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LATEST CONVERSATIONS: The collapse of the wave function as illusion, and the state of samadhi

What if the collapse of the wave function is an illusion projected by the act of conceptualization (cognitive measurement)?

If consciousness simply witnesses/observes, without making an interpretation, is there any thing(s)?

Take Schrodinger’s cat: If you open the box and the thought “cat” does not arise, in your world/experience, is there a separately existing phenomena “cat”? I argue there is not. Furthermore, if there is no separate “cat” within your awareness, then the distinctions “dead” and “alive” lose all meaning. Apply this to the seemingly separate phenomena “your name here” and what happens to “death”?

In the state of samadhi, where no cognitive ‘measurements’ are being made, the appearance of separation does not arise. There are no separately existing objects, no time, no individual self. The All is experienced as singularity. This must be experience of the wave function in it’s ‘uncollapsed’ state.

If the wave function can be described by mathematics, then it must be describing a phenomena that can be experienced, no?

The collapse of the wave function as illusion, and the state of samadhi

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2 Responses to “The collapse of the wave function as illusion, and the state of samadhi”

  1. December 22, 2014 at 12:13 am, RoyDopson said:

    *Crickets chirping* : )

  2. May 10, 2015 at 6:55 pm, Oscillate said:

    Samadhi is sensoric experience without thoughts attached, not knowing what is directly known. No knower of knowing.
    Uncertainty is likely to be of the observer and minds inherent function of synchronizing the continous flow of data. We cannot experience change at a rate faster than approx 10 milsec (if I remember it correctly). Nothing that happens faster can be observed without tweaking/distorting the input. Reality disappears to us, but reality never becomes unreal. Nothing (as an idea) must be lost). There is no zero, no subtaction. Neither is there addition. Reality only works by fusing matter/force to be velocity of light dividing the forced matter into form. That is the equation of formless being as be-coming form.
    It is One as Many. Mind is like That, not a “mystery”.

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