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LATEST CONVERSATIONS: Fundamental Questions

Fundamental Questions
For a number of years long before I got into yoga and the notion of science and non-duality I felt uncomfortable with the idea of God. By the same token I also had trouble with evolution wrap up in the view that we are just far to complicated just to have happened by chance. To me it was a kin to throwing a tonne of bricks into the air and having them fall back down again into the shape of a house rather than a pile of rubble.

My understanding
The universe is borne out of consciousness rather than the other way around.
Consciousness is absolute.
We are all inextricably linked through the conscious mind.
Space is inward looking through our own perception.

My uncertainty
Where is reality? I do hatha yoga, and self realisation is sought through meditation as you journey to ultimate consciousness. Unlike the Buddhist that say life is an illusion. In hatha yoga we have place of reality and absolute.
In non-duality how is the real, real. My wife sits in a room with me, how should I conceive her reality. Likewise with the world outside, rather than it be a virtual reality played out in my mind

Is consciousness non personal? Like moulding a pot from clay, you have one monotheistic material but many different pots.

My final points:
If consciousness gave rise to the universe, does this do away the big band, and string theory?
What would constitute the initial observer?
How did life begin and continue to evolve? Was it by continual observation? Since life would appear to be a product of design rather than accident.

Fundamental Questions

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6 Responses to “Fundamental Questions”

  1. September 17, 2014 at 4:42 pm, Peter Jones said:

    Hi John. Your views seem to be in the ball-park but rather muddled. Your wife’s reality would be your reality, Hatha yoga would be consistent with Buddhism, space would be emergent, there would be no God, evolution would be an obvious fact, the idea of a global designer would be preposterous, and the initial observer would be the other half of whatever was first observed.
    Or something like that. It all makes sense eventually, but only when enough of the pieces are in place.

  2. October 03, 2014 at 10:26 pm, Chip said:

    My thought is that each of us is the immortal god or goddess of our personal universe.
    Due to overlapping time and space frames we need respect other very
    powerful beings in our environs, humans and other living beings, if we
    seek to avoid suffering. Eventually our consciousness will attain such
    acuity there will be no surprise nor emotion at which time we are liable
    to have ourselves evolve again. It might be a bit akin to Nietzsche’s
    concept of eternal recurrence. The big bang appears to have happened
    but as the only singular event that led to universe appears contrary to
    much recent evidence. That something can come from nothing is a denial
    of causality, a basic cornerstone of the scientific method. Linear
    non-dynamic cosmologies that support duality and immorality are common
    due to the feedback we get from all of the illegitimate attempts at
    organization we currently suffer with our terminally violent anarchy.
    That will change.

  3. October 05, 2014 at 4:43 am, Dyre42 said:

    Try this:
    Consciousness is a measurable form of energy. In regards to the universe that leads to a chicken and egg question.

    Subjective reality is naturally a function of the ego. Actual reality lies beyond one’s perceptions of it.

    You could call reality an illusion but that is an absolute statement in a relative universe. I refer to it as a mystery.

    Its worth noting that current research in science is working towards discovering whether or not the universe is an organism. That coincides with what mystics have been saying forever.

  4. October 20, 2014 at 4:50 pm, Larry G. Maguire said:

    “To me it was a kin to throwing a tonne of bricks into the air and having them fall back down again into the shape of a house”

    – I like that…

    You should check out Esther Hicks, she channels Abraham. They have a very easy explanation for the questions you have. I have an understanding of what it is you are asking but I find it very hard to put into words. Suffice to say, for me, it is that we and everything else comes out of the vacuum we call nothing (maybe it’s not even a vacuum).

    I understand that it is not possible for our analytical minds to grasp that which is multi-dimensional, infinite. Science tries to but it will never find it because it keeps moving away, becoming more fuzzy. I have found the answers to many of my questions through simple meditation, but it’s different for everyone. I’m happy I have it sussed things out for the time being given my current level of access. The wonderful thing about it is we are expanding forever, it never ends!

    No one can give us conceptually an understanding of our personal existence unless we are open to theirs and closed to our own. String theory? My view on that is “whatever”, It’s someone elses nonsense and not how I understand things. Science is cool, but science comes up with some really wacky theories, some great ones too obviously…

  5. November 15, 2014 at 11:17 am, RoyDopson said:

    Focusing on the physical is still a form of relative existence (I know I exist in my relation to something) albeit a more stable relativity than that of thought. Take your focus “one step back”. Adopt the perspective of that which is looking through these eyes is the Source. It all begins and ends with you.

    Focus on that which is shifting the focus

    If one consistently brings awareness back in this manner, mind will naturally subside and physicality will begin to be seen as not fundamental, but relative to YOU. You will come to see/experience that you are the still, silent Absolute that never changes but is that upon which change appears.

    Another way to find Self is to delve deeply into the thought-free state. You will stumble across the Absolute/Self if you spend much time coming back to the thought-free state.

    THE answer is revealed in/as this Absolute. Answering conceptual questions within the framework of conceptualization will not find completion.THE answer to all questions posed by mind IS transcendence of mind.

  6. January 12, 2017 at 2:39 pm, immaterialgrrrl said:

    Gnostic Christians would refer to that as the Logos.

    Mainly, our existence depends on the thoughts of God.

    Pretty cool.

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