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SAND19 Italy Program

SAND19 Italy

July 2nd

20:30hr – 22.30hr, Main Room

Opening and Group Connections

Mark Dyczkowski, The Heart

Parvathy Baul, Storytelling and Dance

July 3rd

7:30hr - 8:30hr :

Morning Meditation: Mark Dyczkowski

Morning Movement: Mirka Scalco Kraftsow

Awaken your inner channel of spirit through an encounter of Yoga through the lens of Christ Consciousness.

Yoga therapist Mirka Kraftsow will guide participants in a gentle engagement with the inner yoga of body prayers, active meditation, yogic breathing, healing movement, mantras and Yoga Nidra to nourish, purify and strengthen us to be an embodiment of Love.  Encounter “Inner Yoga” – using conscious relaxation, simple body movement and guided meditation.

Morning Plenary Session

9:30hr – 10:00hr, Main Room

Mark Matousek, Writing To Awaken: Memoir As a Path to Freedom

Those of us who are committed to spiritual growth often turn to the written page as a place for personal awakening. In dialogue with our writing self, we’re able to explore our deepest questions, investigate our darkest shadows, and step beyond our personal, fear-bound story into awareness of the Self beyond narrative.

In this transformational workshop for writers of all levels, participants will learn to use writing as a path of liberation and insight. Through targeted questions and radical truth-telling, we're able to access the witness perspective that can free us from subjective limitations and give access to the transpersonal wisdom that is our birthright. This opens pathways to creativity, deepened relationships, and increased clarity in everyday life.

10:05hr - 10:35hr, Main Room

Andre Riehl, Linking Diversity and Unity

Nondual Shivaism of Kashmir and the relation to our contemporary life

10:40hr - 11:00hr, Main Room

Shakti Caterina Maggi Intro

Morning Break Out Sessions

11:30hr – 12:30hr, Main Room

Shakti Caterina Maggi, Becoming You: A Journey to the Void and Back, Discovering an Authentic Expression of the Joy of Living

What does it mean to be yourself from a non-dual perspective? The dissolving of the sense of separation allows the energy engaged in the false concept of ourselves to become available again to express our true individuality. From the false “me”, to an authentic expression of you.

Although it is always the true Self that is living the form, the illusion of the me filters out its expression, because the life force is watered down by it. Embodying the awakening means also therefore being able to express ourselves in all our natural talents and orientations. The body/mind finds a very natural pleasure in radiating effortlessly the joy of living.

Transcending the sense of separation is therefore just the beginning of a new life in which the old ego-based goals become often obsolete. This can lead to a period of suspension of our energy, as we do not recognize ourselves anymore in the old ways, but we are not yet able to authentically express ourselves either.

The passage from being me to being I is a rich adventure that involves the dissolution of the thinking mind into a higher Intelligence, and the transformation of old contractions into radiance and joy. The shadows of the personality are transformed into new opportunities to give birth to the true You.

This alchemical transfiguration of the old identity is not done by the apparent person, but by Consciousness itself. Once purified from the illusion of separation, Consciousness emanates, out of its own Being, the possibility to be You - totally human and perfectly divine.

12:30hr – 13:00hr, Main Room

Vera de Chalambert, TBA

11:30hr – 12:05hr, Cellar

Diana Percy, Beautiful Endings: the Personal and the Universal

Endings open us out, as though our whole chest is pried apart, heart and soul laid bare. From my research and from counselling people going through a grand ending as well as experiencing my own, too often there are only three responses to this opening out: Become armoured; use an escape route; or become a victim.

None of these responses are who we really are. They are old patterns of protection and survival from childhood that arise because we do not know what else to do, or we are not paying attention.

There is a more uncommon response, a more growthful one that makes for a beautiful ending, which I expound on in the presentation.

In exploring the universal as a pool of shared meaning, I touch on the eminent physicist, David Bohm, and his work on the Implicate and Explicate Order. Many philosophers, poets and others in everyday life have experienced the grief and aloneness of endings before us, and discovered the power that lies under the surface, the power that flows from the personal to the universal.

Di Percy is a writer and one of Australia’s recognised thought leaders on transformation, leadership and life transition. Director of her own professional practice, Di has held postgraduate teaching posts at Swinburne and RMIT Universities, been a non-executive director including on the Committee for Economic Development Australia (5 years) and chaired the Dharma School (built on Mahayana Buddhist philosophy) from 2014 to 2017. Di is Founder of the internationally acclaimed Organisation Development Australia. She is often interviewed on national radio on topics ranging from corporate governance to soulwork. Di conducts a Board Advisory practice, writes poetry and leads Little Pilgrimages to oceans and forests.

12:15hr – 12:50hr, Cellar

Kent Welsh, Nonduality Embodied

How does Nonduality live? What is the expression of consciousness and love in the form of human life?  Living Nonduality is consciousness flowering as heart’s undivided intimacy with being. Life becomes a portal from which divine being emerges into form. When identity with self is surrendered, when our resistance to fundamental silence ends, when truth matters more than the structure of beliefs, divine flow steps in, consciousness and love stand up and dance freely.

11:30hr – 13:00hr, Courtyard

Mark Matousek, Writing To Awaken: Memoir As a Path to Freedom, Workshop

Those of us who are committed to spiritual growth often turn to the written page as a place for personal awakening. In dialogue with our writing self, we’re able to explore our deepest questions, investigate our darkest shadows, and step beyond our personal, fear-bound story into awareness of the Self beyond narrative.

In this transformational workshop for writers of all levels, participants will learn to use writing as a path of liberation and insight. Through targeted questions and radical truth-telling, we're able to access the witness perspective that can free us from subjective limitations and give access to the transpersonal wisdom that is our birthright. This opens pathways to creativity, deepened relationships, and increased clarity in everyday life.

Known for his penetrating work with students, Matousek teaches that, "When you tell the truth, your story changes. When your story changes, your life is transformed."

11:30hr– 13:00hr, Tenda nel Bosco

Andre Riehl, Mantra Sadhana

Chanting using sanskrit in a strong vibrating way bringing an intense perception of our nature as a living silence

Afternoon Break Out Sessions

15:30hr – 16:10hr, Main Room

Pier Luigi Lattuada, Integral Transpersonal Thinking (ITT):  An Innovative Approach to Individual and Collective Discomfort

The way I look at the world and organize my observation, I think, determine my experience of the world.

The Integral Transpersonal Thinking (ITT) changes, improving it, your vision of yourself, of others, of the world.

From the ITT we should not expect reasoning, explanations, a logical understanding but a flash that breaks the darkness, an awakening from a dream, a sudden intuition, an unexpected discovery, often preceded by a sense of emptiness and abandonment, from a willingness to remain in the presence of the phenomenon with full acceptance and trust, without expectations or strategies, with attention.

If the ITT were a number it would be the Zero, if it were a place, it would be the Center, stay in the center empty and awake.

