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LATEST DIALOGUES Quantum Entanglement and Individual Freedom

Photo by Alistar Campbell

Photo by Alistar Campbell


We are all one. We are all part of one interbeing. We all part of one collective consciousness. We are indivisible in pure awareness. We are forever, entangled. Even the physicists say so.

In experience of working with people, such statements tend to either flip into the world of rosy mental concepts or to create a resistance, arising perhaps from the energy of the individual’s experience of spiritual suffocation. The very premise of unity seems to make the individual life or person an endangered species, and although they might seek self-annihilation, they don’t want it from the guts.

So from the perspective of spiritual teaching, the whole issue of quantum entanglement must evoke its polarity – absolute non-entanglement, or to put it in the present tense: individual freedom, here, now, through, within, behind, before and after every thing.

Perhaps deep down, we know that we are individually special, universally precious and unique in separate form. Moment by moment, we alone represent a unique expression of something that never was and never will be again. To use the words of a materialistic world, from the depths of ourselves we feel that our life really matters. It matters so much, that even when in suffering we try and repress it, it rises again, and again, with a passion beyond our control. And this individual passion or purpose manifests through unique form – even the patterns of our quantum entanglement with the whole are unique expressions.

The popularization of quantum entanglement and life would in many ways make us victims of form. If one particle is enslaved by cruelty in Iraq, then we are also enslaved. If a loved one suffers, we suffer also, even from the other side of the planet. If thousands are dying of Ebola in Africa, well, shopping wouldn’t be quite as carefree would it? After all, everyone knows someone who knows someone – according to the philosophy, we are even entangled with a billion complete strangers. We hardly know who we are as a functioning, free individual and already we find we are caught in an entangled mass where others are not cooperating.

How can we be at once so individually unique and at the same time, absolutely entangled in unity? How do we safeguard our freedom and space within this entanglement? What happens to our individual being between the great being and the next layer of inter-being?

Perhaps there is a need to step back a little further. To step back out of life, and all that is alive. To move back out of consciousness and the realm of the light workers; to step back out of the non-dual perspective of pure awareness; even to step back out of perception itself; allowing those less perceivable dimensions through which emptiness, even within the perceptive forms of consciousness and awareness, is the very facilitator of motion.

Perhaps, to turn to modern physics, we could allow the existential presence within ourselves of the source of this exponentially expanding universe of our own existence – perhaps to the heart of what scientists have infamously coined ‘dark’ energy. After all, it makes up over two thirds of the whole universal show, it is at cause of the expansion of our universe, which probably is connected with our evolution on all layers, and this means it is probably the absolute source of freedom, unity and individuality.

This dark energy is not non-existence. It exists. It is at somewhere around the core of all we are in whatever form, and could be the container of life itself, who knows?

This ‘dark’ imperceptible energy is unquestionably existing and in movement, through, within and beyond all form – all configurations of time and space, and all entanglement, quantum or just plain emotional. What is its connection with emptiness? As it is in expansion, it would not seem to beyond space and time. Which would mean emptiness is even within, or beyond that.

Yet dark energy could be a dynamic part of the non-experiential zone of a deep, rejuvenating sleep. From our perspective, it is certainly non-dual, as it exists even outside of (or at the core of) our own consciousness or awareness.

Dark energy is now a measurable phenomena where perception itself is non-absolute, where even love and peace belong to the perceivable, and are therefore not at source. Could it be this ‘energy’ that allows a purification of form or evolution itself? Could this imperceivable energy be connected with the miracle of self assembly now perceived by scientists in the nano dimensions?

Is dark energy an end point of who we are? I doubt it. But it could well be a step closer to the all pervasive emptiness spoken about by mystics for millennia.

To conclude, let’s take a midway step. Imagine that this passion, ecstasy and bliss we all so crave yet tend to avoid, are manifestations of the effect of coming out of the imperceivable into form, even physical form. They are available to us unconditionally in the here and now in equation to our allowance of form. Then, the individual particles of our body could, out of pure freedom, harmoniously resonate these frequencies, affecting and healing billions across the planet. Everything is possible, when the individual universe allows the opening of its windows of perception from the inside out.


