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LATEST CONVERSATIONS: Bridging the Gap of Seperation Between Science and Spirituality

I just stumbled across this sight today only after learning about what nonduality was was last week. So to say I know almost nothing about anything might be close to an “understatement” to say the least. On top of that, I have never taken calculus and did poorly in algebra in high school. I did however get passing grades in geometry but just barely at the time. Out of the need to take advanced math in college, I re-took algebra from start to finish in a condensed course and found I understood easily the second time around thinking: my teachers in my childhood really did me a disservice to say the least. That was until later when I discovered having ADHD through what would be a telling of a long winded and boring story of my life until that time which I will spare anyone from that tedium here however, I will tie this into my story in a minute. That brings me up to the current state of my mathematical genius which would appear to be at a level that most kids in Jr High school could run circles around without much effort. My only saving grace came when I needed to learn CAD-CAM which I use to design and produce models in my career. To add insult to injury at the time when I first set out to learn CAD was the fact that I was almost completely computer illiterate by most standards and would have placed my self back then a kin to most 7 year olds entering first grade at the time.
So how does this have anything to do with God you ask? Here’s the part that makes me squeamish in telling thinking it may come across as the rantings of a person who should be seeing a drug counselor or better, a really good therapist. I did however read when I came to this sight that no question or ideas were invalid so….here’s my story and how this all fits together. At the very least it might be entertaining if you’ve made it this far. lol
Straight up, I had a religious experience where I met God. Maybe better to simple say, the presence of something beyond this physical world (or the infinite) was made aware to me in a way that I felt it or experienced in a undeniable way……the universe, it’s existence and my place in it ie: that I do have a place in it along with everything and everybody else. So for lack of a better singular word description, I’m calling this presence God. It just makes it easier to tell the story. That’s it. No voices telling me to do things. Jesus didn’t appear in front of me and tell me I’m going to heaven if I believe in him. Nope. Nothing more than what I just said except for the connection that I have that I could not deny even if I wanted to now. No more than putting my hand on a red hot stove burner and saying that I don’t feel my skin burning.
Here’s what happened that day. I was at work and had planned to go see an outdoor concert with a friend. I had to leave early and was running a little late. Just before running out the door I remembered a bottle that was given to me by a friend a while before saying it used to have liquid LSD in it and there might b some residue left for one more excursion with psychedelics left inside. Without giving this any more thought, I filled the eye dropper bottle with water and drank it down. At the time, my days with psychedelic drugs were pretty much a thing of the past and this was a rather impulsive act on my part thinking…hey why not, it’s been years and I’m in the mood. Little did I know that there was a lot more than just a little residue dried on the inside of this bottle. By the time I arrived at the venue I was already beginning to have a Uh Oh feeling coming on. I mean Uh Oh because of some tell tale signs that I had possibly taken more than I thought or planned to. When I originally remembered this bottle I thought it might not even work at all or if anything…a mild interlude for the day. By this time I had to admit to my long time friend what I had done and proceeded to make him promise to take care of me and not let me get lost. He shook his head and said “great, just what I wanted to do tonight…baby sit you while on Acid.” lol