The ITT originates from the synergistic use of some basic psychic functions and precisely: observation, proprioception, exteroception, consciousness.

The mastery of observation leads to the realization of conscious observation of our identifications, the mastery of proprioception, that is, of what we feel inside is achieved through inner listening, the mastery of exteroception, that is, of the experience of the world takes place through 'listening to the field, the environment around, the mastery of consciousness takes place through the disappearance to their own identifications.

16:15hr - 17:30hr, Main Room

Parvathy Baul, Mark Dyczkowski & Andre Riehl in Discussion

15:30hr – 16:05hr, Cellar

Flavio Burgarella, Everything Is Already Written in Nature.

The fish swim in the herd through hyper-communication. There is a natural WiFi for this. Man can also have access to it. However, he needs the password. At the Burgarella Quantum Healing Workshops I delivered my password: the "BQH perception" which allows group consciousness to obtain the teleportation of information. With a new individual consciousness we can create a new form of group consciousness and use it for teleportation of healing information. Just as we use the Internet, our transceiver DNA is able to receive and enter data in the network, download information and establish contact with other connected persons. Our brain processes information according to the intention, which must however be filtered by the awareness of the heart; there must be coherence of the brain heart so that the phenomenon of resonance and coherence can be realized with the members of the group. These passages of information are formed when the conscience creates perturbations, through its slight altered state, in the gravitational force allowing, through a curvature of space - time, the non local communication. Upon arrival, anywhere in the world and at any distance, it will be the non-coding DNA that will recognize the information as it is also closely connected to the time-space tunnels, which thus represent the network of our similar internet communication system. The non-coding DNA molecule, invested with electromagnetic radiation of a suitable frequency, will be able to conduct it  as a solitonic type of natural oscillator. The result will be an information processing through an interference pattern that will result in modifications of the steric conformation of the non-coding DNA which in turn, by means of its piezoelectric capacities, will instruct the coding DNA in the manner and amount of production of appropriate proteins, which will involve, by epigenetics, a variation in gene expression.

16:10hr – 16:45hr, Cellar

Melanie Salmon, A Revolutionary Way to Heal from Trauma and Addictions

Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC) with Dr. Melanie Salmon MBCh (Rand)

QEC was born out of my frustration as a GP in Medical Practice in England. I was also a Gestalt Psychotherapist and found that talk therapy and prescriptions were no longer meeting the needs of many of my patients. They remained disempowered and stuck in physical illness and negative psycho-emotional states. In 2009 I left General Practice in order to find another way.

I was searching for a practical and empowering healing method, one that would be quick, safe and easy to use for a wide range of people. After reading The Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton, I understood the limitations of talk therapy as it deals primarily with the conscious part of the mind. The real power to affect change resides in the subconscious mind where most of our limiting beliefs are stored from early childhood. These beliefs, often from traumatic experiences, can become hard wired and resistant to change.

I trained in several New Energy Medicine techniques, all of which offered a piece of the puzzle. QEC, which I eventually created myself, integrates (amongst others) Medicine, Gestalt Therapy and cutting edge Neuroscience. Based on quantum energy principles, QEC rapidly changes negative thinking and behaviour. It is highly transformative and permanent.

Having worked with thousands of traumatised South Africans over the past nine years, I’ve learned about trauma and its enduring impact. These insights helped develop QEC further to include healing from childhood trauma as well as addictions. I have since taught QEC worldwide to hundreds of doctors, psychologists, teachers and others who were also searching for another way.                                                                                                                                       

16:50hr – 17:25hr, Cellar

Gregory Keiser, Might the Key to Humanity Preparing for the Emergence of Superintelligence Lie in Our Ability to Look Inward, Individually and Collectively?

A growing number of experts are sounding the alarm about the potential dangers of superintelligent machines those that will far surpass the intelligence of even the brightest and most gifted human minds. These machines are expected to emerge in the next couple of decades, yet experts are far from reaching a consensus on the conditions that will catalyze their emergence. Further, there are no widely held theories as to how the machines will impact humanity. With his book Dear Machine, Greg Kieser endeavors to fill this gap by hypothesizing about how superintelligent entities will emerge, what perspectives they will hold on society’s most vexing problems and how they will begin impacting humanity. He lays the groundwork for his arguments by providing important context that is currently missing from discourse on the subject: a survey of humanity’s historical relationship with the natural world and each other over the past 70,000 years and a discussion of the cognitive impediments that have historically driven humanity to disharmonious ends and continue to do so today. Kieser’s vision is breathtakingly optimistic, eco-futuristic, infinitely holistic and, at times, scary.

In this proposed conference session Kieser will outline the hypotheses and thought experiments he outlined in the book and drove him to the conclusion that symbiosis with superintelligent machines is not only possible, but inevitable. He will further outline steps he believes humanity must take to prepare for an initial period of strife with these entities. He will conclude by presenting the evidence that demonstrates that the key to preparedness lies in our ability to reflect on our own cognitive impediments and tap into the diversity, complexity and the currently underappreciated interconnectedness of our economies, farms, forest, bodies and minds.

15:30hr – 17:30hr, Tenda Panoramica

Rita Venturini, Authentic Movement  

Authentic Movement is a method developed by Mary Whitehouse as an extension of Jung’s free associations, from spoken words to movement and sound. It is an opening of the door of being through the body. The mover closes her eyes and allows her deepest impulses to manifest in movement, sounds and maybe words. The witness tracks the mover and (separately)his own sensations, feelings, images, metaphors.  When they meet their sharing is the story of the sacred and undivided unfolding of the field of life.

15:30hr – 17:30hr, Lawn or Tenda nel Bosco

Estrella & Jordan

Evening Plenary Session

18:00hr - 18:30hr, Main Room

Jack Alloca, What Altered States Of Consciousness Can Tell Us About Consciousness Itself

Homo Sapiens is the only species we know to actively use their consciousness to muse about the nature of consciousness. Nonetheless, this question has largely been left unanswered. There exists a myriad of diverse and often conflicting theories speculating on where consciousness comes from, and how it operates. It is perceived as a wide spectrum within the human experience, from non-pathological ordinary wake to non-dreaming sleep, dreaming sleep, lucid dreaming sleep, orgasm, peak experiences, depersonalisation, sensory deprivation, the vast range of psychedelic states, just as vast as that of psychotic ones. Different schools of thought approached this as a material or spiritual epiphenomenon. We still don’t really know if consciousness is a product of the brain, of the whole body, or neither. Many neuroanatomical and neurofunctional brain structures have been speculated to hold the cornerstone of sentience, from the default mode network (DMN), to the claustrum, and more generally, the neocortex at large. However, this still poorly explains the seemingly astounding intelligence observed in organisms devoid of such structures, from invertebrates, insects, to plants and fungi, notwithstanding unicellular organisms and viruses themselves. Indeed, many key players suggested organic assembly like ourselves are merely a transducer of an external force permeating all that there is, from subatomic particles to the vastness of the void of the observable universe. Drawing from a vast body of neuroscience, pharmacology and electrophysiological research, with a pinch of philosophical inquiry I will attempt to shed more light on this evergreen dilemma.

