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LATEST DIALOGUES How to Be Timeless Right This Moment ~ Deepak Chopra

Time Spiral

For most people, the two words “timeless” and “eternal” seem roughly the same. They spell the end of clock time, and for many religious believers, Heaven is eternal, a place where time goes on forever. Whatever you think about it, time coming to an end isn’t a pleasant prospect, because the clock stops, so to speak, when we die. But there are problems with all of these concepts, and if we really go deeply into the subject, time is very different from what we casually accept.

Physics has had a lot to say about time thanks to Einstein’s revolutionary concept that time isn’t constant but varies according to the situation at hand. Traveling near the speed of light or drawing near the massive gravitational pull of a black hole will have a drastic impact on how time passes. But let’s set relativity aside for a moment to consider how time works in human terms, here and now. Each of us normally experiences three states of time: time ticking off the clock when we are awake, time as part of the illusion of having a dream, and the absence of time when we’re asleep but not dreaming. This tells us that time is tied to our state of consciousness.

We take it for granted that one species of time–the one measured by clocks–is real time, but that’s not true. All three relationships with time–waking, dreaming, and sleeping–are knowable only as personal experiences. Time in fact doesn’t exist outside human awareness. There is no absolute clock time “out there” in the universe. Many cosmologists would argue that time, as we know it in waking state, entered the universe only at the big bang. What came before the big bang is probably inconceivable, because “before the big bang” has no meaning if time was born at the instant the cosmos was born. If you go to the finest level of Nature, to the vacuum state from which the quantum field emerged, the qualities of everyday existence, such as sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell, no longer exist, and there is also a vanishing point where three-dimensionality vanishes, along with time itself.

What lies beyond the quantum horizon is purely a matter of mathematical conjecture, yet one thing is certain. The origin of everything real is beyond the reach of time and space. The realm that is the pre-created state of the universe can be modeled mathematically as being multi-dimensional, infinitely dimensional, or non-dimensional. Once the everyday four dimensions vanish, any kind of mathematical explanation is open. So it must be accepted that time came out of the timeless and not just at the big bang. Everything in the physical universe winks in and out of existence at a rapid rate of excitation here and now. The timeless is with us at every second of our lives.

Yet something looks fishy in that sentence, because the timeless can’t be measured using a clock, so it makes no sense to say that the timeless is with us “at every second.” Instead, the timeless is with us, period. This world is timeless. There is no need to wait for death or Heaven to prove that eternity is real. Once you grant that the timeless is with us, a question naturally arises: How is the timeless related to clock time? The answer is that the two aren’t related. The timeless is an absolute, and since it can’t be measured by clocks, it has no relative existence. How strange. The timeless is with us, yet we can’t relate to it. Then of what good is the timeless?

To answer this question, we have to back up a bit. Clock time has no privileged position in reality. There is no reason why it should be elevated above dream time or the absence of time in dreamless sleep. Clock time is just a quality of being awake, like other qualities we know as colors, tastes, smells, etc. Without human beings to experience these qualities, they don’t exist. Photons, the particles of light, have no brightness without our perception of brightness; photons are invisible and colorless. Likewise, time is an artifact of human experience. Outside our perception, we cannot know anything about time. This seems to contradict the cornerstone of science, which holds that “of course” there was a physical universe before human life evolved on Earth, which means that “of course” there was time also, billions of years of time.

Here we come to a fork in the road, because either you accept that time, as registered by the human brain, is real on its own or you argue that, being dependent on the human brain, time is created in consciousness. The second position is by far the stronger one, even though fewer people believe it. In our awareness we constantly convert the timeless into the experience of time–there is no getting around this. Since such a transformation cannot happen “in” time, something else must be going on. To get a handle on this “something else,” let’s look at the present moment, the now, the immediate present.

All experience happens in the now. Even to remember the past or anticipate the future is a present-moment event. Brain cells, which physically process the conversion of the timeless into time, only function in the present. They have no other choice, since the electrical signals and chemical reactions that run brain cells only occur here and now. If the present moment is the only real time we can know in waking state, why is it so elusive? You can use a clock as fine-tuned as an atomic clock to predict when the next second, millisecond, or trillionth of a second will arrive, but that’s not the same as predicting the now. The present moment, as an experience, is totally unpredictable. If it could be predicted, you’d know your next thought in advance, which is impossible.

Moreover, the present moment is elusive, because the instant you register it as either a sensation, image, feeling, or thought, it’s gone. So let’s boil these insights down. The now, the place where we all live, can be described as:

— the junction point where the timeless is converted into time

— the only “real” time we know in waking state

— a totally unpredictable phenomenon

— a totally elusive phenomenon.

