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An Invitation to Share your Work and What Delights You

“. . . the highest function or motive of an object is to point towards or
reveal this Beauty . . . to give a taste of Nature’s Eternity.
A work of art is a work that comes from this intuition and that,
as a result, bears the signature of its origin.”

~ Rupert Spira

We invite you to share the insights of scientific enquiry and research, yours or others’, or a taste of Nature’s Eternity with your poetry, art and creativity.


You can send any work that has touched or inspired you – though if it is not your own creation please make sure that what you send is in the public domain, or you have written permission to use it.

Poetry, short pieces of prose, quotations that have moved you, the abstract of a research paper, a breaking science story, visual art as drawings, paintings, photographs, short videos – all are welcome.

Here are some of the subject categories that interest us:

  • Spiritual Traditions – teachers, practices, texts
  • Art and Creativity – visual, written, performance
  • Life Sciences – biology, neuroscience, medicine
  • Physical Sciences – physics, mathematics, cosmology
  • Love and Relationship – sexuality, emotions, parenthood
  • Sacred Activism – community, gender, ecology
  • Social Sciences – human behavior, psychotherapy, philosophy
  • Indigenous Wisdom – anthropology, shamanism, entheogens

Please be familiar with the SAND website’s scale and style and send us work which truly adorns it. A few hundred words or three or four pieces of art is usually enough. We may not be able to publish all you send us, and we can always link to more.

Work will be selected for publication by a small team of creative SAND supporters. They acknowledge that their choice has a lot do with their own taste and vision and is not necessarily a reflection of the work’s quality. We are delighted to share your genius and creativity, but are unable to offer any form of payment at this time. Copyright remains with you, the artist.

You will hear back within a month.

Content Submission


    Please upload poetry and prose, including research abstracts, as Word documents. When sending abstracts and science stories include a link to the original publication. Artwork and photos can be attached in any standard format. For videos, send us a link to a live site - YouTube, Vimeo etc.


  • Drop files here or
    Max File size: 10 MB
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