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Hameed Ali (A. H. Almaas), Ph.D.Founder of the Diamond Approach®

Hameed Ali AlmaasHameed Ali (A. H. Almaas) was born in the Middle East, but at age 18 he moved to the USA to study at the University of California in Berkeley. Hameed was working on his Ph.D. in physics, where he was studying Einstein’s theory of general relativity and nuclear physics, when he reached a turning point in his life and destiny that led him more and more into inquiring into the psychological and spiritual aspects of human nature. Hameed is the founder of the Diamond Approach® – a spiritual teaching that utilizes a unique kind of inquiry into realization, where the practice is the expression of realization. This inquiry opens up the infinite creativity of our Being, transforming our lives into a runaway realization, moving from realization to further realization. Almaas’ books include: The Inner Journey Home, Essence , The Pearl Beyond Price , Luminous Night’s Journey, and The Unfolding Now.

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2 Responses to “Hameed Ali (A. H. Almaas), Ph.D.”

  1. September 22, 2014 at 6:26 pm, jimmy said:

    I would like to share with Dr. Almaas the ideas and receive his feedback about this paper where duality is scrambled to allocate different levels of
    solid and wave-like energy to build “independent” universes with
    distinct vibrational frequencies. Our 3D universe is compared to the 3D
    p-orbital of atoms. The Big Bang is represented as the creation of
    duality from a non-dual initial state or universe. Time is considered a
    wave-particle with high wave-like energy and very low solid energy:….

    I would also like to share this blog site about the false conflict between science and religion evidenced by re-interpretation of fundamental physics of the quantum theory of particles and waves: Thanks.

  2. October 24, 2014 at 1:44 pm, Mindy Block said:

    I am glad that I can play back the video from last night. On the east coast, so this was very late for me. I am playing it back this morning and am more awake. 🙂

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