Now, if all these characteristics are being correctly described, it turns out that we have been fooling ourselves to believe that time is a simple matter of tick-tock on the clock. In some mysterious way, each of us occupies a timeless domain, and to produce a four-dimensional world for the purpose of living in it, we dream it forth. That is, we create the world in consciousness first and foremost. There is no given world “out there.”

This seemingly bizarre conclusion lies at the heart of all non-dual philosophies like Platonism, Buddhism, and Vedanta. None of them had access to neuroscience, so they didn’t fall into the trap of claiming that the brain is responsible for creating time, space, and the messages received by the five senses. The brain, after all, is just another object inside the dream, like a table and chairs, a rock, or a distant galaxy. Nor did these non-dual philosophies fall into the trap of saying that the mind creates reality. The mind is a vehicle of experience, and like time and space, it had to have a source beyond mental experience. If we trusted our minds, we’d equate going to sleep with death. In sleep the conscious mind gives up the world of solid physical objects and clock time. Yet when we wake up in the morning, there is a return of solid objects and clock time. They were held in waiting, so to speak, by consciousness even during the eight hours a day that the thinking mind is out of commission.

In the end, non-dual philosophies, as the name implies, aim to get us free of the dreamscape we mistake as the real world in order to return us to our source. At our source, in pure awareness, we recognize ourselves not as puppets of time, space, matter, and energy but as creators of reality. The merest second of time originated in us. We fill the now with experience. That’s what it means to take the timeless seriously; it changes our very identity. The categories that we lock into separate compartments are in fact part of one unified phenomenon, the unfoldment of awareness within itself.

I realize what a mouthful those words are, but we must wake up to the fact that reality is simply one thing. Body, mind, and spirit belong to this one thing. The come into being all together, and only our belief system turns them into three different things. There is a huge amount to say once you realize that you exist as the timeless source of creation. But the first step is to know that the timeless is with us, beyond any belief in birth and death, time and decay. Things get born and die in our dreams when we’re sleeping, and yet we don’t mourn them because we know that dreams are an illusion. Discovering that the same is true about our waking dream brings the experience known as enlightenment.


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One Response to “How to Be Timeless Right This Moment ~ Deepak Chopra”

  1. December 05, 2016 at 3:14 am, Karl Gary said:

    How the Big Picture of Time Works

    These outlooks definitely reflect the ancient philosophies that humans must overcome the illusion by returning to their source. When in fact, the source is the major part of the illusion and already here. The illusion that we experience is not of Earth. The illusion is the empty space of the universe where Earth shouldn’t exist at all, and every tic of the clock saturates the far-flung dream with a sense of realness. This energy is pin pointed to Earth and will move humans to higher states of realness due to time and how it works.

    Time encompasses a massive influence to our universe from what I term the Light Membrane. The Light Membrane contains infinite layers of science and physics far beyond the four forces of our universe – gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear, and the weak nuclear. In an unimaginable way, Light created the known forces of nature and for the most part, in control of the strengths through invisible frequencies of Light that are integrated into each force directly from a rope like structure that we call Time.

    The Light Membrane through the application of time, has influenced every aspect of the Dark Membrane – our universe. These two membranes exist as the exact opposites of each other: timelessness vs. time, order vs. disorder, harmony vs. chaos, clarity vs. confusion, life vs. radiation, love vs. fear, and finally, real vs. unreal. This idea also corresponds to the human body as the mind versus the heart.

    We fully comprehend the three dimensions of space – up, down and sideways – and then consider Time as a fourth dimension. In the Light Membrane, since it timeless, creation and evolution are instant. The Light Membrane has fully processed the Dark Membrane to its final conclusion of becoming a non-disordered and harmonious state of Light that fills the empty void. That processing created frequencies of Time that are stored in the Light Membrane that transmute into the Dark Membrane. The physical movement of Time is when the frequencies penetrate the Dark Membrane to affect the disorder with a multitude of energies – mainly creation and evolution. Time is the mapping of changes that are applied to the empty space of disorder. What we consider to be haphazard Time, is a predestined road map with systems that adjust to what disorder may decay.

    Time, the fourth dimension that we do not see but experience, is a creation strictly from the Light Membrane. The Dark Membrane cannot create a tic of a clock, or naturally contains time. Its full nature is disorder that divides (decay) everything and creates nothing. The Light Membrane formatted disorder to an order of Time, with Light’s preconditioning to form and function. The speed of creation inside the Light Membrane is obviously at the speed of Light, so in a flash it shaped physical time to be linear as the original order to disorder, which allowed its preconditioned form and function to manifest in a sequenced production. The tick, tick, tick of a clock is rather slow because disorder is a strong force. Disorder itself slows the physical Time frequencies down to a crawl. Consequently, Time flows through the Dark Membrane at very slow rate compared to the speed of Light. And what happens if we could travel at the speed of Light inside the Dark Membrane? Time would stop. It’s an excellent proof that Time comes from the Light Membrane.