I could write a novel listing all the revelations and connection I made that day from that point in my story leading up to the spiritual connection….so I’ll to keep this brief and relate only the pertinent parts for now. My pre-awareness experience came while I was still in the parking lot at the venue while looking around at the people and cars. Every car in the lot had a transparent but easily identifiable addition to their paint being; geometric patterns not unlike Persian rugs or snow flakes of intense complexity and uniformity. It was very interesting indeed. Only the cars and only the painted areas to be clear. Everything else was “sans” patterns if you get this visual picture. As I was marveling at this phenomenon thinking …”wow, that was way more than I bargained for” recalling, but then it dawned on me that these were patterns I had never seen before, never seen before and way more complex than I new was even possible for me to come up with on my own. In vivid color to add to it. I then had this revelation that “of course, this was all coming from inside my head (inside my brain somewhere?). ” But where? How? How did this get in there so I could see it in what I knew were hallucinations. But how can they be hallucinations if they are ( were) already there to begin with?”These repetitive patterns were all geometric in nature…very sharp, distinct and without question geometric….just like snow flakes as I said before but even more detailed and interlocking like a blanket (or rug). Laid over the top of all the cars in the lot and contoured each one just like some crazy insane custom paint job. It was really, really incredible.
It was this first revelation that has stuck with me to this day about these pattern existing or being generated by my brain like a projector so I could see them externally as I described. To this day I still ponder the same question. If my brain did this…..where did these patterns come from if they weren’t something that I had seen before?
The second part of my experience came later that evening and in the short space here will say that I have spent years doing research and discovery of my experience as it is the foundation for my spiritual awareness and beliefs saying also before this time…I had virtually no firm belief in anything spiritual and had dismissed my Christian upbringing years before due to lack of basis or evidence that could make me believe or connect to it in the same way I am describing here. My research in part is what brought me to this sight as I am always trying to find ways to explain this to myself or anyone else. I did find many documented experiences of people describing the same thing I did calling it..:” the all one” or “Satori” kind of awakening. Native Indian rites of passage rituals, near death or returning from being dead for short periods including experiences coming from extreme depression and suicide attempts have all described this in different or related ways. I’ve researched this to the point of taking a college course to study this and learn more simply because it has had such a profound affect on me from that day forward. Echart Tolle described his experience and awakening much in the same way I have experienced since without knowing of such a thing ( or Echart Tolle for that matter ) until I did this research.
So here’s where I tie my ADHD into this mix. I was diagnosed late in life and one of the peculiar but common things that (we) report in having ADHD for some us it s weird sixth sense or intuition thing for lack for lack of a better term. One thing I learned long ago is that people would comment on how I would see things that they wouldn’t. Unfortunately with ADHD…the opposite is also true having some negative results. Also commonly is how (we) tend to work backwards in processing compared to others. I even read magazines starting from the back and working to the beginning. I tend to do many things backwards but mostly in my reasoning and processing and many times…it does yield different results compared to other people sometimes both good and bad depending on. No free lunch I guess. lol
Which brings me to Newton and calculus. I learned not that long ago that he invented calculus a means to explain geometry. For me, this was relevant when I began working with CAD CAM and sending my files to a mill to cut the models. As I sat there and watched my handiwork on the computer take shape in the form of a real 3 D object….it dawned on me what was really happening was that the software I had used to create all those pretty pictures on the visual screen were actually writing algorithms and now I was watching algorithms in real time put to work in a machine that moved up, down, side to side and back and forth (x,y,z) to carve out my model. Each algorithm was merely a point in space…a dot. And the machine was connecting the dots to make a 3 D physical model. It suddenly occurred to me what Newton was trying to do. Then it occurred to me what calculus was compared to Algebra. X and Y compared to X,Y and Z. Two dimensions versus three. Then I thought about the geometric patterns and how they related to this and the awareness that I had back on that day of my experience. It was the awareness that I was a point in the universe including every atom or molecule contained in every living or inanimate object in the Universe simultaneously. I was a part of everything and connected to it in the way I just described. That was it! In a nut shell that’s what I experienced including the presence I referred to as God all at the same time. It then made me wonder if this was Newtons motivation. To prove this or find a way to describe it in a mathematical way? Maybe he had a similar revelation and was trying to explain it? I don’t know ?
What I do know is that my awakening was very real and has changed my spiritual life and how I view myself and the world to this day. I never tried to recreate that day or have taken LSD ever again as I feel no desire or need to. Like I said….even at that time it had been years earlier in my youth and only did it because of a wild hair and remembering the empty dropper bottle quite randomly. It was a beautiful experience and one I own and cherish and one I do not question in the least. I am still fascinated and curious by it and it has led me down the path of learning and discovery which brought me to this site today as one example. I’ve wondered about Jungian programming and my geometric patterns too ( how did they get in my head?) Also the relationship of that day to my geometric patterns and experiencing the infinite in the same revelation? I do not see myself as special or gifted in any way and cannot explain the things I’ve said any more than I just did outside of saying that the thinking and ideas I read on this site lend themselves directly to my experience and connections like the ones I just made to science and the universe and thought it might be fun to share them with you here. I can already tell from some the the things I’ve read so far on the science end of things here that I probably will get lost in a matter of minutes compared to most of the people here but I enjoy reading this kind of thing immensely anyway so please don’t ask me anything about calculus or advance math as I will be embarrassingly dysfunctional if I try to converse on that level.
If I had to sum up the feeling that I carry with me everyday from my awakening is one of Love and Connectedness. The experience I had in the moment was the overwhelming feeling of the joy one feels when you know without knowing that you are not alone. Of being a part of everything and no longer feel separate from the universe….as if the universe reached out and touched me for just a moment so that I could know that it existed and has put me on the journey to discover more. I have always believed that science is simply the way in which we explain the infinite….if you like, how God works. This thinking has not always been accepted or popular with those who cannot see this but it has always been my personal belief I love this site by the way and reading the mission statement is what brought this to mind.

Bridging the Gap of Seperation Between Science and Spirituality

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2 Responses to “Bridging the Gap of Seperation Between Science and Spirituality”

  1. December 05, 2014 at 3:49 pm, Andrew Brodis said:

    Modern western religions have been mutilated for political and economic advantage. But if you trace things back to their roots, you will find the truth of the unity between “God” & science.

    The belief in “the one true god” has come to mean, “there is only one separate god that is the real one”. This is a misunderstanding. The truth of the one true god is not in the “god” part of the statement. It is in the “one” part, as in “all is one”.

    Now imagine a modern person trying to explain the universe to a primitive person…

    It is eternal. It is the thing from which all else is created. It contains all. All the power. All the knowledge, everything.

    In the Bible, when Moses comes down to find that the Israelites had made a golden calf, as God’s image, why was that so terrible? Because God can not be represented by “A” thing. If He is, that means that you do not understand His true nature->EVERYTHING.

  2. December 06, 2014 at 10:11 am, Marta said:

    We want to know, to understand the universal laws but search it out nas.This is wrong, you recognize yourself as well vesmir.Universe Nature is an example when he intervenes and Principe .to what exists, develops sa. are also laws, respect, esteem, responsibility and love for all and all on.God is here for all of us and people need to understand that no one is more and no less, we’re all jedno.Christ is to create awareness for the good all the..Seercraft, divination and all external power is low with Astral, created by thoughts that influence and thus also conquered The is a low energy.Therefore time came that people woke up and found himself in this wisdom, love and power God.Ego, mass we praised at the expense of the soul and the God.Ost can not be stopped, only the sliding above with love and good for all.

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