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LATEST DIALOGUES Emotional and Spiritual Maturity: Gabor Mate and Adyashanti

In a rare meeting of minds, and a rare exploration of whether there is a predilection for spirituality, Gabor Mate asks Adyashanti to expand on passages from his recent book My Secret Is Silence. Later they discuss the influence of trauma on the spiritual path and the need for specialist help, spiritual bypassing, and the relationship between spiritual insight and emotional growth.

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Science and Nonduality provides a forum where preeminent scientists, philosophers, teachers, artists and a large, international community gather to explore and advance the new paradigm emerging in spirituality, that is both grounded in cutting-edge science and consistent with the ancient wisdom of nonduality — the deep understanding of the interconnectedness of life.

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  1. April 13, 2019 at 11:07 am, Hermesgirl said:

    Had a full fledged awakening that began on Feb.23, 2012. A unified mind, no second voice to argue with me, its quiet inside! Couldn’t quite figure out what happened, knew it was a ” healing” of some sort. My Roman Catholic priest, and the Greek Orthodox priest I fled to did me no good. Clarity and reassurance came through knowledge of psychology and stumbling on to some New Age Chakra/ Hindu expanations. Finally some guidance I can use, stumbled on to Adyashanti and now this website. What do I feel, relief, relief that I have found a place where people will understand and will leave a few markers for me along my path.

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