    Without Light’s processing of Time as a fourth dimension, disorder would remain in complete chaos in a universe we would not recognize, nor could we detail any of the physics because they would not make sense – as if physics could exist at all in that type of universe. I conclude that a universe without time would be one scary place. Taking disorder and laying it flat in Time, is scary enough.

    The flow of Time is like a very thick rope that is pulling Light frequencies through the Dark Membrane. That rope contains many threads of Light’s capabilities. A thread of creation, a thread of evolution, a thread that controls dark energy, a thread that controls dark matter, a thread that is the Higgs field and many other threads we have not discovered. Some we will discover and others will never be seen. Time transports all these energies into existence which help to maintain the four forces of our universe. Time acts as a wide wave of processing, and more importantly, contains a hidden adjustability within the threads of each function that gently modify everything inside the disordered membrane.

    Neutrinos are especially valuable to the Light Membrane. They can penetrate all mass and supply direct feedback to what is occurring in the physical. Additionally, since the Light Membrane is a field of unlimited science and physics, a new type of thread can be invented when needed. The Dark versus the Light are always in a give and take and why many threads are needed to keep the preformatted Time table on course. Those threads keep disorder from breaking down and decaying Light’s saturation into the empty space that we call home. How strong is disorder? It is equally as strong as Light’s influence. Earth has undergone five extinctions and each time, new layers of Time were created to get Earth back on its path. The processing between the two membranes is highly interactive to maintain the original road map of Time. That road map ends in technology driven life systems across the entire universe. We shouldn’t find this surprising, considering that the Light Membrane is all about science and physics.

    I hope this idea would end the debate between creationism and evolution, for they are threads of the same rope and work hand in hand to solve issues. Creation is created and then Time transfers in the evolution all in one motion – which means creation and evolution are married. And there is nothing incorrect when describing the Light Membrane as Intelligent Design. The many conscious beings of Light are infinite designers.

    This time injection, which started from the moment of the Big Bang, eventually formed matter and then arranged the stars and galaxies. Light’s control of dark energy that repels, pushed the universe open to diminish radiation. Light instigated rotation as another correction to disorder, which allowed the space between the arms of the Milky Way to contain less radiation, so that Life could take shape. I offer the short version of creation and evolution because I want to get to Earth. Time is of a different nature on Earth. It is controlled by the human soul as I will explain.

    To understand how human souls control Time, we must understand the many functions of Earth and how our souls were created. Earth is the overriding creation of Light and signifies that the Light Membrane (Real) – our source – is solidly integrated into the Dark Membrane (Unreal). Could we not consider Earth as a stage of realness inside the disorder that is not real? Are we not real, even though we suffer from disorder? And could we not describe the angst of disorder as the mind fighting against the heart, especially when the mind instates a soulless thought system of self? Does this help one to see the mix of the two membranes?

    Earth’s nature is a transformation center of disordered Dark energy into Light energy. Earth is a system of Light that transposes empty space into Life: such as trees, plants, animals, mountains, rivers and oceans. All forms of transformation would help lead to the creation of the human species. Earth installed humans to walk her surface, and walk her surface with a piece of Earth’s Light as an individual soul of Light. Underneath all of life is a state of harmony that Earth supplies. Regrettably, this harmony has not reached the surface of Earth to its full extent, and Earth remains a disordered place of life and death. Light’s first stage of processing disorder, could only produce a self-awareness structure as a shared realm that passes through the generations, of which all animals participate with brain cells linked to survival energy. Ego consciousness is best described as the survival of self and is not restrained to human consciousness. Ego consciousness is shared gestalt of thought for the entire planet, and very much linked to time.

    Earth is an alive system of consciousness with its own soul. A Soul is defined as any Light system that contains its own set of frequencies. Earth’s Light system is responsible for the creation of your Soul, my Soul, and all Souls. We are a creation of one Soul – Earth’s Soul. This also explains why Heaven looks exactly like a pristine version of Earth, because our human souls live in her gigantic Light Soul. From there, Earth’s Light system expands out into the rest of the Light Membrane. If you investigate my other lessons, one will find a very complex universe of Light.

