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LATEST CONVERSATIONS: Dualistic Consciousness is The Only Human Disease. Everything else Is a Symptom – part 2

(continued from part 1)

Human “knowledge” is negative knowledge: rather than affirming truth of what we know, we define what we know by that which we do not know. Our “knowledge” is given “shape’ by what we do not understand. Therefore, it backfires. When the action of the ignored interconnections catches up with us, we obtain the opposite result of what we have set out to accomplish.

For instance, our approaches to world problems, such as how we treat physical or mental health, are founded upon the concept that the mind, body, and spirit are separate entities. This concept handicaps our ability to produce desired outcomes and poses a systematic problem to human knowledge that is reflected in all the maladaptive syndromes within all dimensions of human life.

How Does That Affect Our Lives?

So-called ”human knowledge,” is made of cultural beliefs – passed on imaginings – that people adopt during their early upbringing. These are shaped by that which their cultures have agreed to ignore. This “knowledge” is then stored as concepts and used to make sense of reality and that in turn helps people form their sense of “self.”

To be able to interact with other humans people have to agree to acknowledge and ignore the same things to understand one another. Thus, people are socialized to ignore the same elements of reality that everyone else ignores which, in a majority of cultures, is MOST of reality.

To better explain this, think of awareness as a radio and cultural beliefs as radio stations. The beliefs of each culture are set to a certain frequency and while people are tuning into that frequency, it is impossible to listen to another. The consciousness radio will be able to receive only those transmissions in that frequency that will confirm the “reality” that frequency offers. This inability to receive other information closes people off to most of the reality of existence which is its nonduality.

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Dualistic Consciousness is The Only Human Disease. Everything else Is a Symptom – part 2

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Gerald is a US trained nondual/transpersonal therapist, empath, and mindfulness meditation instructor with close to 16 years of counselling expertise in the US and Australia. He has graduated with Highest Honors (Suma Cum Laude) in Psychology (minor in Religious Studies) from the prestigious University of California at Davis and an MA degree in religious studies. He is a Registered Level 4 Counselor (highest level, LPC equivalent) member of the Australian Counseling Association.

Gerald has pioneered the art and science of Esotherapy®, a nondual, esoteric wisdom centered transpersonal therapy that goes well beyond managing symptoms that Gerald believes are simply symptoms of underlying stunted growth potential. Esotherapy® deals directly and quickly with emotional distress and trauma. This personal development therapy addresses the ontic, pre-verbal, pre-conceptual layer of conscious experience that belays distress and trauma, thereby creating stable self-transformation and freeing your potential from the grip of self-limiting beliefs.


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