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LATEST CONVERSATIONS: Disconnected Machine or Web of Life

I just returned from our fantastic fall 2015 SAND conference. One of the biggest problems outline consistently by many different leading thinkers is how we are still locked into a materialistic view of the world based on principles outlined by Isaac Newton and Renée Descarte hundreds of years ago. This classical view sees the universe as one giant machine. Modern physics has completely upended this belief showing that how we observe reality helps to create what we measure and that the universe is made of one substance interconnected (or entangled in the words of modern physics). Consciousness is excluded from all of our world views, especially in modern physics and until recently psychology.

During a deep meditation while at the conference a vision arose of intricate beings, almost mechanical in nature, and the universe was comprised of intricate patterns of nano beings going through endless conduits and channels. A similar vision has been reported in Ayahuasca visions – beings sometimes appear called mechanical elves. In the Avengers comic book a recent storyline presented the universe as a giant machine which was breaking and running down. I felt in my meditative vision I was experiencing on a personal level what we’re up against in our collective consciousness, as a culture we view and experience life as a giant machine not as an intertwined, organic, dynamic energy field constantly flowing and unfolding.

I invite all to listen to the pulse of the blood in our veins, to feel the wave form of breath moving in and out of our lungs, to allow our body to become permeable to the soft caressing touch of sunlight and wind, to open to life inside and out. Let’s leave the machine behind and reconnect with the web of life!!

The Sufi poet Rumi helps us experience this view in his poem Say I Am You…

Disconnected Machine or Web of Life

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I have a practice in depth psychotherapy and am interested in the interface between spiritual practice, depth psychology, quantum physics and neuroscience. Consider joining my Quantum Psychology & Spirituality linked in group.


6 Responses to “Disconnected Machine or Web of Life”

  1. November 06, 2015 at 9:32 am, MindyBlock said:

    I am unlocking myself from that materialistic view that took hold on me in college studying biology and computer science. Question? To be one with the universe in life is a good thing indeed, but what about being one with those who have died? Are they still one of us? Not just in memory, but in a web of life that transcends physical death? I was not at the conference and so I can’t tell if this was discussed (as all I listened to was the formal presentations.) Can you fill me in ? Thanks, Mindy

    • November 09, 2015 at 8:52 pm, Gerald Whitehawk said:

      Hi Mindy,

      I will reply to your comment. An answer to a question cannot be any better than the question being asked. The problem with getting answers is that we have learned what questions to ask from others. So, your question is based on the feeling of emptiness in life. I surmise some people dear to you have died and life feels empty?? The bad news is that no reasoning can fill that loss. The good news is that the emptiness is created by a chain of bad reasoning that was “loaded” into your mental program. That is the feelings of loss are real and hurtful… and is the result of a mistaken path of thinking.

      If you want a quick answer, nothing that does not exist can exist even in your mind’s eye. At some time, spirits go on and melt into the sea of the indiscriminate Total Spirit of the Universe. Not even then do our loved ones cease to exist but they energy changes qualitatively and we do not see them anymore in our minds eye… because when we knew them they were much less and we recognized them by this lesser energy. If you can see your loved ones in your mind’s eye they are still around you. They see you but you can’t see them because seeing or consciousness is non-local, thus they do not need a body to see. The other side of this matter is: does your memory exist? And if it does why isn’t it a form of existence just as valid as the physical one? If you are alive and someone lives inside you aren’t they alive with the life of your memory? I know that you would like to touch them, to hold them, and hear them talk back. They do talk but you can only get the communication in feelings, if you still yourself enough from having other interphering feelings. Maybe the issue is one of healing the grief, trauma…. See if you find any inspiration here
      Let me know if I can help.That’s my website.

      Gerald Whitehawk

      • November 10, 2015 at 7:56 am, MindyBlock said:

        Thank you for your thoughtful response and cross posting it to ensure that I saw your response. Indeed, it’s my rational mind not trusting the experiences I do have. In plainer terms, I said it was my “secular” half in battle with my “spiritual” half. Most useful, during grief counseling when Ray suddenly died. To tame the lion – rational mind – I am a seeker of knowledge, of which this conference, was and is, extremely useful. Sure, there are still moments of grief and there are moments of great spirituality. — the journey continues. Thank You, Mindy

        • November 10, 2015 at 9:22 am, Gerald Whitehawk said:

          Wishing you much success Mindy! If I can do anything to help let me know. I know this is not an easy journey and grief comes and goes in waves. I am a therapist.

  2. November 17, 2015 at 6:52 am, Dru Beavens said:

    Ingo Swann has some wonderful lectures alone this train of thought.

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