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LATEST CONVERSATIONS: Many Worlds Interpretation (with a slight shift in perspective)

If the universe is holographic in nature, then there should be no need to extrapolate multi-verses. All necessary information should be contained within the observable universe.
If we apply the many worlds interpretation of QM to the physical realm that we experience, everything that happens IS what is possible to happen. What does not happen is not possible (makes sense to me). All possible outcomes are existing right now as this very universe.
The ‘many worlds’ part is still applicable, however we must shift our perspective slightly. Take the analogy of an audience watching a movie in a theater. It appears as though there are individual consciousnesses (people) witnessing a single reality unfold on the screen. But what is happening in the cosmic movie theater is that there is a single consciousness witnessing many different realities. So each and every perspective (person’s life) is itself a separate reality. Where these realities overlap is what is agreed upon as the physical world. ‘You’ and ‘I’ are in actuality, a singular consciousness and your life perspective is one of the many possible worlds. In this way, the possibility of you becoming president of the U.S. has become manifest. We simply call that ‘you’ Barack Obama. Every possible experience (your) consciousness is manifesting right now as every other person’s life!
If this perspective is adopted from/as square one, is there any reason to invent other physical realms in order to make the math work?
Ramana Maharshi said that “It is all pre-determined” when asked about free will. Based upon his Enlightened state, and my own experience/investigation, choices are dependant only upon the thought process. No thought, no apparent choices to make. If reality actually does split into one outcome or the other, but only (or most fundamentally) when consciousness ‘chooses’ to branch into one life rather than another, these choices are being made in the gap between death and birth. One choice made; one life lived. Once you take your seat, the movie plays out (this seat moves around within the movie). No choices made; no more births (one does finally tire of sequels).

Are there any really smart people out there that could possibly see how this idea could fit in a mathematical framework or is it too rudimentary to even apply?

Also, there seems to be an exponential component to how the experience of human consciousness is proliferating with time.

Many Worlds Interpretation (with a slight shift in perspective)

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3 Responses to “Many Worlds Interpretation (with a slight shift in perspective)”

  1. December 10, 2014 at 1:18 pm, Andrew Brodis said:

    Very nice conceptual thinking, Roy.

    I will not say that I am “really smart” but I do feel that I have an inner vision that “sees the matrix”. So I will take a shot at describing this in a geometric fashion;

    Our universe is holographic in nature but only in its expansion aspect. The universe is a cycle. Expansion is the home of the hologram.

    Why is it a universe? Because it is a system that expands from a common point of quantum entanglement.

    What does this mean? The “stuff” of the universe is being expanded from a common point at an equivalent speed.

    The first radius of expansion is like dropping a pebble in a pond. It is a point of energy entering the system. The energy is expanded in a ring-like wave. This wave has a constant radial speed (linear motion) and an expanding radial size (spatial expansion).

    There are “Many Worlds” happening along each point of linear motion & of spatial expansion.

    From the linear motion perspective we can follow a time-line path of an entity’s existence. That is what “your life or my life” is, a radial time-line. (Think of your body as surfing a path along the wave’s front as being equivalent to living in time.)

    But there is a continuum along this radial. At the same point where we started our time-line we where followed by more “stuff” creating another time-line life (coming along behind us, just as we are follow one in front of us). So within the stream of expansion’s flow there are “successive” Many Worlds. (In the pebble/pond perspective this would mean that pebbles keep dropping into the pond in succession, each creating a new wave.) Think of a surfer on a wave, being followed by a surfer on a following wave, being followed by a surfer on a following wave and so on…

    The other aspect is spatial expansion of the ring-like wave. Each point of this wave is an entangled equivalent. The force and phase will be in synch, only the directions will change. Each different direction is a separate World, all made from the expansion of the energy of a single pebble. Think of many surfers on the same ring-like wave, all going different directions.

    • December 10, 2014 at 2:08 pm, Andrew Brodis said:

      If you are following my line of thought, here’s another perspective;

      Think of yourself as a surfer, in this moving field of surfers. The field is made of many surfers on each concentrically expanding successive wave.

      Within your field of view, there are surfers all around you and they are moving in synch with you.

      From your surfer perspective, this synchronized motion of the radial wave expansion is “TIME”. Your perspective in this synchronized, unilateral constant flow is not sensed as motion. But during this undetectable motion of TIME, relative positions of the Many surfers change. That is what you observe. Not the current of time that you are existing in but how you change relative position with other surfers over any arbitrary duration.

      Is it any wonder that we humans come to think of time as an arbitrary duration!!??

      Of course the relative distances between surfers, is our reality perspective of SPACE.

      Once you understand the relativities, you will see the matrix of expansion.

  2. December 10, 2014 at 6:22 pm, RoyDopson said:

    “Very nice conceptual thinking, Roy.”


    Forgive me, I wasn’t my Self.

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