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LATEST CONVERSATIONS: Physicality as one with Spirituality

Two as One = Y:
There is a Duality living as One in all Life and Creation; a Male and Female Energy Duality that is. This Duality is also ‘The Reflection of Its Creator Y-HWH,’ as we can see in the beginning or Genesis 1:27; “So God created humans in his image. In the image of God he created them. He created them male and female.” GWT.

Energy is Life or the Female part of the Mass, which is the Male part of the Creation/Body. Life (People, Animals, and Plants) and Creation to start with are a duality living as One, just as the Proton (Male) and Neutron (Female) live as One Body in the Atom. And so we continue to see this same pattern in all Life (Female) and (Male) Creation; like the X (Female) chromosome and Y (Male) Chromosome living as one in us males; the Land (Male) and Water (Female) living as One greater Body in our Planet Hearth. The Sun (Male) and the Moon (Female), including Mars (Male) and Venus (Female), living as One Greater Body in our Solar System. The Man and the Woman live also as One Greater Body in a Marriage, and then form a greater Body which is the Family.

Physicality as one with Spirituality

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