18:35hr - 19:05hr, Main Room

Julie Yau, Beyond Trauma. Falling into Love

There is a profound and painful sense of disconnection in humanity. To fully engage in a new way of being, the old story of separation needs to dissolve. To do this we need to diminish the structures that hold the old patterns in place. A key to clearing the obstacles that keep you limited or feeling disconnected, is to resolve the deepest impact of early or developmental trauma.

This presentation dives into the depth and most difficult aspects of trauma healing, to reach a life beyond trauma. You can come to know a more loving and beautiful world is possible, one in which you can abide as love and in compassion. Undifferentiated anger, rage, and terror of annihilation are experiences that are often circumvented, hidden, or locked away in your unconscious. Unresolved they can obscure your true spiritual nature and realizations. You can find their healing properties and move into freedom. As you do so, new kernels of life are found, old structures drop away, and a spiritual awakening and a maturation is born of the transformation.

19:10hr - 19:40hr, Main Room

Svagito R Liebermeister, Family Constellation and Beyond The Roots of Love

Family Constellation can be understood as a mindfulness practise. We perceive and open to the collective field that every individual is connected to. We do this without intention or goal, because intrinsically there is a deeper movement in life that wants to bring together what has been separated. This is a movement towards oneness and healing. However, we need to leave behind personal concepts and ideas about how and when this should happen. Instead we learn to move beyond the limitations of our personal conscience and agree to that which is and to everyone as he or she is.

When awareness matures one becomes able to see love at the source of every action. In turn this allows one to reinterpret one’s experiences and the actions of others as a resource rather than a deficiency. Now no one and nothing needs to change, but one look at the same life in a different way. The idea of improvement is dropped and one can then acknowledge the ’isness’ of life and rejoice in spontaneous growth.  

Love that arises out of consciousness is not directed to anyone in particular, it has no roots.

19.40hr - 20.00hr, Main Room

Group integration and sharing

21:30hr – 22:15hr, Courtyard

Music Performance with Mark Dyczkowski

22:15hr - 23:00hr, Courtyard

Pouria Montazeri & Sema Barley, Heed the Call of This Love: Poetry, Music, and Whirling

Immerse yourself in Rumi’s poetry, which is an invaluable map of the heart and the spiritual realm.

Rumi is greatly appreciated in the West, but few understand the depth of his spiritual and cultural context and of the Persian language or have heard his sacred verses in the original language they were uttered.

This sacred gathering begins with a gentle heart meditation. Then in this space of the heart abiding in silence, various Rumi poems will be recited in their original language followed by English translations. This will be accompanied by, harp, Persian daf, singing, and whirling. This is not a performance, it is rather a sacred coming together, allowing the divine poetry to wash over our hearts, for sacred poetry is the closest to the heart and arises from silence. Sacred poetry slows us down and allows us to see deeply into the mysteries of life.


July 4th

7:30hr - 8:30hr, Main Room

Morning Meditation: Billy Doyle

7:30hr - 8:30hr, Tenda Panoramica

Morning Movement: David Lorimar, Paneurhythmy Session Paneurhythmy was given by the great Bulgarian spiritual master Peter Deunov (1864-1944) also known as Beinsa Douno. It consists of three sequences of symbolic movements, for which he also composed the music. Paneurhythmy means universal harmony of movement and embodies the key principles of Love, Wisdom and Truth, reconciling the polarities of life and enabling us to move forward. The workshop will briefly present the background to the paneurhythmy and teach participants the first ten movements representing the first day of spring. The movements bring light, love, peace and joy with them and are universally appealing to beings of all ages. David Lorimer learned the movements in the Rila Mountains in the late 1980s.

Morning Plenary Session

9:30hr – 10:00hr, Main Room

Pouria Montazeri, This Beautiful Drowning: Returning to the Ocean of Is-Ness

How can a fish become aware that it is drowned in that which it seeks?

Mystics throughout the ages have always known from within what science later discovers and validates. Over 745 years ago, in one of the many poems he uttered that points to the essence of nonduality (Divân, poem #323), Rumi speaks to the secrets of the breath and with great artistry paints a picture that juxtaposes a life lead by the sense of identity and personhood with one that is lead by abiding in the Is-ness.

Awakening unfolds when we heed the call of the universal Love whose seat resides in the compass of the human heart.  Through understanding the undifferentiated aspect of Love out of which everything in Existence arises, one gets to awaken, realizing the permanency of reality behind all impermanence and shifting from the superficiality of this life toward the deeper and higher reality that permeates our Being inside out. Our breath becomes the vehicle of awakening.

Consider the supreme spirit as the sea and the bodies as the foam;

come, you who are the pearl of the sea. (Rumi, Divân, poem #3110)

Here, there is no room for two, what is the meaning of I and you

consider these two as one, so long as you are in our assembly. (Rumi, Divân, poem #2965)

10:05hr – 10:35hr, Main Room

David Lorimar, The Galileo Commission – Towards a Post-Materialist Science of Consciousness

The Scientific and Medical Network commissioned Professor Harald Walach to produce a report entitled Towards a Post-Materialist Science, which argues that the materialist hypothesis that the brain produces is in fact a philosophical assumption or presupposition. Metaphysics is inherent in science as in any other avenue of enquiry and empirical evidence from quantum nonlocality, transpersonal psychology, parapsychology, near-death experiences and mysticism suggests that our minds are not in fact hermetically sealed off but interconnected at a deep level. These experiences may give us access to the deeper structure of reality, what David Bohm called the implicate order of dynamic wholeness. The report suggests that we need a post-materialist science where consciousness is fundamental rather than incidental.

10:40hr – 11:00hr, Main Room

Billy Doyle, Who Am I ? What Is My Real Nature?

We are consciousness, and awareness, and yet we identify with an object in awareness, the body-mind.  This restriction leads to suffering. This talk will be followed by questions and answers. I will also do a guided body awareness meditation to help free ourselves from boundaries.

Morning Break Out Sessions

11:30hr – 12:00hr, Main Room Billy Doyle Q&A

12:05hr  – 13:00hr, Main Room

Julie Yau

11:30hr – 11:50hr, Cellar

Jean Phillipe Chalandre, Our Perception of the World AS our Teacher. Episode 2:  Interactive workshop. Playing with the Collective Beliefs and Perceptual Biases We Did not even Know We Had

This workshop is meant to be an emergent and fun conversation around the unconscious belief systems and perceptual biases we were born into. It is a natural extension of the previous talk on the same topic but is meant to address also those who did not attend the former.

