding ourselves and the world around us and this is exactly what the Four Attentions Styles Theory offers. It describes a basic rule of the brain electrical processing and links it to the way we sense the reality.

For example, you are reading these words now. In order to read, you focus on groups of black shapes arranged in lines. Your eyes are perceiving these shapes and translating them into small electric signals. These signals are being sent right now to an area of your brain towards the back of your head that is responsible for vision. They are processed there, and shared with the rest of your brain. Then, on the basis of your knowledge, experience and beliefs, they are being translated into letters, words and sentences – and they become meaningful to you.

This happens when you are focused on words. However, if you defocus slightly and widen your field of vision, you quickly notice that there is something else on the page in front of you. There is a lot of white space between and inside the letters. I would like you to realise, that the black letters and white space on the page are equally important in forming this page of text. Without white space the page would be completely black and without black letters the page would be only white. In either situation it would not be a page of text any more. Letters and white space are inseparable parts of the same thing – or, in other words they are the same thing.

The same applies if you replace a letter with any other object. For example, the book in your hands seems separated from you by empty space. Yet, if you defocus again (in three dimensions this time) you soon realise that empty space between you and the book and any other solid object around you is an integral part of the reality. As with the page of text, without space there would be only one solid object. Without objects there would be only empty space. Solids objects including you and space are inseparable parts of the same thing. In other words – they are the same thing.

You can see now that one of the basic features of the brain’s electric code is to mark a distinction between objects and space around them. It enables you to read, to walk without bumping into other people, and to sense a difference between you and the rest of the world. According to Dr Lester Fehmi, the neuroscientist and psychologist behind The Four Attention Styles Theory, your brain does it naturally all the time by generating electric signals that are out of sync (in alpha frequency).

It should be mentioned now that electric signals in the brain oscillate all the time traveling up and down along brain cells. You can compare them to rubber balls bouncing one next to another. They can be in sync (when they bounce together) or out of sync (when they have different speeds or directions).

When electric signals in the brain are out of sync, you are noticing objects (like letters on the page) excluding a ‘silent’ background from your awareness. This way of perception make all objects seemingly separated from one another, and one of these objects is you. It is commonly associated with focusing (narrowing an attention) on things. We can say, that you attend the reality in the narrow and objective way (or style).

On the other hand when signals are in sync you are equally aware of objects and space between them. Everything seems connected and unified. This style of attention is called immersed. It tends to happen when we defocus (diffuse an attention) hence this style is described as diffused and immersed.

The Four Attentions Styles Theory says that when you are focused on objects, ignoring space between them, you are in the narrow/objective attention style and your brain waves are out of sync.

When you are simultaneously aware of objects and space, you are in the diffused/immersed attention style and your brainwaves are in sync.

However unimportant it seems for you now, this small difference brings a profound change in the way your brain works and the way you think, feel and live your life.

Most of us rely on the narrow/objective attention style. Remember, I had to make you realise that there was white space on the page and that there is a lot of space around you. You naturally focus on objects and the ability to focus for a long time is seen as a very desirable skill. Dr Fehmi says that overusing the narrow/objective attention style makes the brain electrically unstable. It fuels the sympathetic part of our autonomic nervous system responsible for the fight or flight response. It makes us tired, chronically stressed and brings hidden tension to our lives. It also gives us a distorted view of the world in which everything is separated and distant and it sometimes makes us feel lonely, helpless, anxious and depressed.

On the other hand, the diffused/immersed attention style makes the brain more synchronous and stable. It makes us more relaxed and switches our system to the rest and digest mode. Dr Fehmi argues that practising this style of attention helps to balance our physiology and to develop a new insight into reality. With this practice, health significantly improves, and it becomes more and more evident that everything is already connected, unified and working in harmony. Dr Fehmi designed a series of exercises that reinforce this style. He based them on his own experience from the attention training he has been carrying out for most of his life. He uses a neurofeedback machine of his own design that is calibrated on a specific brainwave pattern called ‘the whole brain synchrony in alpha frequency’. According to Dr Fehmi, this brainwave pattern is directly linked to the diffused/immersed style.

Dr Fehmi’s ultimate goal is to teach people how to develop attention flexibility, which means that you can balance all attention styles at the same time. Attention flexibility is a very real experience that everyone can develop and enjoy. It brings a profound change in the way you behave and feel about the world. You can focus (narrow your attention) on objects staying diffused and feeling that everything is one at the same time. You see the materialistic side of the world (full of objects you can get) and you feel deeply the essence of spirituality (where everything is one, unified). You are truly balanced, fulfilled and happy. It also gives you a range of new skills such as relieving physical pain, reducing anxiety, solving problems, improving creativity, mastering your performance in whatever you do and many, many more.

To understand how attention flexibility works, it is important to realise that an object could be anything you can focus on – a letter on this page, a sound, a smell, a problem, a thought in your head, a challenge, a future goal or a feeling coming from your body such as pain, anxiety or hunger. Non of these things can exist without space around them. They need a ‘silent’ background to become noticeable for you. In the brain, they all are represented by electric signals being out of sync.

When you are attention flexible you have the ability to restore synchrony in your brain. You do it by becoming simultaneously and equally aware of an object and space around it. It makes an object merge with its background and dissolve. You can dissolve your physical pain, anxiety and fear. You can solve – or dissolve – problems or make your future challenges achievable with ease and joy. You see your opponent as a target which is distant from you (out of sync) and an integral part of you (in sync) at the same time. You can fight against him and love him at the same time. It stops you from freezing with fear or being overwhelmed with rage. You can remain balanced, having access to all of your resources and win a fight while staying in harmony with the world and your beliefs.

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