    Our souls were not created in a Heaven by a God as most envision. Our Souls were created by Earth’s Light system that converted disordered energy into human Light energy. This process created a human soul as a multidimensional being of time, because Earth is of Light-Time. When Light entered the hearts of primitive Neanderthals to create individual units of Light, instant creation and evolution evolved the human species to its final nature. We all have a future self of Light that was made perfect in a flash of creation. That is the nature of the human soul. The human Light soul created out of the Neanderthal period, is at Light speed and so advanced, that it influenced the evolution of tissue to Cro-Magnon and thus, here we are today with a bigger brain that can be influenced by our human souls of Light. Human souls are literally a feedback system of information to the higher source of Earth’s Soul, and Earth’s Light will provide any frequency of science that we require to adjust the many hidden functions inside Time that flows through physicality. This is how the Light Membrane operates, it supplies tools for our benefit, even to something it invented.

    Our future selves became layers of time in a backwards movement to effect all change in human history. Our future selves also moved forward to create a marvelous technology driven future. Our Souls have pre-constructed and pre-lived every time period of technology growth. These realms filter to Earth through the heart as intuition, and stages of technology are slowly brought into existence. Of which the disorder of ego consciousness distorts into a selfish application.

    The invention of the telescope was not a lucky accident. The intuition of how to build a telescope, eventually allowed humans to see the nature of our spinning existence, all the way into Hubble’s Deep Field of vision. At each step of the way, the nature of ego consciousness changed. A clear indicator that improving our awareness level is linked to technology. Future technologies will teach us how to take care of Earth and humans, once ego consciousness with clarity processes the information. Moreover, technology is our savior, for technology is of Light. It’s accurate to say that the human soul fully understands the Light Membrane and integrated into Light’s capability of flowing Time into the Dark Membrane – and since we are the products of Earth, we are designed to influence Earth and the consciousness on her surface.

    Why is the nature of the human soul so advanced? The human soul is created from a Fabric of Light. I call it a Fabric because that is how it acts. On Earth, we wear a human body like a Fabric. When we die, we wear Light as a Fabric. But this is not just any fabric. It’s a magical fabric.

    Obviously, it took massive amounts of science to create Earth, and since Earth created our Light souls, we are that science. The Light Fabric contains frequencies of science and physics that are integrated into a compassionate weave of positive energy. The sciences in Light are merely frequencies of Light that we have learned to operate. This allowed the human soul to design and control the future. To say it another way: Light is fabric of science and physics and we are the loving consciousness of the fabric. And we get to play with that fabric in the most magical ways. A freewill system that is completely harmless, which always ends in realms that are built by and from compassion. This means that the final nature of our Soul is highly scientific, and beautifully laced with an innate and unchangeable energy of compassion. Thought has always created reality, but in Light, we just have better tools that are 100% compassion and contain no disorder.

    Our human souls, our future selves, have already constructed a harmonious world for us to live in. And it’s a highly technical world that looks a lot like the Venus Project. It’s a world where technology and automation eliminated war, politics, money and poverty, and changed the ego consciousness system on Earth’s surface. Survival energy was emptied from human thought on a wide scale. This means that the age of enlightenment we all desire, is linked to technology growth. Because these are the layers of Time we have pre-created and transgressing to Earth as we speak. This is how our human souls control time. We learned how Time operates from the Light Membrane into the Dark Membrane, and then integrated portions of our soul into that function. Our human version of God does not exist, and is best described as a Light Fabric of compassion with frequencies of science that become our tools to create whatever we desire. Our human souls share in that design and now control time – that is the nature of freewill – to learn the Light Fabric and be your own evolution.

    Humans are currently moving into a science-based-thought-system that mirrors our inner Soul, and this will bring higher states of compassion to the surface of Earth. The future is already built inside Earth’s Soul and we are merely manifesting that reality into existence. Like the article, our brain cells are processing the timeless into time from our advanced nature of existing as Light. Our inner selves are guiding our outer selves through an intuitive process.

    You and I are time fragments created by our inner Souls, who are multidimensional beings of time. We were sent to Earth to bring about change – every human contains this goal. Unfortunately, the surface of Earth is still a highly-disordered energy system of ego consciousness that diverts us from our inner voice of unity. The ego consciousness is slowly changing not by us seeking the source, but by the source coming to us through time. We must not embrace the ancient choices of how we view ourselves to heal Earth, we must embrace Time and acknowledge that power. Time will bring technology that completely changes ego consciousness and survival energy, directly from the science that the Light Membrane provided for us to learn.

    The dream at every step of the way is not disappearing, but becoming real with Light. Earth was always a stage of realness, inside an unreal and empty space. The term Space-Time should be eliminated. Time is us, for our Light souls control it at its source. Light-Time would be the better description.

    The movement of Time are frequencies we create, we just don’t know it yet. But our hearts do.

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