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Conscious Technology Exhibitor

The Science and Nonduality (SAND) Conference in San Jose will be devoting a portion of the conference space and activities to the exploration and exhibition of Transformative Technologies. The SAND conference is a hub of influence and community at the intersection of science and consciousness. As part of that tradition, SAND will be exhibiting projects at the cutting edge of the rapidly expanding Transformative Technology space, focused at the intersection of technology, consciousness, and human well-being. We invite you to join us!

Become an Exhibitor at SAND 2019

We love your community, and want you to give you the opportunity to share your work at our event. We have created small exhibition areas where developers will be able to demonstrate, discuss, and sell their technology to the over 900 conference attendees. This is an excellent opportunity to interact with an audience that is uniquely open to, and interested in, the meeting point of science and consciousness. Past conferences have successfully showcased a small number of transformative technologies.

Interactive technology installations will be positioned around the conference venue. This will allow stand-alone engaging interactions.

To apply, fill out the Conscious Technology Exhibit Application.

Exhibitor Options: can be found on the link for the application or by request.

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