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LATEST CONVERSATIONS: Dualistic Consciousness is The Only Human Disease. Everything else Is a Symptom

PREMISE: The difficulty with finding solutions is that we’ve learned from others what questions to ask. Since the answer cannot be better than the question we’ve asked, when we ask the same questions, we follow each other in circles. Thereby, we have to go out-of-the-box to understand human illnesses and suffering.

Few people would argue against the idea that humanity follows a matrix of destruction against individual health, as well as the health of our families, societies, and the planet. What is the mechanism of such worldwide destructive phenomena, remarkably similar even between cultures that have been quite isolated?

It is said that the devil hides in details, and in trying to solve humankind’s problems throughout history, we humans have never looked at the way we arrived at the knowledge we are so proud of. Looking at the WAY we learn things – rather than WHAT we know – can be a rather sobering process.

For instance, consider a bamboo plant. We can google the word bamboo and read all kinds of facts about it, which leads us to feel content –because we have a wealth of knowledge about bamboo. However, to really KNOW bamboo we must consider not WHAT we know about bamboo, but HOW our early ancestors came upon their knowledge of the existence of bamboo.

We arrive at the understanding of an individual object by “extricating” it from the multitude of INDISCRIMINATE connections it is embedded in. Our definition of any given “thing” rests upon defining what it is NOT; by differentiating that thing from the things around it. Therefore, “knowledge” of an existing “thing” is actually knowledge of “not that thing”… or lack of knowledge of how it is connected with everything around. Human “knowledge,” which some see as “rivaling God’s,” is the ignorance of everything around the “things” we consider we know.

Dualistic Consciousness is The Only Human Disease. Everything else Is a Symptom

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Gerald is a US trained nondual/transpersonal therapist, empath, and mindfulness meditation instructor with close to 16 years of counselling expertise in the US and Australia. He has graduated with Highest Honors (Suma Cum Laude) in Psychology (minor in Religious Studies) from the prestigious University of California at Davis and an MA degree in religious studies. He is a Registered Level 4 Counselor (highest level, LPC equivalent) member of the Australian Counseling Association.

Gerald has pioneered the art and science of Esotherapy®, a nondual, esoteric wisdom centered transpersonal therapy that goes well beyond managing symptoms that Gerald believes are simply symptoms of underlying stunted growth potential. Esotherapy® deals directly and quickly with emotional distress and trauma. This personal development therapy addresses the ontic, pre-verbal, pre-conceptual layer of conscious experience that belays distress and trauma, thereby creating stable self-transformation and freeing your potential from the grip of self-limiting beliefs.


5 Responses to “Dualistic Consciousness is The Only Human Disease. Everything else Is a Symptom”

  1. November 08, 2015 at 7:58 pm, gary lopez-watts said:

    in order to start playing with life freely, it is important that we realize all of our true unity with the imaginative force behind existence. it is important that we realize it to be exactly that – an imaginative force rather than a mysterious cause of a nonexistent “big bang” and resulting world of matter. that makes it easier to understand how, admittedly (for now) all lifetimes unfold consistently and simultaneously. that is how come an infant is always intensely focused on something of imaginary and unbelievable difficult. it is because they are focused on the creation of a universe much like the one we inhabit, admittedly eternal. a “big bang” never occurred, and matter is nothing but an illusion, as we are discovering that it is in fact a vibratory existence of energy which we inhabit. help developing this idea is very much appreciated, as it’s development began not more than a year ago. we are inhabiting an infinite present, we are slowly discovering the nonexistence of matter is accompanied by a nonexistence of time. we are in fact one with all existence, as that is what the imaginative force behind existence is. i am slowly coming to understand myself as the second coming of christ, and it is my destiny to bring the whole of humanity back to that infinite intelligence + consequent sense that is its source + core. the first recommendation i will make is to adopt a vegan lifestyle, as the suffering of our factory farmed cattle is too intense to bear, and a diet based on plant matter is astoundingly satisfying and delicious, making it easy to adopt. please understand the sense i make, as it is the sense which will make an eternal paradise to be real.

    • November 08, 2015 at 8:32 pm, David said:

      Please try to keep your comments related to the article. If you have something else to say, you can start your own Conversation.

      • November 09, 2015 at 12:07 am, gary lopez-watts said:

        i apologize and am only trying to involve myself in science + nonduality’s activities. thank you for your suggestion of starting a conversation.

  2. November 17, 2015 at 6:29 am, Dru Beavens said:

    I personally believe objective methods are impossible, therefore any “thing” has an infinite description via…. Relationships through subjective realizations. Thanks for this conversation!

    • November 21, 2015 at 8:39 pm, Gerald Whitehawk said:

      Objectivity is predicated upon duality: that self is believed to be separate from the object of perception. To be a separation between the two there has to be a gap of non-existence between self and object. Otherwise air, water, land and everything else in-between is inextricably intertwined with both object and subject making them continuous. Objective methods are labored models fashioned out of the play-dough of an delusional assumption of separation in a Universe that is replete with existence. I believe the word “delusional” is fully justified as delusions are “beliefs in absence of evidence”. There is no evidence of separation no matter whether you look at this scientifically or otherwise.

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