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LATEST CONVERSATIONS: The last words you ever need to read.

As nothing has ever been experienced outside of the present, Presence (the present) is Reality. Therefore, any Reason put forth that introduces time, or that develops through time, moves away from Reality and projects illusion. Following illusion is delusion.

Reason that is contained/is closer to, immediate experience moves toward Reality. Movement toward Presence is Truth.

Why am I writing these words? I submit that I am writing these words because I know I exist while I am writing these words. Why are you reading these words? I submit that you are reading these words because you know you exist while you are reading these words. I am going to go all the way and state that everything that is experienced as a distinct phenomena – every single thought and every single sensation that ‘stands out’/is focused upon – is used as an affirmation of one’s own existence.

If you accept this assumption/observation to be true. Or better yet, see it clearly in and as your direct experience, the reason for every single thing you are motivated to do (“I will…”, “I want…”, etc.) is revealed. The reason for every single thing that everyone is motivated to do is revealed.

The reason why people think is because they know they exist while they are thinking. If you investigate this, you will come to see that this is the most profound philosophical statement ever put forth. When you come to realize this in/as your own experience, you will see that it is the end of thought.

Every single system of thought – religion, philosophy, the legal system, psychology, medicine, and yes, all of science – is missing the Reason. Missing the Reason, suffering occurs. The suffering is nature’s way of telling us we are off the mark.

Considering the above systems of thought:

Looking at the current condition of the human species, does it appear as though there is less mental and physical suffering than there ever has been, at any given point throughout the entire history of humanity?

It is obvious that despite the ongoing development/expansion of every single system of thought created by humanity, the level of vexation and suffering has remained unaffected. Many would say that the level of suffering has actually increased.

We are off the mark because we believe that thought will lead us to Self/Reality if we follow it ‘horizontally’, when it is pointing directly to Self ‘vertically’.

Who is reading these words?

NOW, do you see Self? Do you see the true Reason as to why consciousness uses thought? Every word is revealing, pointing to, the reader. It is an error to believe that the words are meant to reveal a deeper truth. There is no deeper truth, no more fundamental Reality, than YOU.

Consciousness that does not recognize this in/as it’s own experience will quickly disregard it as nonsense and fall back into horizontal movement. This movement is time-based and has no conclusion because it is awareness that is not focused on Source/You/the thinker.

And so, every system of thought continues to expand, trying to make the world a better place; questing after Truth/Reality. Scientists may try to convince themselves that their particular system is different. That this one is most definitely bringing consciousness closer to…

Who is reading these words?

The last words you ever need to read.

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  1. June 21, 2015 at 5:02 am, One Iam said:

    This is SAND. We’re talking about Science & Non-Duality. I think it’s basically understood here that people aren’t thinking and they don’t really exist. Self examination is the order of the day.

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