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the origin of fear and the sub-conscious state of worry.

Fear is based in thought, it is a programmed response to an imaginary circumstance. “Worry” is the creation of a story based on that fear. When
someone is worried they are “living in a state of fear” a sub-conscious state that comes about as they are identified with the imaginary story. There are many levels to this because we have created many stories. Creating stories is the main function of the mind.

To discover piece of mind one must begin with the thought. If you observe your thoughts you will find that most are repetitious they serve no purpose at all. You will discover thoughts have no power, unless you give them power. If you consciously observe your thoughts and don’t identify with them they will pass as if they were never there at all.

Your mind will try to fill in the space. Don’t fight it, let it come and let it pass, don’t identify. After some practice you will see, the thoughts become further apart and eventually the dialog seems to be in another room. Memory is there but it seems unnecessary thinking becomes intuitive there is something fresh and new in each moment.

Observe each moment as it comes and passes, just observe and you will discover that each moment is just a thought. Don’t identify with the moment just observe. Without effort observe.

Ask yourself “who am I” just observe

All moments come and go in your presence, “In your awareness ”

“Who Am I” be still, “Now” observe the observer

This is our natural state, we are not a conscious being, We are
consciousness expressing ourselves as “Being”

“I AM” is the statement that I exist, Now ask

“Who Am I”

Fear and worry

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Once one discovers the true nature of reality and the true nature of who we are, there is a freedom and a sense of loss. We spend many lifetimes in this virtual reality. The freedom comes when we realize we are no longer trapped by the illusion. The sense of loss comes from identities desperately clinging to time.
But in the end, time means nothing to eternity.


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