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LATEST CONVERSATIONS: Moon there, tree falling, what have you… Does it exist if I don’t see it?!

I believe that it does not. Reality doesn’t exist until we experience it. I know it (the field), and I are one, consciousness itself. However, from an experience perspective, it is interesting to try and understand what is taking place/happening. I also can’t help but wonder this; if I’m standing alone in a forest and no one else is there to experience me, then, do I exist? Is it that the consciousness of the forest is experiencing me therefore I do exist? Interesting thoughts…

Moon there, tree falling, what have you… Does it exist if I don’t see it?!

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3 Responses to “Moon there, tree falling, what have you… Does it exist if I don’t see it?!”

  1. June 03, 2015 at 8:13 am, John Sharman said:

    You ask, if no-one is there to experience me, do I exist? But who is the “me” that you’re talking about? Is it your body, your perceptions, your memories, your thoughts?

    What I really am is none of those things. What I really am is That which is aware of those things. What I really am can’t be defined, which means that no-one can experience what I really am.

    Is it the same for you? If so, there’s the answer to your question. No-one can ever really experience you, and yet you exist.

  2. July 10, 2015 at 12:09 am, amanda said:

    Hi! I agree with you: Reality doesn’t exist until we experience it.
    It is easy for me to imagine for instance a flower in the desert and no one there to
    experience it. Then it does not exist, at least as a “flower”,
    because the image of that what I call a flower is created by my brain, and it
    is just an interpretation of some kind of phenomena, an arrange of energy
    different to its surroundings. No flower, no desert, just energy.
    And then if I think of you instead of the flower…..neither you exist. Funny :o)
    But it´s a little different because in that case, it´s still you to experience you.
    My brain creates “reality” at the time I experience it

  3. September 08, 2015 at 4:10 pm, RoyDopson said:

    Here’s the thing: Most everybody begins with the idea that the (physical) world is fundamental. That is, the world exists whether or not “I” exist. But what if this is 180 degrees the wrong way around? What if “I” (Being, Self; whatever you want to call It) is fundamental and the world appears only in relation to Self.

    This idea fits in quite nicely with the many worlds interpretation of QM if one accepts that each and every experience of a conscious agent (every single “thing” in all probability) is in and of itself a distinct reality. If one adopts this perspective there may be no need to illicit infinite other physical universes, as all universes could be contained within this one, each separate world ‘overlapping’. It seems overly redundant to require infinite ‘other’ universes besides the one we experience.

    An analogy: Imagine you are watching a movie in a packed theatre. There is one reality (the movie) being experienced by many apparent consciousnesses (not a word, I know). In the REAL Reality there is a singular consciousness experiencing many worlds/created realities.

    So could it be that every description/story that science comes up with is in actuality describing your exact experience, from your exact perspective; a metaphor? It is as self-evident as: if you don’t experience something, it doesn’t exist in your world. Your world is what you are aware of. That’s it. When your body dies, your distinct world goes away but you do not.

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