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This page is to assist Supporters in finding key content offered to their subscription.

We are in a process of redeveloping the SAND website and one of our objectives will be to offer more content, events and exclusive products to our supporters along with a better navigation. Please be patient with us during this process and thank you once more for your support!

What is a Member and what is a Supporter?

Current SAND Supporters may receive a 15% discount on the 2019 SAND US Conference. Tickets available now. First, go to the Registration Page Then, click on the “Register Now” button. Click on the “Tickets” button. Click on “Enter Promotional Code” link in the upper right corner of the ticket window. (note: discount code users will be cross-referenced with our verified supporters list).

To access special articles and videos, be sure to log in via My Account when you arrive at the SAND web site. This will make them visible to you. To access the SAND Anthology Volume 2-6 videos, follow these links. Each contains dozens of interviews.

If you are a subscribing Supporter and are getting a Please Login message after logging in, try using a different browser, especially if you are using Safari. Some browsers and script-blocking settings interfere with website functionality.

Also: (for Members too)

In the Conversation section, you can contribute articles: Start a Conversation

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