As it is said in the Talmud: We do not see the world as it is. We see the world as we area. We, quite literally, see what we believe. This whole equation becomes even trickier when we realize we were born into collective belief systems we cannot even be aware of as nearly everyone else shares the same bias at a given moment in history (think of the to round earth perceptual shift). I call this the “fish in the ocean” syndrome as, unless it leaps out, a fish cannot possibly be aware it actually swims in water...

In this playful interactive workshop, we will refresh and ventilate the mind-set we were not aware we had. Getting one layer deeper in understanding how these hidden belief systems and perceptual mechanisms affect our attitudes and thoughts in very precise and concrete aspects of everyday life.

Beyond, and through, the core beliefs which are likely to emerge, we will consider an enlarged and renewed way to look at a vast variety of potential topics such as Politics, relations of power and co-dependence, Nationhood, History, traumas and dark sides, Economics, Money, Spirituality and Religion, Marriage, etc. Playing this endless and fascinating, even though sometimes uncomfortable, mirror-game we will turn these bias around in order to transform them into tools for direct self-discovery. By observing how the mechanisms of our world and context operate within us, we will update our perceptual lenses in a way that interconnects the inner and outer worlds. The underlying intent will be to start cleaning up our perceptual field to open up for really deep transformational processes both at individual and collective levels.

12:00hr – 12:20hr, Cellar

Anja-Karina Pahl

11:30hr – 13:00hr, Tenda Panoramica

Adam Barley, 5 Rhythms

11:30hr-13:00hr, Tenda nel Bosco

Pier Luigi Lattuada, Biotransenergenitics:  A Psychology of Presence, Here, Now, and all Around

This workshop covers both the theory and techniques of Biotransenergetics. We’ll learn the persistency of the contact and the mastery of the Transe. Transe is that state or field that allows the individual to have a felt sense of direct contact with the divine dimension. The word, Transe, describes a non-ordinary state of consciousness, from a psychological perspective, can be seen as the state of being integrating the five levels of experience: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.

By persisting in contact and letting flow, our mind is emptied, false needs disappear, the different persons, roles and masks we built for ourselves disappear and finally we always find ourselves again. Light appears at the end of the tunnel, always, just like the darkest night is always followed by dawn, always.

By persisting in contact and letting go, chronic tensions in our body, depositary of past traumas and current conflicts of the I, dissolve, and in our organism, life starts pulsating again, and biological pulsating and healing occur.

Afternoon Break Out Sessions

15:30hr - 16:35hr, Main Room

Jack Alloca Q&A Session

16:40hr - 17:10hr, Main Room

Nicola Amadora, The Children Are Our Future

17:10hr - 17:30hr, Main Room

Jerri Diamanti, Touch: A Way To Wholeness

The experience to which we give the name "I" is a stage of the flow of consciousness that is configured and takes shape through the persistence of contact in the womb, the contractions during birth, the touch and human warmth received during the years of our life.  - "I cannot contain the universe" - These simple and sincere words were uttered by a woman whose perception of reality was strongly influenced by the difficulty of feeling the boundaries of her body. The openness of Being totally indistinct, the here-and-now of intersubjectivity, the ego, the "Us"... In the skin: different qualities of contact in the adventure of Being Human.

15:30hr – 16:05hr, Cellar

Peppino Bellusci, How Duality Creates Life - Sacred Geometry, science and shamanism.

My name is Fabio Freddi, I’m a transpersonal counselor and I organize Ecstatic Dance experiences in the North of Italy - Milan, Varese, Turin, Aosta and Reggio Emilia.

16:10hr – 16:45hr,  Cellar

Umberto Del Noce, Christ and Non-duality

I would like to talk about the elements that Christ's teaching and non-duality have in common.

In particular I would like to present my study on gospels as they were originally written and Shankara and Nisargadatta's work and teaching.

16:50hr – 17:25hr, Cellar

Peta Morton, The Sounds of Surrender

What does it mean to be a human being living harmoniously or dis-harmoniously within a complex and ever-changing network of nested systems?

Peta shares insights from her quest to better understand the relationship between mind, emotion and body as they express themselves in terms of harmonic interactions, frequencies and rhythm. She calls upon video and audio material from her online Reiki sessions, and her study of cymatics, vibrational medicine, astrology and alchemy to illustrate her presentation.

15:30hr - 17:30hr, Tenda Panoramica

Svagito Leibermeister, Family Constellations Workshop

Family Constellation can be understood as a mindfulness practice workshop.

When awareness matures one becomes able to see love at the source of every action -- no one and nothing needs to change, but we can look at the same life in a different way.  

Love that arises out of consciousness is not directed to anyone in particular, it has no roots.

15:30hr – 17:30hr, Tenda nel Bosco

Pouria Montazeri & Sema Barley, Zikr: Remembering the One Thing Needful

In Islamic Sufism, which was Rumi’s universe, the primary practice is Zikr (Dhikr), which literally means, “remembrance”.  In Zikr with its many forms, we gather all the scattered energies of our mind, body, and five senses and concentrate them inside of our hearts where we abide mindfully in the state of awareness of the Divine Presence, for the Prophet Mohammad taught us that there is no prayer without the presence of the heart. By unifying our bodies and our minds with our hearts we shift from a more superficial level of consciousness to deeper and more inherent aspects of our Being and embody Divine beauty and harmony. Everyone is welcomed to participate in this sacred gathering of music, singing, and movement.

Evening Plenary Session

18:00hr-18:30hr, Main Room

Fariba Bogzaran, Extraordinary Dreams and the Non-dual Spaces of the Mind

Among different categories of dreams, there are extraordinary experiences that are life-changing.  These dreams can arrive spontaneously or by incubation. This presentation discusses varieties of possible dream experiences and focuses

on the transpersonal lucid dreams and hypnagogic lucidity and the different phases of moving from dual to non-dual experiences.

18:30hr - 19:00hr, Main Room

Tomás Páleníček, What Is The Therapeutic Potential Of Psychedelics?

The knowledge of healing and spiritual properties of natural psychedelic medicines such as ayahuasca, teōnanācatl  (psilocybe mushrooms), peyote (cacti Lophophora williamsii), Tabernanthe iboga containing DMT, psilocybin , mescaline or ibogaine have been preserved continuously till these days by native people of Latin America and Africa. The active substances contained in these medicines, so called psychedelics, hallucinogens or entheogens, are powerful substances that in modern language alter one´s perception, thinking, emotional and cognitive processing and can also induce strong spiritual and mystical experiences. Westerner’s science has technically discovered psychedelics in end of 19th century by isolation of mescaline while the biggest boom of psychedelic research and potential therapeutic use came out in 50´s of the past century after the discovery of LSD. After almost 40 years of prohibition these substances found a way back to the human clinical research and nowadays we are witnesses of the renaissance of clinical studies focusing on their therapeutic potential. After isolated case reports and open label studies, controlled double blind phase II and III clinical studies are emerging, showing huge therapeutic potential of psychedelics in affective disorders, anxiety, addiction and some other disorders. But at the end of the story, we are technically rediscovering the old knowledge and trying to match it to our modern westerner´s way of thinking. Is there still something we can learn from the traditional use of psychedelic medicines?

