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LATEST CONVERSATIONS: We Study the Nature of Consciousness Without Considering the Consciousness of Nature

We have been given two gifts, Mother Earth and Father Time. We are destroying one and running out of the other. Perhaps it is time to step back and realize what consciousness is leading us to understand. We are an expression of consciousness – the plants, the animals, the Earth and the universe are all an expression of consciousness. This is what makes us one: We share the same origin, and we are “THAT”.

We have come to understand that we are experiencing a material world which is not material. Science calls it an illusion. Other traditions refer to it as Maya. The general public has not made the mental transition to accept this renewed reality, so we continue to ask the wrong questions.

Science has been persuaded to examine the outside world, to take thing apart in order to reach their conclusions. They have run out of parts to label and things to poke. Their tradition dictates they seek answers but the problem is in the questions they have asked. The questions have reduced them to simply describing what they themselves refer to as an illusion. While trying to peek behind the curtain they may have missed the show.

Spiritualists are persuaded to look within, in an effort to reach what is referred to as enlightenment. Each person may awaken to deeper understanding but in the end they are left with the same results. The best effort to describe the experience simply reduces the experience to a metaphor. In both cases what has been discovered is that our reality is far different then what we perceive. But instead of embracing the discovery we have chosen to ignore it.

The human being has placed himself upon a pedestal. He has the idea that he is the crowning achievement of consciousness. He has reached this very narrow view based on criteria he himself has invented. We are told the human has evolved by adapting to his environment, but he did not evolve through insight, he evolved through necessity. It is nature who creates the challenges that he must meet if he is to continue. In an effort to tame nature, man has placed chains upon himself, he has wrapped himself tightly in the illusion and now he cries out for freedom.

I believe there is a story being told and human beings have a part to play but this story is not about us, it is the ongoing story of creation. What we call an illusion is the miracle of form, the miracle of life and the miracle of evolution. We are here to record the experience.

I submit that all of nature, including the human is a symbiotic energy regeneration system. The universe does not store energy, it transforms it from potential to possibility. All that you are and all you experience is the transformation of energy to fulfill that possibility. Our relationship to all else is not relative, it is dependent. The human experience is no different from the plants, the animals the planet or the universe, for it is all the same energy. We speak of awareness as solely a human trait. Is the tree not aware of the sun, when it blooms in the spring or the bird when they fly south for the winter? Is the sea turtle not aware when it returns the beach, where they first experienced life? We experience nature differently because we live in a illusion and that illusion is that we are separate from “That”.

Nature is the story being told and it is god, not man is telling this story, perhaps we should listen.

We Study the Nature of Consciousness Without Considering the Consciousness of Nature

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Once one discovers the true nature of reality and the true nature of who we are, there is a freedom and a sense of loss. We spend many lifetimes in this virtual reality. The freedom comes when we realize we are no longer trapped by the illusion. The sense of loss comes from identities desperately clinging to time.
But in the end, time means nothing to eternity.


3 Responses to “We Study the Nature of Consciousness Without Considering the Consciousness of Nature”

  1. December 12, 2014 at 4:01 pm, Andrew Brodis said:

    Excellent, Mit!

    My thinking is very close to what you have written but I want to point out one little difference…you said,”We are here to record the experience”.

    That wording suggests that we are here because of some pre-planning by a “universal architect”.

    I would simply say, we are the experience.

    Thank you, great post!

  2. December 14, 2014 at 2:02 am, Mit Jones said:

    Thank you Andrew;

    The phrase ,”We are here to record the experience”. does require more explanation then I provided and I hope to put it on paper in the near future. But for now I would say;

    Our relationship to experience is that of the observer, It is in your presence that experience is recognized, experiences like thoughts come and go, yet you remain.

    You are far more then any experience.

  3. February 03, 2015 at 9:47 pm, Jay Jacobus said:

    The “illusion” of reality requires some explanation. Reality truly exists but it has no cognitive meaning. The brain creates cognitive meaning by portraying the world through the senses. The senses are representations, not physical forms. Because they are not physical forms they can be called “illusions”. But a better word is representations.

    These representations don’t exist in the world. They exist in the mind. If consciousness exists in the world (outside the brain), it has nothing to be conscious of. It is not functional.

    I understand that this article presents a philosophical point of view which can be meaningful.

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