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LATEST CONVERSATIONS: Inherent Illusion of Existence as a Self

We can see a common thread in the many spiritual paths and our own experience that there is no true separateness to anything, particularly the illusion that we have a ‘self’. I am ‘black or white’, ‘spiritual or non spiritual person’, ‘he is a lawyer, i am a shop assistant’, etc. etc.

We must wonder why do we do this, why do we create these illusions that cause suffering and why is it so hard for us all to see past it – why do we cling to these illusions of separateness.

I see this clinging as an inherent and indeed a defining attribute to our existence. If we did not, we would not be, ‘i think therefore i am’. To explain this we can reflect on the origin of life, indeed a concept in itself but let me continue. When there was first some ‘thing’ that either ingested some ‘thing’ else to continue to replicate, it needed to see its ‘self’ as something different to the thing it was ingesting. If it did not it would not be. It also must be unaware, ignorant of the fact it is not truly separate or it would not feel the need to ingest to ‘survive’, ie. to continue keeping an illusion of self. The opposite of life is not death, birth is the opposite of death whereas life is eternal. Here, is the first concept of self, and indeed it is inherent to existence as we are.

It is now however very curious how we can transcend this conditioning in what is termed Awakening and/or Enlightenment depending on how we define these words. We can see that any suffering is a consequence of this ignorant perception of self, which in turn is a consequence of our very existence. When we awaken we maintain the illusion of self, however we can somehow see past it and incorporate that feeling / knowledge into our ‘self”s lives.

I hope I’ve described that well enough, I’d appreciate any comments on this.

Inherent Illusion of Existence as a Self

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8 Responses to “Inherent Illusion of Existence as a Self”

  1. December 06, 2015 at 9:06 am, Kay Stoner said:

    I’m not sure separateness is such a drawback. Traditionally, it’s been judged as a “lesser” state of mind/being, however I find that less useful to me as time goes on. Is it possible that separateness is actually necessary — as something that allows us to actually connect with others as individuals different from ourselves, thus expanding our understanding of what it means to exist?

    Separateness need not lead to suffering. When we can make room for it, alongside unity, then I think we’re getting somewhere.

  2. December 07, 2015 at 2:27 pm, Karl Kalbaugh said:

    Hello Georg, is it possible that if one awakens to nondualism that it is a “function” (for lack of a better word) of the Divine to return to those tangled in concepts of dualism so that the awakened can be liberators? Perhaps like the role of Buddhism’s Bodhisattva ?

  3. February 10, 2016 at 12:59 am, John Sharman said:

    We are “one as many, and many as one”. That is to say, our essential oneness and our apparent separation into many entities, are both legitimate ways of seeing reality. After the realisation of our non-dual nature, we will still continue to act at many levels as if we’re all separate entities – you could say that the after the realisation, everything changes, but nothing changes. The challenge is to embrace the paradox.

  4. August 15, 2016 at 5:51 pm, ccndallas said:

    If humans could all recognize the non-dual nature of existence, would we not grow and evolve at a faster rate? I have come to the conclusion that we needed that paradox that John Sharman speaks of in order TO learn at our own rate. It is a necessary evil. How could there be spiritual growth if we all “woke up” at the same time? Would we all just get lazy and not work to evolve if all humanity woke up to the same playing field? I think that’s the reason, in addition to the points of survival that George makes.

  5. January 12, 2017 at 9:56 am, immaterialgrrrl said:

    I’ll stir the pot a bit and state that individuality is not necessarily an illusion, however in America, individuality is overemphasized too much. It’s an unintended consequence of predatory capitalism. We celebrate the narcissistic, the psychopaths, the serial sexual killer – they’re celebrated because they entertain us.

    Not unlike Kafka’s “A Hunger Artist” we see an abandonment of art in culture. It’s instead a cesspool of money production; it’s why we’re going to be seeing a lot of “reboots” – not just to play on the masses sense of nostalgia, but because the corporations have found a money making formula that works.

  6. January 12, 2017 at 9:59 am, immaterialgrrrl said:

    Why do I mention corporations?–because America has granted them person-hood, yet corporations are “people” without ever having known birth, they never know death, and they have wielded an unprecedented effect on the environment and on reality augmentation.

  7. January 12, 2017 at 10:28 am, immaterialgrrrl said:

    “You Are Two.” YouTube video posted by CGP Grey describes how we’re all actually two brains in one body and later partnered with Kurzgesagt of ‘In a Nutshell’ to demonstrate that we’re not even just two: we’re so, so much more than that via their “What Are You?” video.

    So maybe separation is more so the illusion, but it is the separation of the human experience that does create an unique individual experience, so we share everything, basic tenants of life, emotions, we need the separation to be together, to develop a reverence for the holiness that permeates The All.

    When one becomes aware of the collective connections and the various separations, even within the mind of the self, you’re able to achieve dual awareness in order to fully develop an observant self. As an observant self it is important to very often flex ‘a pause’ to determine if the first thought, instinct, behavior – is the best course of action.

    An observant self lends to situational ethics the ability to weight a negative situation in order to find the most positive reaction to that situation you’ve found yourself in.

    In this way of existing it’s very limiting free-will as the only thing you control in your day to day existence is yourself, your reactions to situations that society and corporations put you in.

  8. October 01, 2017 at 9:10 pm, Medji said:

    How can you experience a dual awareness. Just simply be aware. If i ask you : Are you aware ? The answer will be yes. Ask anyone on this earth the same question and without any doubt the answer will be the same : Yes.

    Awareness is not made by the body-mind. It is the false conception who’ve been falsely corrupted by the mind. Awareness is infinite.

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