19:00hr - 19:30hr, Main Room

Shantena Sabbadini, The Dance of Consciousness and World

Our primary evidence, our only certainty is consciousness. Consciousness is the basic stuff our experience consists of. In that sense we can certainly say that the world arises "in consciousness". Yet in our experience consciousness always appears to be embodied, appears to be "in the world". So consciousness and world seem to be in a peculiar container/contained circular dance. Would the world exist without consciousness? Would consciousness exist without the world?

The consciousness/world circle is well represented in the ancient symbol of the ouroboros, the snake eating its own tail, or in Escher's drawing of two hands drawing each other. In this conversation we will explore this paradoxical reality from the perspective of quantum physics and Dao, and trace the path from one-sided materialism or idealism to an integral view engaging both polarities in a circular dance.

19.40hr- 20.00hr, Main Room

Group Integration and Sharing

21:30hr – 22:40hr, Main Room

Svagito Leibermeister, Celebrating Life, Creativity Event and Exhibition

In this event Svagito Liebermeister will introduce the work and art of Japanese artist Meera Hashimoto, who left her body exactly 2 years before. She had a special gift to awaken the creative potential in everyone and open people to discover their inherent aliveness and joy.

There will be some guided meditation, playful exercises and we will also see a video of Meera’s work and a display of some of her paintings – of whom many had been chosen by Osho to illustrate his books.

All what counts is to disappear for creativity to happen, Meera

Whether you are creating something........ – all that has to be remembered is that it is coming out of a silence within you, that it has a spontaneity. It is not prearranged, preprogrammed, prethought., Osho

22:40hr – 23:00hr, Courtyard


July 5th

7:30hr-8:30hr, Main Room

Morning Meditation:  Annette Kaiser

7:30hr-8:30hr, Tenda Panoramica

Morning Movement: Andre Riehl, Nidrâ Yoga

The discovery of very deep relaxation states with powerful tension free degrees of concentration, setting a natural meditative state in the body and mind.

Morning Plenary Session

9:30hr -  10:00hr, Main Room

Nadeshwari Joythimayananda, Archetypes And Yogic Practices Of Human Being Cycles

The yogis sages anticipated quantum physics by noting that a subtle vibrational energy is the substratum of everything we know. Unlike scientists, clairvoyant sages experienced this energy not only as an abstract vibration, but as an expression of the divine feminine power called Shakti. The word Shakti means "power", understood as the power of life. But the Tantric sages were not satisfied with a generalized view of energy perception like Shakti. They decoded this vortex of energy giving this "power" an anthropomorphic image and a mythical language, thus creating a spiritual technology to best enjoy the divine qualities in human energy. To live this they introduced spiritual practices, sadhana, focused on the figures of the Goddesses of the Hindu pantheon.

What would happen if we take these teachings that are deeply rooted in a universal reality and we play with the cyclical nature of the earth and of the living beings that live there ... among us human beings?

There are simple practices which can be focused on the use of the body and the voice that facilitate our transitioning from one frequency to another, from one archetype to another.

Not in a linear way and not to get enlightenment. But in a coherent way with the cyclicity of nature,  to facilitate our embodiment in this reality. In this way we are not just "dancing" in our habitual patterns, but we open up dormant archetypal channels and therefore we have the possibility to make presence, awareness and energy flow in landscapes in us that we rarely contemplate.

Not to be able to be multidimensional and with psychic abilities (that could be a side effect), but to live with the sense of pleasure this life that is in us and that for various reasons we are not always able to taste.

Choosing not to live on the outskirts of the Existence.

10:30hr - 11:00hr, Main Room

Ajaya Sommers (intro or talk)

11:00hr - 11:30hr, Main Room

Stephen Bodian, Entering the Gateless Gate: A Journey through the Stages of Spiritual Awakening

According to a time-honored metaphor, our essential nondual spiritual nature is an open secret: It’s never been hidden even for an instant, but it remains a secret to us until we realize it for ourselves. In Zen, a gateless gate or barrier appears to separate us from truth—only when we finally pass through it do we realize that the barrier doesn’t really exist and the separation was illusory from the start. Likewise, Tibetan Buddhism speaks of ground, path, and fruition: The ground of our Buddha nature is ever-present and all-pervasive, but until we embark on the path and realize the ground for ourselves, we never experience the fruition of our search.

In spiritual circles these days, we tend to talk about the nondual as an ontological reality, as if we all know exactly what we’re talking about. But traditionally, the nondual must be experienced, intimately and directly, as our very own true self, for it to become a living reality in our lives. In this presentation, we’ll outline the path by exploring the four primary stages of spiritual awakening through teachings and guided meditations that point us directly to our radiant, boundless spiritual nature, beyond the mind.

Morning Break Out Sessions

11:30hr – 11:40hr, Main Room

Stephen Bodian Q&A

11:50hr  – 12:30hr, Main Room

Shantena Sabbadini Q&A

11:30hr - 11:50hr, Cellar

Parisa Soultani, Pico Didn't Meet Rumi's Shams

This is a presentation on Rumi of Balkh and Pico della Mirandola of Italy, an East-West exploration of non-duality by looking at these two seminal figures in Islamic thought and the European Renaissance, respectively, and their experience in the quest for God or Truth. Something happened to Rumi that did not happen to Pico, and that was the meeting with Shams of Tabriz. Rumi overcame the intense emotions that ruled his loss of Shams, but he emerged with a new synthesis of poetry and scholarship. That synthesis “is at once a description, an explanation and a justification of his religious experience... combining and merging into a higher unity Rumi’s symphony of Love. In this way, Rumi discovered something deeper in his own experience than Pico was able to achieve in his short life. Despite striking similarities in their use of language, the two thinkers, both advocates of direct human experience with the divine, could not be more different in their knowledge of such experience.

12:00hr - 12:20hr, Cellar

Nathalie Zuntuny

11:30hr – 13:00hr, Tenda Panoramica              

Ellen Emmet, Body Of Truth, Body Of Vibration: A Ritual

When we knowingly take our stand as the limitless field of Awareness we may recognise that all experiences arise spontaneously within it and share their deepest reality with it. In this workshop, we will give special attention to the body. For most of us, even after an awakening to our true nature of Awareness, we continue to experience the body as a habitual and intricate network of density and tension which perpetuates and reflects the belief in being a fragment that needs to defend, assert and protect itself... These habits are layered, deep rooted and active under the surface of our contemplation.  Thus, the body’s original and harmonious nature, its lively flowing expression, and deep silent vibration remain compromised by the impossible task of maintaining itself as an anchor and cage for the separate one...