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Georgi is a teacher, writer and therapist living in Israel. She is author of the book I AM HERE - Opening the Windows of Life and Beauty which is an inquiry into the perceptive windows of consciousness, awareness and perception through emptiness.

3 Responses to “Quantum Entanglement and Individual Freedom”

  1. September 10, 2014 at 6:44 pm, Marina said:

    Thank you for sharing these thoughts/words/facts? I hear we are one, I believe we are one, yet it is so easy for a “believer” to lose one’s self in the everyday moments that I can perceive how a “non-believer” may feel isolated, that we are not connected…

    Focusing on the polarity of entanglement, even that is not separate, for it is still
    along the same spectrum- some individual point along the same field of unity,
    thus still being entangled. In the absolute non-entanglement, being the here,
    now, through, again it still passes through and is connected, for every state arises
    from the one that came before… I visualize a person in a dark room, evoking a
    non-state of consciousness, attempting to remain separate (no other: human,
    plant, form of mass) but still the ground, breathing the same the air
    that circulates within the self, the environment…the state of separation still
    moves us along the spectrum so the isolation that is felt, perceived in the
    environment is a creation that is born from the collective.

    In response to some questions, How can we be at once so individually unique and at the same time, absolutely entangled in unity? For me it’s accepting that spectral state- I am,
    therefore I AM. Separate and entangled. Isolate maybe in spirit but never in physicality
    or consciousness.

    How do we safeguard our freedom and space within this entanglement? Faith. Trust. In the unity of all that is. Western culture is (more or less) seemingly conditioned to focus on the self, the instant gratification. It feels natural to want to give but to also want to
    take, to feel that what you are giving is also to be received. In 2012 I attended my first SAND conference and, standing alone in a room of strangers, I didn’t feel alone. Quite the opposite, even being green on the topic of unity, I still felt accepted.

    So what is emptiness? A title humans stuck on an emotion, a creation of some material mass, hollowed out, which can then be filled? A void? Where is it to be found? Certanly not at a SAND conference. 🙂

  2. September 11, 2014 at 2:29 pm, Georgina Yael Johnson said:

    Hello Marina!

    I like the dark room analogy. The attempt to be separate, when we go all the way, I feel, will lead to unity. That is because the ego must release, including the substance of feelings, emotions and attachments. On the way to isolation, we connect to others who are isolated, the isolation of the planet, the isolation of the universe – and – what happens then to isolation?
    The art seems to be to go all the way – with whatever phenomena – when we go all the way, we open a process that leads to wholeness, all ways.
    Faith, for example, is a polarity of faithlessness (cynicism?). Both – if we go all the way – will lead to the same apprehension of unity. We can disbelieve everything – everything that arises in perception, everything we think or feel, even our own independent source. This will also lead to a realization of the ONE that still exists – that which alone is able to have faith or disbelieve.
    Which leads us to emptiness. For me, perhaps emptiness is the most important word in inner growth. It is that all-pervasive, ubiquitous space in which we exist beyond time and space, beyond thought and feeling or any limitation, even beyond such existential states as love, peace, bliss, stillness.
    Perception through emptiness opens a dramatic process of self-realization through which awareness and consciousness are made relative and a core liberation is initiated. Perhaps this is the beauty of SAND, as in the synergy of mystics and scientists, the pure wonder and beauty of life of and in itself emerges.

  3. September 14, 2014 at 10:52 am, frenchwellness said:

    The complete freedom of surrendering allows love to shape my heart and attract what it needs for its nourishment. When I trust in the universe and let it shape me as the tool of which I can be of most beneficial use I feel most content, for this is my intuitive self I listen to and it seems to attract and illuminate its entangled essence. I am so happy I found SAND, or perhaps SAND found me!

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