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LATEST DIALOGUES Matthew Schoening – Narrow Path

In a world where we can do anything
We must choose from everything
Trust your heart
It knows the way
Allow the writing on the walls
To reveal your odyssey
Structure will support you
Discipline will drive you
Faith will empower you
Frolic in the beauty of life
Walk along your narrow path
Surrender to your highest calling
And breathe

~Matthew Schoening


Matthew Schoening will be performing at SAND14 on Thursday evening (October 23rd) from 9:30pm until 10:30pm in the Hayes Ballroom at the Dolce Hayes Mansion, San Jose.

Matthew Schoening (Shane-ing) is an artist, performer, and visionary. What Matthew loves most in life is holding safe space for others, whether it’s through his music, consulting, entertaining, or simply serving some of the many Chinese teas he has acquired and shared with people all over the world.

For this particular project, “Solo Electric Cello”, Matthew plays his electric cello through a complex process of live looping. The looping is used as a compositional tool, as opposed to backing tracks to jam on, although there is space for improvisation. His music showcases compositional complexity with variety, dynamics, grooves and movement, while being very pleasing to the ear and soul. Most people forget that looping is involved, due to how it is utilized. Often times it sounds as if there is an entire symphony, and a full band on stage with him.

Many people are moved by Matthew’s music. Common adjectives used to describe how people feel after hearing his music include “Opened”, “Beautifully Vulnerable”, “Inspired”, and “Mesmerized”. Many people listen to his music while participating in their spiritual practice, meditating, driving, writing, painting, creating, doing yoga, giving or receiving body work, and many other things.

Matthew has two rules for this particular project, “Solo Electric Cello”:

1) Whatever music he composes has to be able to be performed live, with no pre-recorded sounds. This means that what you hear on his albums is what you hear live. He starts with nothing, and builds everything, live, in front of you. Every performance is unique, and has it’s own flavor.

2) All of the sounds have to come from his electric cello. This includes all of the bass, percussion, and ambient sounds, which Matthew achieves through bowing, strumming, percussive, and pizzicato techniques, in combination with a unique proficiency with his effects pedals.

Matthew has 4 albums to date with this solo project. His 3rd album, Elements, won “Best Instrumental Album of 2011”, and received multiple 5-star reviews, internationally. The album was recorded live in front of an audience, and is presented to you uncut, exactly as it was captured. His most recent album, Motif, is a wonderful new addition to his discography. Matthew is already working on his 5th album. His next album will include his hit new piece “Frolik”, which is currently available in the store as a single and beautiful music video.

Debut Solo Album: Solo Electric Cello
Second Album: The Art of Live Looping
Third Album: Elements
Fourth Album: Motif

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  1. September 09, 2014 at 9:02 pm, Dragica Petrović said:

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    Matthew Schoening
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