Together we will explore and discover.

11:30hr - 13:00hr, Tenda nel Bosco

Ajaya Sommers

Afternoon Break Out Sessions - OPEN SPACE!

15:00hr - 18:00hr, Main Room & Everywhere!

Exploration with facilitators Stephane Vallee and Giles Vialard

The SAND Gathering - Inspirations & Impact

Evening Plenary Session

21:00hr - 21:40hr, Main Room

Sasha Cobra, The Spiritual Side of “Dis-ease”

Mind/body/spirit is all one. We are unified beings, and yet, rarely is the spiritual side of disease addressed in medical research. In other words, we rarely ever address how we have taken our bodies from a state of “ease” to a state of “dis-ease”, often times, as a result of neglecting the guidance of our spirit.

It is imperative that we refrain from listening only to traditional medical research, and start also listening to the wisdom of our bodies to reveal to us what is necessary for healing.

In this experiential event, we will be discussing the spiritual side of imbalances in the body, and how our spirit uses the body as a messaging board for communication. All of us are dealing with some kind of dis-ease, whether it is physical (illness, pain, tension, injury, etc), mental (depression, anxiety, etc) or emotional (anger, sadness, grief, etc.). This event will be an opportunity to be guided by Sasha in an energetic exploration of our bodies, learning to communicate with our spirit via the body’s intelligence, for healing, balance, and health.

22:00hr - 23:00hr, Courtyard


July 6th

7:30hr - 8:30hr

Morning Meditation:  Billy Doyle

Morning Movement:  Peta Morton

Morning Reiki Meditation with Peta Morton

A Reiki meditation using traditional Japanese mantra in order to achieve a deeper sense of presence, reminding us of our True Nature and our interconnectedness.

Morning Plenary Session

9:00hr - 10:00 hr, Main Room

Turiya Hanover, Polishing The Mirror Of The Heart

Love is the greatest power in the universe. When the heart awakens to love, I can carry the human being beyond the horizon of the ego.

The process of inner transformation is both spiritual and psychological. The spiritual work is about awakening to higher states of consciousness; the psychological work involves cleaning the psyche of all conditionings, psychological blocks, complex contradiction and traumas. In owning our shadows, projections and inner conflicts, we create a foundation for our spiritual life. Confrontation and acceptance of the shadow are the cornerstones of all inner work. The shadow contains the secret of our inner nature. This is what I call the ‘inner work’; an ongoing process of revelation and exploration.

10:00hr - 10:30hr, Main Room

Annette Kaiser, The Art Of Loving

Love is the highest and most precious "asset" of human existence. The whole world, everything that exists, is within itself pure consciousness vibrating in love. This is the essential nature of us human beings. When we are fully present and aware this love can come more and more forward, can unite what is separated and will thus enable a way of life that allows the well-being of everybody and all at once.

11:00hr - 11:30hr, Main RoomMauro Bergonzi, The Bottomless Ground Of Our Identity

Any idea about what we really are is false, as it comes from a deceptive identification.  Identification is a reiterated act occurring over time, i.e. a mental process whereby some features that appear as 'objects' in our experience (e.g. this body, this mind, this thought, this emotion, etc.) are regarded as our self or as a part of it.

By contrast, identity is just a given, an actuality that cannot be 'produced' in time: it can only be discovered, since it is already present as a doubtless sense of being ('I am'), though unknowable by our mind as an object in front of it.

When all ideas about ourselves collapse and this puzzling presence is recognized just as it is, through and beyond it the bottomless ground of being may shine forth as a glowing and ineffable awe.

Morning Break Out Sessions

11:30hr - 12:10hr, Main Room

Annette Kaiser Q&A

12:20 - 13:00hr, Main Room

Mauro Bergonzi Q&A

11:30hr - 12:05hr, Cellar

Thais Harris, Optimizing your DIET: Your Daily Intake of Every Thing

We invite our audience to generate and access more love for themselves and for those around them, through mindfulness about how they nourish themselves on a regular basis, including food, feelings, thoughts, and everything else they take in.

We consider our DIET to be our Daily Intake of Everything and explore the macro and micronutrients for a healthy body and a thriving life. By inviting more love, allowing vulnerability, and paying attention to our relationship with food and what it tells us about how we treat ourselves, we hope to leave our audience inspired and empowered to show up in their relationships and in the world at large feeling fully nourished and present.

In this talk we discuss:

  • Love as fuel
  • Relating to food and relating to ourselves
  • The illusion of separation
  • Strength in vulnerability
  • Feeding gut, heart, and mind
  • Macro and micronutrients for healthy body and happy life

Nick Sholley is a licensed somatic psychotherapist and Thais Harris is a board-certified holistic nutritionist. They hold that relationships, including relationship to self, to other, to food, to media, and to environment, occur in a continuum. What and how we eat becomes how we react and relate. The more mindful we are of the interaction of these relationships, the more able we will be to receive full nourishment and deepen into our nurturing nature.

12:15hr - 12:55hr, Cellar

Nick Day, Painting The World With Fractals: How Creative Expression Reveals A Deeper Order Of Reality & Consciousness

“Our graphics [fractals] did more than inform.  They made people dream. Colleagues flocked to tell us that we had made them see their own work in a different light, and had helped them by unveiling previously unnoticed analogies.  For the first time, they felt that what they saw directly affected what they did next.” ~ Benoit Mandelbrot

Most of us are familiar with the typical fractal image, a geometric pattern with a highly complex edge that repeats infinitely when scaled up or down. Fractals were first described in 1980 by mathematician and IBM scientist Benoit Mandelbrot, who showed that certain phenomena that were previously considered to be essentially “chaotic,” such as shorelines or clouds, were actually bound by an underlying order. Fractal forms in nature can be explicate — tree branches, river deltas, the cardiovascular system — or implicate, apparent only when our default perception has been significantly altered, possibly by psychedelics or even from neurological damage. Fractal form can be found in the arts, for example in painting and storytelling, which are modes of human expression also defined by archetypes. By revealing geometric patterns that exist at deeper levels of reality, fractals themselves have archetypal properties. In this talk I shall explore the connection between fractals, archetypes and art, and whether this points to consciousness itself having a fundamentally fractal nature.

11:30hr – 13:00hr, Tenda Panoramica      

Fariba Bogzaran, Integral Dream Practice (IDP) and Poetic Synthesis

There are varieties of approaches to dream practice.  Within Integral Dream Practice, there are two distinct phases: Reflexive (Non-interpretative) and Reflective. In this workshop, we will first explore the reflexive approach to dreams by re-entry through shamanic drum followed by automatic writings and creation of Poetic Synthesis.  The Reflective approach follows to bring integration to dream exploration.

11:30hr – 13:00hr, Tenda nel Bosco    

Turiya Hanover, The Time Is Now:  A Women’s Retreat (please ask what she needs for this session)

The time has come for all of us women to wake up to the depth and power of being a woman in a woman’s body.  We are at an evolutionary edge in society where the integration of mature feminine qualities is absolutely essential. Not only for the relationship between women and men, but for the values of our culture on which we base the future of humanity.

The time has come for us to evolve - and become torchbearers of the true meaning of the feminine. To embody our feminine essence; our sensitivity, our creativity, our ability for deep knowing beyond the existing values of society, our connection to the collective, to the planet and to life itself and our ability to speak our truth and have an impact. We want to reawaken our senses, to ‘clean our own houses’ and ready them for a new way of connecting with ourselves - and the masculine.

Afternoon Break Out Sessions

15:30hr-16:10hr,Main Room

Paul Bush, Science And Nonduality: Where Are We Now

Where have we got to in this conversation? I will discuss relevant findings from the twin scientific pillars of neuroscience and quantum physics, then look at nonduality from the perspective of the major mystical religions. Finally I will consider how far we have come in uniting these points of view.


Conversation Chris Fields, Rob Nail, Stuart Hameroff, Paul Bush

Cellar - (nothing for now)

15:30-17:30, Tenda PanoramicaSuzy Adra, Mandalas & Meditation

In this two hour workshop we will begin with a short calming and rejuvenating yoga flow followed by a visualization meditation.  I shall speak a little bit about what a mandala is and show you how to create one while infusing it with intentions. Participants will walk away with an understanding of what mandalas are, where they came from, how to make an endless amount of mandalas,  and how they can be used not only aesthetically but also as a powerful spiritual practice tool of manifestation.

15:30-17:30, Tenda nel Bosco

Sasha Cobra, Orgasmicness as a Healing Mode

Life has gifted us with Orgasmicness for many more reasons than just pleasure. It is a healing modality.

In this short talk, Sasha will be discussing how Orgasmic States (different from peak type of ejaculatory orgasms) can be utilized in and out of lovemaking for healing and transformation, with a specific focus on trauma and trauma release.

Utilizing our orgasmic potential and orgasmic response we are able to generate potent healing energy that has the capacity to melt accumulated tension in the body, clear psychic toxicity, and release trauma, which in return rebalances the nervous system, the physical body, and our connection to Spirit. These powerful states can be generated in a sexual interaction, as well as through other “modalities”.

Evening Plenary Session

18:00hr -18:30, Main Room

Stuart Hameroff, Is Your Brain Really A Computer? Or Is It A Quantum Orchestra Tuned To The Universe?

Understanding consciousness as an output of computation among brain neurons has failed. But if the brain isn’t a computer, what is it? Another view is that the brain is a multi-scale hierarchical dynamical system, more like music than computation, extending inside neurons to smaller, faster vibrations in microtubules. Evidence suggests that anesthesia selectively prevents consciousness by dampening terahertz vibrations (1012 hertz, in visible light spectrum) in microtubules, vibrations which may interfere to give slower, larger scale effects including EEG. Quantum vibrations in microtubules may also extend to even smaller, faster quantum processes in spacetime geometry, the underlying non-local, fine scale structure of the universe. Consciousness may be more like music than computation.

18:30hr -19:00hr, Main Room

Rob Nail, Navigating Through Technological Disruption

Exponential technologies are fundamentally disrupting every aspect of our lives, every business, every industry, and society as a whole. Even what it means to be human is shifting in our lifetimes. This talk will explore the meta trends we should watch for, their long term implications and opportunities, and what we can do to navigate the accelerating change around us.

19:00hr  - 19:30hr, Main Room

Riccardo Manzotti, The Rainbow World: A New Physics for a New Self

Neuroscience and psychology have been unable to address the hard problem of consciousness because they have assumed a naïve notion of the physical world. We have not been able to locate ourselves in nature because we have been unable to see the world for what the world really is. The world is not a monochromatic collection of objective physical properties perceived through multiple subjective appearances. Rather, the world is a rainbow world where everything existing in multiple versions relative to everything else. Rather than dividing physics into separate entities loosely connected by means of information, I will show that it is possible to step ahead and develop a new physics in which there is no longer any separation between self and world. The object is a multitude and we are a subset of such a multitude. Each of us has a body that singles out a unique path of light towards a rainbow world.

19.40hr - 20.00hr, Main Room

Group integration and sharing

DINNER:  20:00 - 21:30

21:30hr - 22:30hr, Courtyard

Shakti Caterina Maggi, Oneness, A Movement

22:30hr - 23:30hr , Courtyard

Open Mic!


July 7th

7:30hr - 8:30hr

Morning Meditation: Shakti Caterina Maggi

Morning Movement: Lorraine Taylor

Morning Plenary Session

9:30hr - 10:00hr, Main room

Chris Fields, Emergence Of Space And Time In A Holographic Universe

Space and time have traditionally been regarded as fundamental to physics, and many prominent physicists still regard them as fundamental.  The emerging discipline of quantum information, however, increasingly suggests that space and time are somehow emergent from observation. This talk will focus on the holographic principle, and dig beneath its usual spacetime formulation to its roots as a principle concerning observation.  Examining holography from a quantum-information point of view makes it clear that what we experience as "space" and "time" are not fundamental ingredients of the informational structure of the universe. It suggests that the reason that organisms (including us) perceive space is error correction, and the reason they perceive time is to organize memory.  A pure, entangled universe with no classical memory would have no spatial or temporal structure at all. Different kinds of organisms construct space and time to different extents; the same applies to AI systems or other artifacts.

10:00hr - 10:30hr, Main room

Tina Lindhard, Our Embryonic Development: The Universe Within

In this presentation we look at the developing embryo through the eyes of Dr Jaap van der Wal, embryologist, anatomist and inspired by Rudolf Steiner. The development of the heart based on its dissection by Dr Torrent-Guasp and on Eastern philosophy, is also included. We also consider how our embryonic development was intuited by mystics like Rumi and expressed in one of his poems.

I died from minerality and became vegetable;
And from vegetativeness I died and became animal.
I died from animality and became man.
Then why fear disappearance through death?
Next time I shall die
Bringing forth wings and feathers like angels;
After that, soaring higher than angels -
What you cannot imagine,
I shall be that. (Rumi, n.d.)

Prajnaparamita, Intro

Morning Break Out Sessions

11:30hr – 12:30hr, Main Room

Prajnaparamita - Satsang

Prajnaparamita has been holding satsang and retreats worldwide for twenty years. Her teaching is universal, her expression vital, playful and deeply free - offering a passionate invitation to awaken and spread wide wings of freedom.  With Prajnaparamita, one is guided with piercing clarity to see the illusionary nature of ideas and beliefs. Nothing needs to be understood, done or solved to realise the supreme reality, the Self of all that exists. This true home is to be found in the direct experience without any intervention of definitions and ideas. Here, knowledge gives way to truth and any logic and every opinion loses importance. It is the dedication to truth that yields awakening, an overwhelming dawn of peace and unconditional love.

12:30hr – 13:00hr, Main Room

Lissa Rankin

11:30hr -  11:50hr, Cellar

Adam Chacksfield, Inside Together: Sharing We-Consciousness

This session will use simple practices to lead us into the direct experience of sharing we-consciousness. When we come together like this we activate a new inter-subjective consciousness that is far greater than the sum of it's parts. The increased complexity of this consciousness creates new possibilities and capacities beyond those available to the individual participants by themselves.

The realization that we-consciousness is possible, deeply resonant, and already readily available for many of us, has profound implications for our personal development and collective evolution. It points to the deeper purpose of following the call of love into ever greater intimacy and union. It reveals a higher possibility for our relationships, beyond that of individual authenticity.

We-consciousness also provides a powerful and direct field of support for the opening of consciousness within participants and the stabilization of this openness. And it enables us to viscerally realize ourselves as unique contributors to a much greater consciousness that is dynamic, alive, and evolving. In we-consciousness this realization emerges spontaneously without any need to contemplate or visualize it.

For any group or organization, turning toward we-consciousness offers an opportunity for greater coherence and creativity within, and a more harmonious relationship with the larger field. And most importantly a shift into we-consciousness offers humanity perhaps our best opportunity to become sufficiently intelligent and responsive to avoid destroying ourselves as we access ever greater power through technological development. In we-consciousness we're collectively available to the whole, without the separating, distancing, and denial that allows harm-doing to continue unchecked.

Despite being typically overlooked, we-consciousness is immediately available as soon as we turn towards it together. This session is an opportunity for us to tap the extraordinary potential of sharing

12:00hr - 12:20hr, Cellar

Samantha Torchiano, INTIMACY ACTUALIZED: An Experiential Approach to Embodied Relating

To be embodied, is to deepen and maintain connection with consciousness and the vessel that holds it; to experience more of what we are from the inside out. As we relate to ourselves and the  world around us, we shift on a spectrum of embodiment that determines the nature and quality of our interactions.

We live in a deeply intimate and relational world. We are always in communication, verbal to nonverbal, subtle to expressive, introverted to extroverted ways of being in relationship. We are relational creatures, and every moment is an opportunity to invite, feel into, and embody this intimacy.

When we are embodied, we are able to expand into the intrinsic (intimatus) part of our being, and make ourselves known (intimare) to one another at the deepest (intimus) level. When this connection with the innermost part of ourselves is hindered, however, we see the other as outside of ourselves, and risk perpetuating more suffering and even violence. In other words, we can jeopardize ourselves and those we are intimate with to a negative, and often lasting impression (intimare) on our inmost self.

Western culture has been suffering from a disembodiment epidemic, and the Me Too movement has revealed just some of its greatest costs. The question we are tasked with: how will we evolve into a more embodied beingness? Success will mean an empathically attuned connection with ourselves, one another, our communities, and the world at large; ultimately bringing us from a culture of separation into a culture of togetherness.

In this workshop we will explore the nuances of creating attuned connection as we strengthen our capacity for embodiment. With experiential learning activities, we will open into feeling our own body’s needs, requests, and boundaries from the inside out. Through self-reflective inquiry, experiential dyads, and group exercises, we will explore the meeting of inner body awareness through somatic, non-verbal and verbal ways of actualizing intimacy in relations.

11:30hr - 13:00hr, Tenda Panoramica

Tina Lindhart, A Taste of Intuitive Meditation (also known as Arka Dhyana)

Intuitive Meditation is a heart-based meditation method which is based on three pillars: touch, sound and breath. It helps the practitioner journey from the mind to heart so that he or she can discover his or her deeper Self. It was developed

11:30hr - 13:00hr, Tenda nel Bosco

Antonella Usai, Harmoníai:  Dance, Singing, Poetry - Discovering the Poetic & Musical Value of the Gesture

"Keep your throat full of song, Let your hands bring out the meaning.  May your glance be full of expression, While your feet maintain the rhythm ", Bharata Muni

From the earliest evidence known to us, Greek music, was closely linked to poetry. The greek bards told mythical and heroic deeds accompanied by a sort of lyre. In the formulation of harmoníai, developed by the master and advisor of Pericles, Damone, music was based on laws and relationships linked to the cosmos and to the human soul.  The harmoníai were classified according to ethical, as well as formal, criterion. In India, where tradition has remained alive for millennia, bharatanatyam, amongst the oldest forms of theater-dance in the world, is an inseparable combination of poetry, music and gesture. The custodians of this ancient tradition were dancers, actresses, musicians and writers. Like the bards of ancient Greece they narrated deeds and myths but also performed specific ritual dances for different occasions and were considered like priestesses able to mediate between the human and the divine world. In this context, the variety of rhythms and melodic scales is truly extraordinary and so is the richness of gestures that can speak not only about the myths of the past but also about the contemporary history, poetry and philosophical thought.

During this workshop we ll concentrate on: From Breathing to Sound; Sound and movement; Body as Space; The words of the body or creating poetry starting from the body.

Afternoon Break Out Sessions

15:30hr - 17:30hr, Main Room

15:30 - 16:00 Roger Castillo

16:00 - 16:30

15:30hr - 16:05hr, Cellar

16:10hr - 16:45hr, Cellar

16:50hr - 17:25hr, Cellar

15:30hr - 17:30hr, Tenda Panoramica

Nadeshwari, Dance The 12 Archetypes Of Human Being Cycles

From the New York street dance to the rituals on the banks of the Ganges, from the pounding Psytrance of Goa to the power of the Brazilian Orishas. Without a doubt, dance represents one of the most ancient and powerful ways to get in touch with the environment and with the vibrational dynamics of nature and embody them through the rhythmic movement of every part of the body.

Vital energy in the body, in the breath and in the dance in coherence with the cycles of life and death.

Through the movement of the body in the flow of music, we allow the whole organism to simultaneously tune to certain frequencies. The mobilization of the joints and the simultaneous activity in resonance of the diaphragms modulate the flows of the vital energy, the physiological process that informs and connects in a systemic way each of the individual cells that creates the various tissues, organs and systems of our body. This dialogue between sound and movement, between vibration and form, generates greater connection, promotes an increase coherence between the different parts facilitating the de-activation of strongly activated circuits and the remodulation of dysfunctional patterns of the organism.

Dance invites us to be music, stimulates organic intelligence and builds new resilience and well-being.

The meeting between individuals in vibration and fusion generated by music ... so much fun in consciousness!

15:30hr - 17:30hr, Tenda nel Bosco

Collective Awakening….

Main Room

18:00hr - 19:30hr

Closing Circle

21:30hr - 23:00hr, Piazza  

Drumming Circle!

July 8th

Morning meditation: Prajnaparamita (only satsangs)

Morning movement:

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